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Veteran big game hunter dies after elephant, felled by gunfire, collapses on him
Theunis Botha had been leading safaris in Africa for nearly 30 years.

not just a hunter but a safari man, a good death. the elephant had its perfect revenge

Theunis Botha led his first guided hunting safari through South Africa’s grasslands in 1989. A college student at the time, he used the money he received to help put himself through school.

Over the following 28 years, Botha expanded his college side-gig into a full-fledged business, setting up private hunting ranches in Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa and elsewhere, and drawing clients from around the world. He won a reputation as a sought-after specialist in leopard and lion hunting, and pioneered a new method of using hounds to track big game, according to his hunting company’s website.

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Who's your favorite character from South Park? What about couple?

Cartman is a poopy selfish prick but he’s such a amazing character that I can’t help but love him despite how much of a horrible person he is haha 

I love the rivalry relationship between Kyle and him, it’s just so entertaining. And we all know how much Kyle loves hates him to the point it’s pretty gay if you ask me. 


Video by @bertiegregory. Meet scarface, a huge male jaguar who lives in Brazil’s northern Pantanal. He specialises in hunting caiman, South America’s equivalent of a crocodile. Here, he’s patrolling the river bank in search of his next meal. Check out my profile to see what he’s capable of! Shot on assignment for @stevewinterphoto, @natgeo and @natgeowild. Follow @bertiegregory for more videos from our jaguar project.


Below the cut you will find 210 small/medium HQ gifs of the beautiful Lesley-Ann Brandt, best known for her roles as Mazikeen in Lucifer and Naevia in Spartacus. None of these gifs were made by me, they are all textless, and there are no repeats.

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Play table tennis. Whoever wins gets to publicly humiliate who they choose, or if that's not how you boys roll, the winner gets a food prize or something.