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my workplace got a new manager recently and shes nice enough but shes been making so many ridiculous changes to the front end and theyre all unnecessary and waste more time and were also being told to work faster and get better scores at the same time so all the cashiers are getting frustrated from having to hunt for produce stickers or mess with the plastic bags the produce is in, instead of typing the four digit code (and five digit for organic), like we were trained to do in the first place

tonight went from 0-100 so fast y'all me and my girlfriend got home, found a stray cat to play with (i cried honestly i was so happy), discovered a mouse in our living room, fed the cat while we had our own mini panic attacks about the mouse, then managed to catch and accidentally kill the mouse on our way to bed


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You know regarding 12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On, I watched Dean’s face while Mary talked about how she tried so hard to get out of the life and how she didn’t want this for her sons, and you could see, at least in my opinion, that he was thinking of Sam.  I really thought he was going to say something about that, but instead he gave her the “saving people, hunting things” bumper sticker. 

Why did Mary and Dean not talk about Sam at all?  It seemed like such a weird thing to me that there was no discussion at all about him.  The last thing Mary knew, something was being done to him by the YED, so why was there no talk about that or even a mention of who he was at all. I know that they may have had the discussion off screen or whatever or they may have even cut such a conversation for time, but it seemed like a glaring omission to me. And I hope it isn’t an omen of things to come. 

I realize that Mary has always been more Dean’s mother than Sam’s because Sam didn’t know her and in past shows where she was around, Dean interacted with her much more than Sam did.  It scares me that we will get a lot of “Dean time” with Mary and Sam’s POV and interaction with her will be peripheral and only used as a vehicle to move Dean’s story along or show Dean’s feelings like so much of Sam’s interactions with other people are.  I enjoyed Dean and Mary’s chemistry, but I want so much for Sam to get to know her and be her son too.