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Below the cut you will find 210 small/medium HQ gifs of the beautiful Lesley-Ann Brandt, best known for her roles as Mazikeen in Lucifer and Naevia in Spartacus. None of these gifs were made by me, they are all textless, and there are no repeats.

You can find 100+ additional gifs of Lesley-Ann in the following gif packs: 115

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If Only...

Title:  If Only…

Summary:  The reader calls the only person who can save her. Dean Winchester.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Hunter!Reader

Word Count:  1968

Warnings:  nsfw, smut, language, character death, cheating

Author’s Notes:  This was written for @nichelle-my-belle 4K Angst Challenge. My prompt:  If anyone could have saved me, it would have been you. Italics indicate a flashback. Thank you @mamapeterson for your amazing work as beta.

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Nearly Lost You

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – A hot meal after a hunt goes south fast – can Sam act fast enough to save the reader’s life?

Word Count – 3,314

Warnings – Allergies and severe allergic reactions, some angst, and some fluff to make up for the angst.  

A/N – Fluffy Sam request from a sweet Nonnie: “Is it alright if I request a Sam x reader angsty-fluff? Plot being that some how the reader has an allergic reaction (personally I’m allergic to peanuts) to something and Sam freaks out. Then like when Sam has trouble finding the readers epi pen or whatever he confesses his love to her because he’s scared to lose you. But can the reader live please?! Thank you!! Stay awesome darling! Xoxo”

Requests are definitely open, and thank you, Nonnie, for yours!  I hope you enjoy it!  As always, feedback is much appreciated!   And special thanks to @waywardlullabies and @sleepywinchester for granting this story the “Dad’s Journal II” Award for Lauren’s Favorite Fic at their Tumblr Awards.

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You were freezing. You made a note to yourself – no more hunts in north Minnesota in the winter.  Rubbing your arms to attempt to get some heat and feeling back in them, you glanced behind you at the boys.  They made their way over to you with the body of the ghoul you’d just dispatched and threw it into the pit you’d dug.  Lighting it up, the three of you stood there, trying to stay warm by the fire of the burning corpse while trying not to gag on the stench. Finally, it was too much for you.

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