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Lauran had been such a success at the office, Dee had made him a special night.  A scavenger hunt from room to room searching for his next piece of clothing.  If he chose the wrong room…well, those experiences were new.  Lauran knew his position and positioning would be forever changed after tonight!

Lucifer Drabble Request

This was requested by an anon: “I’ll take your bad days with your good.” With Lucifer please? Also, you’re awesome!

Word count: 356

Warnings: none?

You sat on your bed, your knees pulled up to your chest.  After an argument with Dean, you weren’t up to discuss matters any further.  You were tired of being benched by Dean.  It didn’t matter that you had spent all week training with Sam whenever it was possible.  It threw you into a terrible wave of depression.  You started to feel like you were never going to be good enough to go on a hunt.

Lucifer entered your room, tilting his head at you as he entered.  “You’re not with Sam and Dean,” Lucifer stated flatly as he sauntered up to your bed.  “Why is that [Y/N]?”  Lucifer crossed his arms over his chest.

“Because I’m terrible,” you mumbled.  “I’m just a burden to everyone.”

Lucifer raised his eyebrows, giving a single nod.  He knew what was going on.  It wasn’t difficult to read you.  Lucifer sat on the edge of your bed, resting his chin in his hand.  “You’re not terrible [Y/N],” Lucifer defended.  “These feelings you’re having- they don’t make you awful either.  You’re amazing.”

“You know you don’t have to be here,” you sniffled.  “I know you don’t like it when I’m like this.  I know you like me better when I’m happier.  Sorry to burst your bubble.”

“Shut up,” Lucifer halfheartedly scolded.  “I’ll take your bad days with your good [Y/N].  I don’t care what those Losechesters say, you are an amazing hunter.  Although, if I had it my way, you’d be ruling hell.”

You let out a small giggle, playfully slapping Lucifer’s knee.  “I don’t think I’d make a good Queen of Hell,” you joked.  “I can’t even go on hunts.  I’m not sure I can do anything right.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” the fallen archangel winked.  “The offer will always stand.  Just say the word angel.”

“Well until then,” you mumbled.  “Would you mind watching Netflix with me?”

“I’d do anything for the Queen of Hell,” Lucifer mused.  “But since I love you, sure.  No chick flicks though.  I’ve had enough of those.”

“Deal,” you smiled sheepishly, grabbing the remote from your nightstand.

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You Win

Characters : Reader, Dean & Sam

Summary: Reader, Sam and Dean return to the motel after a hunt.

Word Count : 707

Author note: My first ever fic and I’m so excited to share this. Please do leave feedback in my ask and messages x

Flopping down onto the crappy motel bed you could already feel sleep hitting you. Straining to keep your eyes open you rose onto your elbows to watch the boys bring the bags into the motel room. The hunt had been gruelling. The information was wrong and what started as a simple salt and burn run ended in a 3 day hunt and not 1 but 3 ghosts. You were running on empty. To top of this awful day the nearest motel only had one room available not your usual 2 rooms.

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Bloodbag: Bellamy Blake imagine

(Part 2)

The room was hunting. A huge captive room that held hundreds of lives in cages. Your people were locked away in cages as some sort of animals. We were used as as blood bags for these people.

The cage you were kept from the others. Most of us were sorted by blood type but you were the only one that was O negative. Anyone could use your blood, so the drained you. You sat in your cage, your back resting against the metal rods. It was cold but yet you felt hot. Your skin was pale but it was so dark in here. It seemed as you had no energy for anything.

They brought in some new ones. But one wasn’t of your people. His skin was tanned, he looked healthy. You don’t remember the last time you’ve seen anyone look so healthy. Just as the guards left he started to push against the cage trying to get free. Another one of your people told him to stop, that they took the wild ones. They took the ones who still had will to fight. 

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