Old Grudges (closed RP)

There was something interesting about this…cryomancer. it wasn’t the powers she held, nor her appearance… something else bothered him. Something that had caused his restless soul to go out hunting again, after a couple of months break.

None other had up to this point survived an encounter with him, and fled with nothing but a cut on it’s ankle. This made him furious…Alas, he had tracked her down once more, and this time, he would not go so easy on her

He stopped, and his skull turned around slowly to scan the environment around him as the green flames licked it. There was snow everywhere, could it possibly be the freljord again? A swift flick with his wrist brought the lantern up in front of his face, causing the ghastly green light to shine a path for the warden, but also, reveal his location


Instead of Stiles searching for Pokémon on Pokémon Go and Derek saving him, what about Derek being the one searching for them? Imagine, before the fire, before Paige, jock!Derek who was also a complete nerd who collected Pokémon cards and had battles, who watched the series and had all the gear. Now imagine years later Stiles is out running errands and witnesses Derek catching himself some Pokémon, training at the ‘Gym’, eyebrows showing excitement when he finds a PokéStop. I need this, I need Stiles thinking it’s adorable, Derek all embarrassed with some blushing going, some fluffy moments, ending with a couples Pokémon hunt, Sterek catching Pokémon left and right. Please, please, please, I need this, I need this badly! Anyone willing to write this for me? You will have my undying love and gratitude!

wannaberph presents: a downloadable gif icon hunt!

by clicking the following link, you will be directed to a mediafire download of 150 gif icons ( 100px x 100px ) that are textured, with a psd of faceless f/m, romantic gifs. ( if you can see a face, i did attempt to blur it out ) i did not make any of these gifs and am only responsible for the cropping & editing. they are in numbered order. you aren’t required to like/reblog but it would be v nice and i would love to know if you’ve downloaded (even via msg). please let me know if there is anything wrong with this download so i can fix it immediately, thank you!

these gif icons are available for download here. example gif icon :

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For Calvin to block Mac on twitter. Your sister must have bruised his poor sensitive ego.

She asked him who Taylor should date next tom or Sam hunt. A couple days later the RI picks came out.

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imagine like an au where everyone was on tv, like static and bangle were that one couple hunting for houses (or whatever they want) and then like from a confession like a month or two ago where velma was the weather person, kacey would be a food network star (or whatever she wants) and etc. ,etc. , etc.


BigBang reaction to his girlfriend being more focused on playing Pokemon Go when he wants her attention

G-Dragon: He would actually most likely be playing with you to be honest, you’d be that super cute couple out hunting together and maybe even be on different teams for some good healthy competition.

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T.O.P: After he’d fail at getting your attention he’d sit and read a book waiting for you to finally be done.

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Taeyang: He would attempt to get your attention by cuddling and kissing you and if that didn’t work maybe he’d try and get your attention with his abs and if that still didn’t work he’d say he wasn’t going to make dinner which would definitely get your attention.

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Daesung: He would dress up as a pokemon himself and say, “Why catch those imaginary pokemon when you have a very rare real one right here.”

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Seungri: He would not be having any of it if you ignored him. He might last maybe 15 minutes before he just grabs your phone turns it off and puts it somewhere you can’t reach.

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A/N: This one was pretty easy because Pokemon Go is literally my life. Also I based GD off of my boyfriend and I haha! ~Cia

Skritching noise....

I got home a while ago after going on a Pokemon hunt (caught a couple goodies, lots of commons, and was able to level up) and I’ve been trying to unwind. So, why I’m on Tumblr to do that is beyond me because all I’m seeing is more stupid shit. 

But I digress. 

As I’m sitting here, I keep hearing this distant scratching and skritching noise. I figured my disobedient-as-fuck puppy was ripping up another important bill or sock, so I marched into the living room. No puppy. I went to the kitchen. No puppy. I looked in my mom’s room. Puppy is asleep. 

Okay. I sit back down and figured I heard the fan blow a paper around or something. Again, I heard the sound and thought nothing of it. But it didn’t have the continuous cycle of the fan….

I adventured again and checked on my guinea pigs. 

It was Loaf. He is digging and burrowing his way through the bedding of his cage. There’s a nice little mound of clean bedding in the corner where he’s just…dug himself a cool spot. 

I kind of feel bad because he’s probably hot, so I turned the fan on him and Pops.

But yeah, it was a cute little mound. 


me and my friend have gone on pokemon hunts the past couple days (in between our job hunts) and there’s like basically one spot in town with lots of pokestops in town and people go there everyday to place lures at the stops and all

well there’s construction being done in one area and one of the workers (not WHILE doing work, obvi, i assume he and his buddy were waiting for their part or on a break) was on his phone. And he was an older man, maybe around 40s or 50s and smiling away while he tapped at his phone. Then he just suddenly like fist pumps and screams “YEEEHAW GOT EM MAN” and started excitedly showing his coworker the pokemon he caught

and it was just really sweet to see?? because he was SO excited about it and all i want to know is what he caught honestly

Lil’ bit of housekeeping

I forgot to say I maxed Faithbelle the other day, and settled on the tack I want for him (the Shabby-Chic set at Paddock Island, I think). I’m still working on tack for the rest of the gang, but I’m getting close to having them all done. I just bought a set for Ash today, but I can’t decide on the leg wraps. I want them all in full tack before I put up pictures on my blog.

I’m currently trying to decide on another horse to get in the next week. I know, that will make three in a very short amount of time but there’s not a lot to do aside from training, and I don’t want to waste the week and half of SR time I have left. (Obviously, I still don’t have the whole lifetime thing worked out yet.)

-awesome segway-

I’m getting real mad about the midsummer scavenger hunt. There’s a couple of skirts that I’m pining for and I literally keep getting the same three items over and over. I hate randomized rewards.

-another fabulous segway-

I’m trying to find that post someone made showing map comparisons between previous Star Stable games but I cannot for the life of me find it on my blog. If anyone has a link, I’d really appreciate it. I’m starting to obsess over the next map expansion, despite the fact that it’s months away.

I guess ‘housekeeping’ is code for ‘rambling’. I shouldn’t make blog posts when I’m tired.