Temporary Home

by asteroidphil | No warnings other than fluff and feels | Dan/Phil | 2.2k | complete

Summary: It’s time for Dan and Phil to move on from their current flat, but finding a new home is easier said than done, especially when they know that it’s not going to be their forever home.

AN: It’s 03:30 there are probably some errors, i’ll read over it again and correct them (ill remove this once i have) 

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SWAROVSKI presents Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt and Shu Pei Qin dancing in 2017 Summer Campaign

anonymous asked:

Owen has a rough day at work so Amelia pulls him into an oncall room for some peace and quiet. Amelias sitting up on the bed with her back against the wall while Owen falls asleep with his head on her lap cradling her baby belly.

Hey! Thanks for this prompt! I love it. This is shorter than I normally do I think, but I’m just swinging back into writing again so if you want something longer please do send another prompt :) I hope you like this :D Also I will edit this through the day so sorry for any errors xx

This also fits into @omeliafics theme of the week! 

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She’d been catching glimpses of him all day. He always had that frantic look about him, like he was tunnel visioning his way through the day, seemingly deciding that trauma was busy, when it was not. He had barely eaten, they were meant to have met for lunch, but her schedule hadn’t allowed it at the time, and he had skipped it all together.

It was early evening when she was paged down to the ER. When she got there, she quickly realised she wasn’t needed. “Owen you paged me?” she said, moving to his side. He glanced up at her briefly, the stress was pouring off of him. “Er yeah, I’m going to have to stop here tonight, to keep an eye on a patient…” he spoke distractedly, as he wrote charts.

Amelia followed him to the main desk. She sighed leaning against it, his tiredness was catching. She rubbed the underside of her stomach, that had become noticeably swollen the past week, her muscles were complaining. “Well I am staying too…” she said, he stopped writing, looking up at her curiously.

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