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Mosquita y Mari Trailer

Mosquita y Mari is a coming of age story that focuses on a tender love between two young Chicanas that struggles to find its place in their lives and in today’s world. Yolanda and Mari are growing up in Huntington Park, Los Angeles and have only known loyalty to one thing: family.

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This was one of several pianos left on the wards of the Marcus Curry reception building at Greystone Park State Hospital, presumably too heavy to move when the building was abandoned.  This 1929 construction was where Woody Guthrie initially stayed whilst waiting for his final diagnosis of Huntington’s Chorea, which he received two buildings over, in the Clinic Building.  After his diagnosis, he was moved into the main building’s Ward 40, which he referred to as “Wardy Forty”.  Sadly, both structures - which were in great shape - were demolished in early 2007 to make way for a children’s ballfield (which could easily have fit into some of the other greenspace on the grounds).

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Winnie & Sutch Building by Sid Penance

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Originally known as the Lane-Wells Building…