Sailor Avengers Senshi, cosplans shitty sketch!

My friends and I saw that fan art that has been going around and, with the announcement of the new 2013 Sailor Moon series, decided we’d like to to something similar, only with a more Moon-y angle (in a step towards learning how to construct fukus so that we can cosplay SM in 2013) and with more inspiration from the comic Avengers, not the movie-verse.

Here are the current sketches I came up with (complete with shitty I-don’t-have-photoshop-on-this-laptop-yet-so-5000-hours-in-mspaint color guide)!
I haven’t had a chance to meet up with my gals and discuss the details but I got all excited when everyone agreed to do it so I put these together.
I don’t doubt they’ll change once we all brainstorm together.

I’m having a lot of trouble incorporating the cape. I feel like it is pretty important to Thor’s design but a full cape will be totally unflattering (and make a butt-bow impossible, I know the original Sailor Moon had one but it just isn’t practical) while a capelet may look silly. I though about layering a cape/capelet under the sailor collar or perhaps just making the collar red and calling it a day (though that may look even weirder since it breaks traditional fuku rules). Or perhaps making the buttbow have really long tails?? Or some combination of the above. Uuuuuuugh. Options. Hair pretty much depends on what the other gals choose/how my wig test goes for braids. With the shoes I was going to go for the boots, as those are pretty cut and paste from classic Thor but too many people in the group already have boots and most Sailor Scouts have heels so I sought to balance it out with the pump+laces combo. The glove rolls are red-black-red, patterned after comic Thor’s…bracelets?

Hulk (
Hulk’s was probably the easiest, since her design is pretty cut and dry. Meowling-quim wanted some curly hair so I gave her some wild waves. The gloves are to be made with some of those toy hulk punch hands, with upholstery foam to tapper up the the elbow, filling the gap between toy, glove and skin. She is gonna go all green for this one and we figure arm/leg sleeves will do with Ben Nye/other theatrical makeup on the face. I initially had boots on Hulk too but, again, we had too many boots so I changed it. Not that that matters, as the final design is up to her!

Captain America (
Oh man.
Trying to balance the stars and stripes with traditional fuku look took some effort. The cute fan art had the stripes on the bodice area, something I didn’t wanna do as it just ins’t true enough to the classic Sailor Moon designs for our intentions. I feel shaky on placing the stripes in at all, since that really isn’t an SM thing. Still, Cap needs to show dat patriotism some how and this is the best way I could come up with! The hair choice is up to huntesseverdeen: here I drew some cute AMERICAN pigtails or some Ms.Marvel-esue luscious lockes. I think either will work, depending on which direction she wants to go. Footwear is based directly on classic Cap art. Oh, and the rolls on her gloves are red-white-blue.

Iron Man (
UUUUuuuuuggh. What a doosey Irom Man was!
I had to figure out a way to mesh in the whole armoured avenger thing to the standard fuku without doing any actual armour (since a) not Moon-y enough and b)we’d have to figure out how to construct some that didn’t look bad). I settled on doing some (I’m thinking metallic gold spandex) arm/leg sleeves, in the vien of classic Iron Man. I also put in some seams running across, imitating mechanical paneling (much like Vriska Serket’s robot arm [google that for clarification if need be]). I’m not sure how cinnamon-and-dill will feel about all that coverage I think this one has the chance for the most change, for sure. With the footwear I based one of the boots on the Ironettes (gold striped one) while the other two are more in line with various Iron Man designs (though I fear that knee-pad one, while cool in 2d, might look not so great if actualized). I though about doing a 4th option, the a cuffed boot, much like a lot of the old art, but I fear that would be to similar (read here: the exact same) as Cap’s. Arc Reactor on the bow and repulsors in the palms (think Ironettes) For the helmet we also ran into trouble: obviously we need something up there as it is Iron Man’s signature item but sticking a full helmet on these designs would look wrong. A couple ideas so far being a face-only mask that will remain on the top of the head or a smaller domino type mask that is of the style of the eye portion of Iron Man’s helmet. Or, I later thought, something like Sailor Mecury’s Goggles? The hair is up in the air until we decide on how to do the helmet but I drew a couple options anyway.

Pendants and Tiaras:
I was thinking it would be neat if we all had the Avengers ‘A’ on our front bow pendants in silver or gold, with each character’s symbol being on the tiaras (see the upper right of the non-colored image). If not that then we can put each character’s symbol on the pendants and do a gem on the tiaras (Cap’s Tiara needs to have the AMERICA 'A’ either way, lol).

Words, words, words.
I’ve typed this twice now so fuck proof reading.

I’m mostly only posting this here so that I can communicate with all these fine ladies.
However, ff anyone has any suggestions as to how to remedy some of the issues that I’m have trouble with (Thor’s cape, Iron Man’s helmet) don’t hesitate to speak up (only don’t forget that we are still trying to keep this very Sailor Moon-y).


I think I’ve listened to this 10 times a day since my friends showed it to me last weekend.