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Thoughts on gun contorl?

Look, I live in the south. I understand that some people rely on shotguns to hunt for food to tide them over when money gets short (ex: killing a deer to store in your freezer over winter, or rabbits, or even squirrels). And I am completely on board with a person being able to do that, as long as they register their shotgun, pass a background check, only have one, keep it locked up safely, and don’t buy thousands of rounds of ammo like the apocalypse is going to go down.

But handguns and assault rifles? There’s no reason for anyone outside of law enforcement and military to have them (and I hesitate to even give them to law enforcement, to be honest…lethal force should always be the last resort).

Basically, my thoughts on gun control are this: we need stronger laws, harsher (and EQUAL) punishment on those who break those laws, and less weapons overall. Ideally, I’d like America to get rid of all handguns and assault weapons, but I believe it’s unlikely.