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Made some quick pair icons for Kai’s twitter (KaiSukiKai) and mine (nekodoruBox) that were originally just supposed to be a joke but here we are.
Kai’s art blog is @kaisukidoodles but she’s more active on her twitter. ♡
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Confessions for a Son, McNair Evans

There was no man that my father admired more than his father, and no one his father admired more than the man who raised him. With tenderness of heart and warm humor my father met everyone as his equal.

Upon his death in November 2000, I was exposed to our family businesses insolvency. Dad faced a series of devastating fires, bad crops, perpetual over-extension and high-interest loans. 

Five generations of familial and financial stability fractured. While the economic effects were immediately obvious, the emotional implications lingered beneath the surface for nine years.

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So my housemate asked me why she keeps hearing me screaming…

And I’ve suddenly realised Lovestruck makes me yell a lot…

Like… A whole lot…


(via Lacock, Wiltshire, UK, beautiful memories of the summer..…by kamilica | Flickr)


Grey’s Anatomy Video: Mer Is Begged to Save ‘Cristina’ in 300th Episode + (Short sneak peeks) | TVLine 

Halloween may be behind us, but Grey’s Anatomy’s doctors are still very much being haunted in Thursday’s milestone 300th episode of the ABC drama (8/7c). “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” has “this very nostalgic feeling,” Kevin McKidd (Owen) says in the above featurette previewing the hour.

But that might actually be putting it mildly. As you’ll see among the clips for the installment, a patient of Meredith’s — hurt when a roller-coaster car falls off the rails at a county fair — immediately reminds Grey of her much-missed person, Cristina. So, when push comes to shove and the young woman is being wheeled into surgery, she pleads with Mer to save her by any means necessary. If it’ll help, “pretend I’m your friend,” she begs.

Also included in the preview are many of McKidd’s castmates’ thoughts on the show reaching 300 episodes, and series creator Shonda Rhimes’ take on the outing. “It feels a little bit like old Grey’s in that it’s fun and it’s funny,” she says, “and yet it still has that heart that Grey’s has.”

Co-showrunner Krista Vernoff, who’s done a remarkable job of lightening up the drama since returning for Season 14, wrote the hour, and EP Debbie Allen (Catherine) directed.

A Gentle Girl and A Dirty Demon

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Demon!Dean x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Sort of smutty

“So now we’ve gotten Moose off our tail what do you plan to do with (Y/N)?” Crowley asked curiously, as he glanced over at you, sat at the table Dean had told you to sit at as he drank shots at the bar.

“I might keep her around.” He muttered, sliding the shot across the bar as he reached for the next one.

“Well, she’s not exactly going to be any use to you, maybe you should hand her over to moose and we can get one with…” Crowley started to explain his idea but Dean just scoffed.

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