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Daemons for the Rogue One crew?

Jyn Erso has a weasel; small and quick and vicious, a fighter. In medieval times, the weasel was considered a carrier of disease, poisonous and unlucky. But another thread of folkloric belief said that weasels would attack by the thousands to avenge the death of a single weasel. Perfect for the rawboned sullen child soldier, who is dragged into the Rebellion unwillingly, and only seeks redemption once the Empire takes her father from her.

Cpt. Cassian Andor has an xoloitzcuintli dog—because he is so beautifully painfully loyal to the rebellion; an aloof hunter and guard to its ideals. (However, xolos are also thought to have healing properties, and Cassian does lead their doomed crusade for redemption, more than any other in their hunting party.) The Aztecs associated xolos with death; burying a dog with its master guaranteed a guide through the underworld, and that’s fitting for the Rebellion’s own assassin.

Bodhi Rook has a common hawk-cookoo, which looks & flies like a vicious hunting bird (the shikra) but in truth is a peaceful insectivore. They’re known for their distinctive bird-calls—nothing less for the Imperial defector pilot who carried the message of hope all that way to Galen’s daughter. 

I was tempted to give Chirrut Imwe a crane—aerial and spiritual, as well as symbol of luck and good fortune in a myriad of world cultures. In the end, I’m going with the lion instead. Both because it better represents his dual warrior and spiritual sides, and because then Chirrut and Baze can have twin guardian lions, lolling dangerously at their feet and padding over the rock and sand of Jedha. Lionesses, to be technical—defenders of the pride.

K2 is a droid and so does not have a daemon. (Though sometimes he carries around a lug nut and claims it’s his. Cassian thinks this is hilarious. Everyone else is vaguely confused-slash-offended.)

Mon Mothma has a cat. It is sleek and greyish and arrogant in the way of cats; everyone agrees this is perfect for her. Bail has a wolf. (Some of his detractors claim there’s a bit of coyote in her and maybe there is—the smiling trickster; one hand saluting the emperor as the other conducts a rebellion against him—but definitely more wolf. After all, everything he does is for his pack.)


Imagine being Sam’s younger sister, best friends with Leah Clearwater, and Jacob’s imprint. PART 1

You and Leah were always together after your brother, Sam, left her for her cousin. You were her shoulder to cry on. You didn’t speak to your brother, even when your mother forced you to visit him in his home with that woman. You didn’t speak a word to him. Didn’t let him or Emily touch you. You said everything you needed to with your facial expressions and a certain finger.

When Leah changed into a wolf, you happened to be with her that day. Seth was there as well but he wasn’t much help because he shifted too. You calmed them down even though you were pretty freaked out yourself. You were going to abandon your best friend and her brother. That whole day was hectic though. Seth and Leah’s father had a heart attack in the woods with the hunting party he was a part of. Isabella Swan threw herself over a cliff. And you hadn’t gone into shock yet.

You had no choice but to stay the night at Sam’s. Leah and Seth needed you and your brother was letting you in on the tribe secret. If you hadn’t seen it for yourself, you’d have never believed it. It was late when you heard loud footsteps approaching Sam’s house. Everyone had dinally called down a bit. You were holding a quietly sobbing Leah I your arms when he walked through the open glass door. Sam called him over in a solemn voice.

“Jacob. Harry didn’t make it.”

The boy took in the scene around him, the sad faces lost in memories. He swallowed deeply and leaned on the counter,

“Bella ran off to Italy to save her leech.”  

Leah began shaking in my arms, 


 Jacob was shaking, about to reply nasty to Leah, when his eyes me mine. I felt something in that moment. Something connecting me to this lovestruck boy. I resumed rubbing Leah soothingly on her back as I broke eye contact with Jacob. Leah stopped shaking and relaxed slightly in my arms. Jacob still had his eyes on me. 

 "Y/N?” He called my name in confusion. 

Glancing at him, I saw a broken boy. My brother was also looking at Jacob. His was furious instantly. Sam grabbed the back of Jacob’s neck and drug him outside where yelling started.

“Not my sister!”

I tuned them out then. My mind and body didn’t care enough to focus on my brother and Jacob’s antics. I was just threw with today and all the drama that happened in the past year. Leah and Seth need me and I’ll stay by their sides as long as they’ll have me. Leah stopped shaking but was still tense. Emily offered to try and comfort her, but my pointed look in her direction stopped her short. My dislike for Emily Young was not quelled by knowing why Sam left Leah.