The Hunt

Baz'kal rolled over onto his back and looked up at the ceiling. He raised both of his hands to rub his eyes as he was still waking up. As he pulled himself out of the pile of furs he looked down at Tasezak, still sleeping, and softly smiled. He walked outside to the pen where all their animals were and fed them like he did every morning. He walked up to a small cliff beside their hut and looked at the rising sun. He muttered to himself. “Too early to be waking up.” He walked back inside the hut after doing the rest of his morning routine. He quietly walked up to Tase and shook her gently to attempt to wake her up. “Come on Tase.” He spoke to her softly. She smacked his hand away and mumbled something that he could barely understand. “It’s too early… Let me sleep.” She opened an eye to glance at him before shutting it and trying to fall right back asleep. Baz'kal stood there shaking his head, looking down at her. He keeled down and picked her up, hoping that would force her to wake up. “You’re starting to become like me. I’m surprised you went from waking up early to this.” He muttered to her as he was helping her stand. “What’s the reason you woke me up anyways?” “Don’t tell me you forgot… Remember how I said we were going to go hunting? I was joking you know,” He chuckled at her and went to pick up his armor.

About an hour later they met outside, both in their armor. Baz’s Raptor and Tase’s Hippogriff,Talon, were waiting outside with their saddles on. “Follow me. I know a good place to find something to hunt. It might not be easy for you, and it won’t be hard.” He stated as he started to move out on his Raptor, Tase following close behind. They walked in the woods for what seemed an hour or so before reaching a heavily dense part of The Hinterlands. As they came closer to the dense area Baz and Tase tied their mounts to a tree that was just outside in the flat area and continued forward. Baz kept his eye out on anything that could be prey to them. Tase looked over at him. “You do know we could just hunt rabbits or deer.” Baz shook his head. “We’re not hunting something as easy as that. Not worth it.” They made their way deeper into the woods to the point they could not see the flat area that they left their mounts at. 

Baz suddenly stopped and looked around for a moment. “Hmmm… Something is close by. I do not know what it is yet, but it is not a deer or rabbit that is for sure. It would hold a small challenge for you.” Tase nodded her head and followed closely behind Baz. They made their way a little bit further before a small pack of wolves came out of some tall grass and made their way to the Trolls. Baz formed a small smirk on his face, pulling both of his axes out and readying them. “I hope you’re ready for this Tase. Not all wolves go down easily.” She snorted. “Neither do we." 

The pack of six wolves ran towards Baz and Tase with their sharp teeth bared. Both trolls had their weapons out and ready for anything. One wolf jumped towards Tase with its jaw hanging open to sink its teeth into her. Baz quickly tossed one of his axes at the wolf and killed it before it got in range of Tase. Growling, the wolves circled them and all of them jumped at the same time. Tase used her polearm to drive the edge of it into the closest wolf to her. (She put the pointy bit into the wolves fleshy bits.) Baz chuckled as he brought his axe down onto another wolf. "Doing good so far, love.” At that moment Tase summoned roots to wrap around two wolves and sending sharp thorns to jab in their skin. While Tase was killing the two near her, Baz found himself with teeth clamped down into his right arm, the arm that also had his only axe at the moment. Unable to kill the wolf he pried its jaw open and threw it back, but before he could throw the wolf back blood sprinkled Baz’s armor as Tase slammed the polearm deep into the wolf’s back. Baz blinked and sat down to catch his breath, Tase sitting next to him. The two sat there surrounded by the dead wolves. “I’ll admit. At first I didn’t think you’d be this good at hunting.” He jokingly said to Tase and nudged her. “I did. And I believe I killed more than you. So I win.” “We were betting on who killed how many? Since when?” Tase snorted and snickered. “Since now.” Tase and Baz got up and went back to the flat area to get their mounts and ride home. Baz took the wolves and carried them with him.

Back at the hut Baz put their game into a pile while Tase put Talon and his Raptor up. While Tase was cleaning up the blood that was on her armor and polearm, Baz skinned the wolves of their pelts. “You know. These will make nice furs to sleep on. And make it more comfortable. About time we refreshed the furs anyways.” Baz finished skinning the last wolf and cleaned off the pelts and hung them to dry. Tase went inside while Baz cleaned himself up. Once he was done he walked back in. “You did great love. We should go hunting more often.” He leaned down to kiss her. “I would love to go hunting more often.” She smiled up at him.