这时,那老者朝他微微躬身,右手抚胸,道了一声:“按赛俩目而来坤!”   梁亦清一惊,慌忙答礼,也是右手抚胸,微微躬身:“吾而来坤闷赛俩目!”   他们说的是什么?对于穆斯林来说,这是完全不必翻译的,前者是:“求真主赐给您安宁!”后者是:“求真主也踢安宁给您!”这是穆斯林见面时的相互祝福,表示具有共同的血统和信仰。这是全世界穆斯林的共同语言,无论他们走到天涯还是海角,都能凭借这熟悉的声音找到自己的同胞。

Just then, the old man raised his right hand to his heart, and bowed slightly. “As-salamu alaykum!” he announced. Startled, Liang I-ch’ing hastily returned the courtesy, placing his right hand over his heart and bowing slightly too. “Wa alaykumu s-salam!” What were they saying? For a Muslim, there’s no need to translate. The former means, “May Allah bestow peace upon you,” and the latter, “And may Allah also bestow peace upon you.” This is a blessing believers exchange upon meeting, signifying a shared ancestry and faith. It is the common language of Muslims worldwide, and whether they find themselves in a remote land or somewhere upon the sea, they can identify their fellow believers by virtue of these familiar phrases.

The Muslim’s Funeral (穆斯林的葬礼) by Huo Da (霍达). 1982.

Huo Da, also known as Fa Tumai, is a Chinese female author from the Hui ethnic group, a predominantly Muslim people. Born and raised in Beijing, Huo Da worked in translation and the film industry before launching her literary career. Her most famous work, The Muslim’s Funeral, tells the tale of three generations of a Muslim Hui family who run a jade carving business in Beijing. It won the Mao Dun Literature Prize in 1991. Huo’s works have been translated into English, French, Arabic, and Urdu.

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"Excuse Me"

51. Writing a big paper, and hasn’t saved yet

Huo Da had been sitting in front of his laptop for at least five or six hours, struggling to get even a few pages down as he racked his brain for better wording. He hadn’t studied this hard in god knows how long and it had been a surprise to find he was actually trying this hard. But - he had made a promise to a very special girl that he would give it his all - and he was certainly feeling the pressure. The educational system had many flaws, but this paper was causing him further grief. Shengqi…he barked, the sudden interruption bringing his drive to a halt, resulting in an automatic closing of his laptop. The profanities that flew out of his mouth soon after seemed a bit excessive, but he hadn’t saved any of that.