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The next Sentai, Space Sentai Kyuranger, has recently been unveiled to investors and merchandisers in Japan. While Bandai tries their best to keep things under wraps, leaks always manage to find their way to the fans. As usual, we get the toy catalogue listings first and some blurry photos.

The main motif is constellations while a secondary motif seems to be planets (in the form of spherical collectibles called Kyutama/Kyuball). There will be nine members of the team though there is speculation that there will be a main team of five with four auxiliary members (similar to Kyoryuger). 

  1. ShishiRed (LionRed) -> Leo
  2. SasoriOrange (ScorpionOrange) -> Scorpius
  3. OokamiBlue (WolfBlue) -> Lupus
  4. TenbinGold (BalanceGold) -> Libra
  5. OushiBlack (BullBlack) -> Taurus
  6. HebitsukaiSilver (Snake-CharmerSilver) -> Ophiuchus
  7. ChameleonGreen -> Chamaeleon
  8. WashiPink (EaglePink) -> Aquila
  9. KajikiYellow (SwordfishYellow) -> Dorado

They transform by inserting a Kyutama into the Seiza Blaster (Constellation Blaster), which is a gauntlet-like device. Each Ranger has a corresponding Kyutama that they use to transform with (i.e. Shishi Kyutama). They are also armed with a weapon, which can be formed from a combination of the KyuAxe and KyuSpear. ShishiRed uses the KyuSword, SasoriOrange uses the KyuSpear, OokamiBlue uses the KyuClaw, TenbinGold uses the KyuCrossbow, OushiBlack uses the KyuAxe, HebitsukaiSilver uses the KyuSickle, ChameleonGreen uses the KyuRapier, WashiPink uses the KyuShot, and KajikiYellow uses the KyuSlasher.

Other Kyutama include Kujira (Whale -> Cetus), Kenbikyou (Microscope -> Microscopius), Ryouken (Hunting dog -> Canes Venatici), Andromeda, and Perseus. Each Kyutama, when inserted into the Seiza Blaster, acts as a ‘joystick’.

The main mecha of the Kyurangers is called KyurenOh. It is formed from Shishi Voyager, Ookami Voyager, Oushi Voyager, Chameleon Voyager, and Kajiki Voyager. KyurenOh has a secondary combination formed using Shishi Voyager, Sasori Voyager, Tenbin Voyager, Hebitsukai Voyager, and Washi Voyager.

Credit to Dukemon22 and CraneJoe for these listings.

Glee Fic: Bowties and Disney Rides {Artie & Blaine}

Author’s Note: A fill for this prompt, which came across my dash this morning. Sequel to Machine.

“It’s sort of weird being here without everyone else, isn’t it?” Artie asks, tilting his head back so Blaine can hear him over the hustle and bustle of Disney World.

“I know what you mean,” Blaine nods. “I feel sort of…incomplete…without the rest of the glee club.”

“Holy crap,” Sam interrupts, patting Blaine’s arm incessantly.

What, Sam? Why are you freaking out?” Tina laughs. “Not like it’s that big a deal. We’re adults.”

“Not that big a deal?” Sam exclaims. “Woody and Buzz Lightyear are right over there. I’ve gotta meet them. It’s my dream.”

“Has he never been here before?” Blaine whispers.

“I don’t think so,” Artie confirms, smiling a little. It’s sort of cool to watch his friends enjoying something for the first time. They laugh as Sam grabs Tina’s hand and they run towards Woody and Buzz and the collection of little kids surrounding them.

“Wanna hit some rides?” Blaine asks.

“Sure,” Artie agrees.

Some of the rides are accessible. Some aren’t. And Artie can’t forget coming here at five years old for the first time, when he had ridden absolutely everything, and never thought about how difficult it might be if things were different. He hadn’t needed to.

But Blaine surprises him at the very first stop. “You want a lift?” he asks. “Or would you rather trust an employee?” he jokes.

“With my life?” Artie quips. “I’m gonna go with you for this, if that’s all right.”

“It’s totally all right,” Blaine confirms. He lowers his voice. “And priority in line isn’t so bad either.”

“Being in a chair does have its perks.”

Artie feels a little unsure at first, but quickly remembers how he and Blaine had practiced various transfers for lockdown drills at school. It had been a damn good thing, too, because they heard gunshots once, and the quickness with which Artie moved could have saved his life, had things been worse. Luckily, they hadn’t been. Needless to say, he feels confident in Blaine’s abilities, and the ride is killer.

He’s a little surprised, though, when Blaine asks, with a big smile. “What should we go on next?” We. Not just him. Not him and Sam and Tina. He said it like this wasn’t a big deal at all. And that means a lot to Artie, because he’s always worried that it is a big deal, or will be at some point.

It’s not, though. They work their way through the park. Blaine helping Artie on and off rides like it’s the most natural thing ever. It’s nice. It sort of feels like he’s a kid again. To have that freedom to do things and not feel out of place about it? That felt just like when he was here last time.

Hours pass, and they meet up with Sam and Tina for some lunch. Sam and Tina talk animatedly about all the characters they met. Sam shows them pictures and autographs he collected. Woody and Buzz, Prince Eric and Ariel. Cinderella. Mickey. Donald. Goofy. There’s a video of Tina, crowing with Peter Pan, and pictures of her posing with Mulan, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

Artie’s almost sorry he missed it. And then he remembers the awesome time he and Blaine have had and doesn’t regret a single thing.

“Hey. Can somebody move that thing?”

Artie can feel his chair being jostled as someone trips over it. He breathes. Tries to remember that not everyone is educated. Not everyone sees the person in the chair. Some just see the chair.

“I’m actually going to be a little bit,” Artie says calmly. “My friends and I are finishing up, but if you need to get by, I can move.” He’s being more gracious than Blaine, Sam and Tina would have been. He can see it on their faces.

For his part, the disgruntled man grunts and squeezes past them.

“Jerk,” Sam mutters under his breath.

“Seriously, Artie. How do you put up with stuff like that? I’d punch him,” Tina says honestly.

“We should complain,” Blaine insists, looking really bothered.

“It happens,” Artie shrugs. “Let’s just get out of here. Hey, Sam? Have you been to the Disney Store yet?”

“You mean, like, in the mall?” he asks, a little bewildered. Artie, Tina and Blaine exchange smiles and Tina leads the way, while Blaine pushes Artie.

“Nothing like that. This is way better,” Tina reassures.

“You don’t have to keep doing this…” Artie ventures. They’ve been here for hours, and Blaine has not only carried him on and off all the rides, but pushed his chair without a word about it.

Instantly, Blaine steers to the side. They stop and Blaine comes around. “Sorry. Did you wanna push yourself?”

“Not really, I just…I want you to have fun, too, you know?”

“And I am.” Blaine smiles, and it looks like he means it.

“Oh crap, now they’re way ahead. We’re gonna lose them both forever in that giant Disney World store,” Artie laughs.

“I know,” Blaine confirms, jogging to close the space between the four of them.

Once inside the store, though, they separate, doing their own thing. Artie is on the hunt for something specific. (It’ll also have to be something microscopic, as everything in this place is hella expensive.)

Then he sees it: the perfect thing.

“Trying out a new look?” Blaine jokes, and Artie jumps. “I just gave up bowties this year, but the truth is…I sort of miss them…” he says fondly, squatting so they’re eye to eye.

“Then, you’re in luck. As it happens…” Artie begins, groping behind him in his backpack for his wallet. “This one is actually for you.”

“For me.”

“Yeah.” Finally, Artie finds his wallet and takes it out, putting to good use his time in this ridiculously long line to be sure he has correct change. No one likes to spend extra time in a line unnecessarily. He should know that more than most.

“Why?” Blaine asks, genuinely curious.

Artie shrugs. “Consider it a thank you, for all your help today.”

Blaine cocks his head and squints, confused.

“…I know all this,” Artie gestures at the chair, “can be kind of an inconvenience…”

Realization dawns, and Blaine puts a hand on his shoulder. “You’re not an inconvenience. You’re my friend.”

“I know, but–”

“Put the bowtie back,” Blaine says succinctly.

Embarrassed, Artie tries to lighten the mood. “Pocket watch?” he jokes, gesturing at the $125 gift he could never afford.

“What would I do with a pocket watch?” Blaine laughs.

“Look real fancy for one thing,” Artie nods. “And look. You won’t accept my bowtie but Tina’s getting Sam a hat. The kind with ears.”

“That’s different. She’s not trying to pay off some nonexistent debt.”

“You’re sure you don’t mind?” Artie clarifies, still holding the bowtie out, his eyebrows raised.

“Not a bit,” Blaine insists.

And finally, Artie puts the bowtie back on its shelf.

Life is different.

Holy cow guys, I love residency but I’m so tired haha. My first two months have been on surgical pathology which is exactly what I want to do, but also make for the longest hours and roughest schedule. There are definitely some decently cushy pathology rotations….. but this is not one of them :P I’ve been having a blast though and hope that now that I’m on a (supposedly, we’ll see) lighter rotation I’d like to get back to posting more day-to-day type updates. But until then, here are some pictures from the last few weeks…

On surg path my work days have been filled with cutting things up (including bone! I like the stryker saw), then looking at it under a microscope…

Exploring cities while hunting pokemon on the weekends is one of our new favorite things to do… other down-time activities have included eating all of the brunch and finding a movie theater with recliners, blankets, and pillows that serve you dinner and drinks during the movie O.o.

And, of course, I spend a significant portion of time being kicked around by the human currently inhabiting my (I swear entire) abdominal cavity. :) His favorite activities at the moment include: flipping completely around and back again, playing with my right lower rib with his feetsies, and being completely and adorably distracting at work. Also, reminding me that life may be different right now, but in approximately two months it’s going to get Much more interesting.

Now that we’re (very superficially) caught up, I’ll be around more often… you know that thing people (read: I) do when you haven’t done a thing in awhile and it piles up and so the obvious solution is to not do it longer and let it pile up more? Yeah…. I’m working on it :) <3