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All steven universe season 3 summarized by spongebob

EDIT:Beach city drift

Five favourite films

1. Memento (2000) dir. Christopher Nolan

2. The Lovely Bones (2009) dir. Peter Jackson

3. Shutter Island (2010) dir. Martin Scorsese

4. Pulp Fiction (1994) dir. Quentin Tarantino

5. Good Will Hunting (1997) dir. Gus Van Saint


Finally faced off against the Elite Four after the holidays in my All-Fairy Shiny Island Quest!  Here’s my final team in all its glory!

First ever ‘badge quest’ that I’ve completed!

Official Treasure Island Headcanon

~Billy finally got off the island a few decades later. He hitched a ride with the crew that marooned Ben Gunn. From them, he heard Gunn’s tale of Flint’s retirement in Savannah. 

~At his Savannah book store, Thomas hears gossipers discussing a raggedly pirate going across the city looking for Captain Flint.

~At a brothel, a distinguished gentleman approaches Billy, throws a map on the table and tells him that is what he’s looking for. But know one thing – Flint is dead.

~Others see/hear this and soon the rumor spreads that Billy Bones has Flint’s map to hidden fortune and he becomes hunted for it.

*Treasure Island happens, ending in Silver being arrested but conveniently escaped before trial*

~The night of Silver’s escape goes a bit like, “I can’t believe I had to come all this way to save your ass. Even worse, you actually fell for that fake map Thomas drew? Where the hell is Madi? We’re going to need her help stealing my cache back…..”

The Island (part 3)

I’m so annoyed at the writers for dragging Omelia through a season of 50 second scenes every 3 episodes. Last night was the straw that broke the camels back. SO- I’m going to escape to one of my AU worlds and hopefully you’ll join me…

1 - 2

She’s glaring at me with her piercing eyes- the hue of indigo but with the electricty of a bright blue- and making sure she wins the unspoken war of eye contact. I won’t let her. This is the second session I’ve been forced to sit in with Amelia Shepherd and we’d both readily agree that it’s as unbearable as the first one was. The brief meeting involved a couple of questions surrounded by deafening silence so quiet you could hear an eyelid drop.

I can tell she finds me attractive and as much as I don’t like her or the reason she’s in my life, I must admit that the feeling is mutual. When I saw her on the plane she had a slight hippy feel to her; she looked overly relaxed and like she didn’t care what anyone thought of her, and why would she when she is so naturally beautiful? She’s now sat in a floral print fitted dress to the knee, bright red high heels, and has her hair swept up in a relaxed bun. Her makeup is understated but defines every sharp and soft contour to her face.

I sound like I’m a gay fashion designer critically assessing a model’s potential for commercial success, I know, but when you’re sat opposite someone in silence with nothing but them as your focus, it’s hard not to notice every minute detail.

“It was a simple yes or no question Owen,” she says, finally breaking the eye contact to look at her notes. Yes, I won that round!

“I seem to have forgotten what it was, sorry… Could you repeat?” I remember exactly what the question was but I’m being petty today, clearly.

“Do you enjoy your job?” she asks of me.

“Do I enjoy it?”

She breathes in deeply as she uncrosses and recrosses her legs on the low armchair sat opposite me, steadying her rising temper at my reluctance to open up. My eyes sweep up the silky smooth cream skin and I shift uncomfortably. “Yes, do you enjoy your job?” she repeats.

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QR Feature’s Island Scan Pokemon Schedule

By now people probably know that you can do QR scans of pokemon to add them to your pokedex (As seen but not owned). Once a day, after ten scans, you can do an island scan. For one hour, you will be able to search the chosen island for this pokemon!

Be careful of which island you do this on if you have not yet completed the game, because when you scan for the rare pokemon, it could appear anywhere on the island you’re currently on- And if you haven’t finished that isle, you won’t be able to get that pokemon in an hour. 

Here are some Alolan QR Scans for you! GOOD LUCK HUNTING!


Melemele Island - Cyndaquil
Akala Island - Gothita
Ula'ula Island - Rhyhorn
Poni Island - Eelektross


Melemele Island - Totodile
Aklala Island - Spheal
Ula'ula Island - Swinub
Poni Island - Conkeldurr


Melemele Island - Deino
Akala Island - Luxio
Ula'ula Island - Duosion
Poni Island - Togekiss


Melemele Island - Horsea
Akala Island - Honedge
Ula'ula Island - Roselia
Poni Island - Leavanny


Melemele Island - Klink
Akala Island - Venipede
Ula'ula Island - Staravia
Poni Island - Serperior


Melemele Island - Chikorita
Akala Island - Bellsprout
Ula'ula Island - Vigoroth
Poni Island - Samurott


Melemele Island - Litwick
Akala Island - Marill
Ula'ula Island - Axew
Poni Island - Emboar