@looneymoony thank u for helping me with this what the fuck

ok. so. pointers:

  • this is my version of relativity falls au
  • bill does Not Fucking exist in this dimension bc theres nothing more boring than just recreating the whole show but with just the characters swapped
  • dippers special interests are ghost hunting + photography so i thought hey, why not base this au around the ghosts in gravity falls, a town which has attracted dipper due to the high amounts of psychokinetic energy in such a little area [ive explained it in >this post<]
  • the pines/stan twins are all chubby + trans 
  • the mystery quartet are all trans and they care about each other a lot
  • all of the mystery quartet live in gravity falls and go to school together here, rick transferred in the 6th grade
  • dipper created the Entrance to the spirit realm aka the ghost portal. he treats it like a storage unit for ghosts. he gets accidentally turned half ghost and pushed into the portal. since hes part ghost hed be able to survive inside that dimension, he just has to stay a ghost for a very long time. mabel reactivates the portal and opens the hatch to bring dipper back, but in doing so she also risks releasing all of the ghosts AND the ghosts that were already in the spirit realm into the realm of the living [just like ghostbusters amirite,,,,] 
  • pacifica is mabels ex