Hunting for Hunter → Sunshine/Hunter

Embedding small bows to the sides of her head, attached to her hair strands, Sunshine had gone absolutely crazy over her appearance: when she last met Sam, it had to be perfect with a small margin of error, but this time was more important – no room for flaws in the slightest. Adjusting her jacket, a mini-skirt, and her necklace, she adorned her neck with a frilly, pink scarf and straightened out her clothes. The mirror convinced her it was flawed, her stature starting to break apart. Nothing would be good enough for Hunter, no matter how hard she tried, he just wouldn’t appreciate her looks.

It was a complex fueled by her short size, the girl always overshadowed by the brutes and slender people. She meekly made her way through the crowd, but the time was always doubled, for navigation was a daily struggle. Not today: she was going to meet Hunter with pride, the mirror shamed for his own actions, twisting into an exuberant smile that reflected her positive mind.

A conflict entered her mind: she was chasing after Sam, but now that she met Hunter, a dilemma gushed through her blood as she pondered how she wanted to approach the situation. Ever since high school, Hunter was her one true love; it was the one moment she stumbled upon a Dalton blazer at the Lima Bean, doing extensive research and stumbling upon hidden gems in the rough across the Internet. A infatuation controlled her brain, crazy for the boy, as she garnered every scrape of information she could muster somewhere in the world.

Making her way into the kitchen, she slid a ton of her custom Pikmin cookies, handpicking with delicacy and arranged them in a meticulous manner into a take-out box; immediately she freaked, for if Hunter didn’t approve, she would be crushed.

“Taxi, taxi!” The Asian called out, her voice making way to a passing cab, making her way inside. “Take me here,” showing a map and pointing to the location. He smiled, and she plugged her iPod in and settled the earbuds into her head, taking a deep breath.