Hey taylorswift , My name is Gloria, I know you’re busy with like a world tour and all, but it would awesome if you would follow me. I don’t post a whole lot of original content on here, like a lot of other blogs, but I love reading all the posts other people make. and talking to people who are going to the same shows as me. 

But anyway, I will be seeing you in Houston, Tx on October 13th and I will be in Section 417 Row 9 seats 13, 14, 15, and 16. I will also be at the Dallas, TX show on October 17th in Section 441 Row 6 Seats 9, 10, 11, and 12. 

I will be going to both shows with one of my best friends who I met way back when I was 14. She is bringing her mom to the Houston show and it will be our 2nd Taylor show together followed by a 3rd Taylor show together later that week. I will be bringing my cousin to the Houston show and this will be our 3rd Taylor show together. For Dallas, I extended an invite to one of my other bffs (I also met her at 14, only a few months later) who is a newly wed (she eloped, and I took pics) currently living in Dallas and I’m hoping her old roommate will be joining us too. 

I know we will be pretty high up at both shows, but we always have a good time together. I hope we get the chance to meet you one day, but if not, thats ok too. At least we went to your concerts!!

Anyway, hope you have a fun time on tour! Truth be told, your concert was the reason I gave in and upgraded my camera, since my old one was giving out. I cant wait to use it at your show and post some amazing pictures of you in all of your sparkly outfits! 

Ok. Now I’m going to go read papers on mosquitos and the diseases they carry, for school. bye. and see you soon! 

Love, Gloria 

ps, hi tree-paine :)