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PSA for shiny hunting in ORAS

Route 117 is super, super obnoxious for DexNav usage. It’s also the only place in the game where you can encounter Roselia. You could horde hunt for a shiny Roselia, but this runs the risk of getting a shiny you don’t want instead (Zigzagoon, Oddish or Marill) and could take a long time.

But there’s a solution!

Go to the lower flower patch near Verdanturf and stand on the middle orange flower, like so (apologies for the bad image):

If you use the DexNav from this spot, you have much higher odds of something actually appearing! I couldn’t make Roselia appear at all in any other spot on the route, but from this spot I was consistently getting 20-strong chains, which for this route is excellent. Even better, encounters will only appear in the grass patch right next to the flowers because the other patches are too far away, so the Pokemon won’t be hard to find.

Happy hunting!

anonymous asked:

I'm about to shiny hunt for a Shiny Pichu in my sun game. If I get a female would you take issue if I named her Cinnamon?

No, thats is so cool! I’m really honoured! Good luck!

(i have shiny hunted several time, once for skitty (failed, i killed it) and once for rockruff (didn’t find it, wrecked chain)… yeah. i also bred eevee’s in pokemon X, i dont know how many boxes i filled with eevee’s but it were many. ofcourse i failed to get a shiny. i hope you have more luck than me >v<)