hunting scenes

I’ve seen this post going around which was comparing Dean’s, Cas’ and Jack’s reaction to watching cartoons. I think that this is a direct parallel between all of them, especially connecting them with the childish awe while watching this stuff (Cas has never watched one of these cartoons before; Dean was losing his mind and becoming more and more child like, Jack is – well, a child).

But what’s on the TV also can tell us a lot of the themes connected with them, and I want to talk about the scene Jack watches for a bit. I have to admit I never watched Scooby Doo, but I managed to hunt the scene down. It’s from the episode “That’s Snow Ghost” and the scene is about Scooby saving Velma from a saw and then they escape, with the monster sending a trunk with dynamite on it after them. Scooby is seen to take Velma’s glasses to take a look at the dynamite before deciding that he has to do something about it, successfully averting the crisis in the end.

Now, this is just my personal interpretation of the scene, but as I said on twitter before, the relations I see here are the following: Jack’s Scooby, the dynamite are his powers and Dean’s Velma. We’ve seen Dean associated with being trapped before (blatant self promotion), just like Velma is in the clip and we know how Dean feels about Jack’s powers – that they’re, pretty much, exclusively bad. I think it’s significant here that Scooby takes Velma’s glasses before looking at the dynamite, because in this equation, Jack is starting to see the whole thing through Dean’s eyes and realizes it’s bad. He already did as much in the end scene where he basically agreed with Dean that he’s dangerous, but in the clip, he/Scooby manages to not defuse the bomb, but be smarter and faster than it and run away from it before it all goes boom. I like to think that this is somewhat foreshadowing the way Jack will handle/want to handle his powers and it also shows Jack’s powers as having even more a life of its own. Unsure how Scooby basically rescuing Velma could factor in, but hey, we’ll see.

All in all, I think it’s a very interesting clip to use. :)

Y’all, listen up. I have a problem with the Sterek scene, mainly the part where Derek says he carried Stiles out.

Not a minute before this, Stiles explained that the FBI had cornered the “feral unsub” and the mission was to bring Derek down.

And yet, according to Derek’s story, he picked up Stiles bridal style and carried him outside to safety.

And… no one stopped him?

Not one FBI agent saw the “feral unsub” grab this untrained intern, heave him up into his arms, and leave? I can clearly see more agents with guns in the background of the scene, running in the door they just came out of.

And. No one. Stopped them.

In conclusion, Derek’s story was also BS and they made up the whole story, they’ve actually been in touch this entire time and they didn’t want the pack to know so they lied about how Stiles “found” Derek.


You know, sometimes in life it seems there’s no way out. And you know that, if you’re ever in that situation, there are always two doors to choose from. Through the first door, it’s easy to get through that door, and on the other side waiting for you are the nummiest treats you can imagine - Fanta, Doritos, L&P, Burger Rings, Coke Zero. There’s also another door, not the Burger Ring door, not the Fanta door; another door that’s harder to get through. Guess what’s on the other side? You would think Jesus. I thought Jesus the first time I came across that door. It’s not Jesus. It’s another door. And guess what’s on the other side of that door? Yeah, Jesus. He’s tricky like that, Jesus.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016), dir. Taika Waititi