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Shout out to Hunyya and Itazuramono for taking the time out of their lives and chatting with me in-game. Even if the conversations are sort of disjointed and short because I'm really bad at typing and playing at the same time, and even if I'm super-awkward and usually have little to say on my part. You two make me feel less lonely and awkward regardless of wherever we're all at. I can't thank you guys enough. ♡~

Is Hunyya :D
She normally wears Savant Armor
(ignore the proportional inaccuracies of the chibi body.)

Not quite what I was thinking for a ref, but it does note some details of her hair and her face markings. (If I were to draw based off this, I wouldn’t have any idea what the savant armor ought to look like. I’d probably just draw the little outfit provided, which is cute btw.)