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Do you think it was coincidence that Hirsch set a worldwide treasure hunt in motion only a few weeks after the release of Pokemon Go? And only a few days after it was released in Japan (where one of the earlier clues is)? 

Remember this?

Coincidence? I DONT THINK SO

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First Holidays Together Headcanons

-First valentines day together as a mated couple and the Omega expresses their love with sappy heartfelt cards and making all the Alpha’s favorite foods. The Alpha expressing themselves by writing cheesy poems on post it’s and sticking them everywhere, also leaving teddy bears and other gifts where they know their Omega will find them and lots of lovely kisses

-An Omega mating with an Alpha that doesn’t know much about St. Patrick’s day and enjoying pinching them all day because they didn’t know they were supposed to wear green

-Painting eggs together on Easter and all the Omega’s eggs are so intricate and cute while the Alpha’s are all just one color or a murky brown color from being dipped in too many different colors

-The Omega hiding all the eggs for fun and being so incredibly amused when the Alpha’s hunting instincts kick in and they go searching around the house and yard like a small child

-4th of July and the Alpha being so excited about the fireworks and the Omega low-key dreading the frighteningly loud noises but enduring it to make their mate happy. Holding their Alpha’s hand tightly and staying tucked into their side through it all

-First Halloween as mates and the Alpha really wants to wear a cheesy couples costume and the Omega is just completely against the idea, so the Alpha keeps begging and bribing and “Oh my God did you just try using your Alpha voice to make me agree to dress up as a bottle of mustard?!”

-Going to a pumpkin patch together and the Omega picking out a small perfectly round pumpkin while their Alpha bounds through the rows of pumpkins like a puppy, searching for the biggest pumpkin they can find, while also low-key trying to impress their mate with how heavy of a pumpkin they can lift

-First thanksgiving as mates and spending it with the Alpha’s family. The Omega helping their mate’s Omega parent in the kitchen and being lovingly interrogated, “what do you love most about my child? Do they treat you well? Do you want children? How many? Etc.” and the Omega blushing and responding all quiet and shy but with such obvious affection in their voice, and the Alpha is quietly listening from the hallway with a red face and a goofy grin, being so happy about hearing the love and adoration in the Omega’s tone but also being so glad that the two most important Omegas in their life are getting along so well

-The Omega watching in awe as their Alpha clears three entire plates of thanksgiving dinner before deciding they are full…and then heating up leftovers just a couple hours later after eating half a pumpkin pie

-Decorating their first Christmas tree together and the Omega had insisted on getting a really tall tree but in order to decorate the upper half they have to sit on their Alpha’s shoulders. The Alpha blaring cheerful Christmas music and then tightly gripping the Omega’s legs before spinning in circles in front of the tree till the Omega is shrieking/laughing about how they are gonna fall

-Baking Christmas cookies in matching holiday aprons and the Omega being really into actually baking while the Alpha is more focused on trying to steer them under the mistletoe or “accidentally” smearing icing/dough on the Omega’s neck and face and then insisting on licking it all off…finally getting the Omega under the mistletoe and exchanging heated but sugary sweet kisses, the Omega not realizing that their Alpha had left very clear flour handprints on the ass of their jeans and then trying to figure out why their mate keeps smirking later on when they go to the store

-Watching Christmas movies and talking about how excited they are for future Christmases when they have children

-New Years Eve, watching movies and cuddling on the couch and the very sleepy Omega trying so hard to stay awake but they doze off and once the clock strikes midnight they wake up to a light kiss being placed on their lips and a whispered, “Happy new year, love” before they are carried upstairs and warmly snuggled into bed with their mate


…so a while ago I had a dream that Niantic revealed that Spark was actually blind! And his saying “trust your instincts” took on a completely different meaning. Furthermore, the reason he specializes in egg-hatching is because he feels like he can get a closer bond with hearing, touch, etc. And why’s he so enthusiastic about every Pokemon? Because he CAN’T SEE he’s just happy to have caught something and have another friend. PLS SAVE SPARK

tbh the dream made me kinda sad but now I’m like rlly on board??


Also this kinda… bugged me a bit? Pearl is not THAT oblivious.

I mean… this is certainly not a horrible idea. Talking to corrupted monsters has been shown to work.

The problem here is that they really don’t have much time.

Also, that.

Connie you really need to learn more genre savyness.




Headcannon of werewolf!Mccree finding that his human s/o is pregnant with a small litter of werewolf puppies?

I would like to just start this off by saying that I love anything to do with werewolf McCree and demon Hanzo so if you have any McHanzo fic recs (that don’t have anything explicit in them) including these two topics in any way shape or form I would die happily.

Also at the moment of me posting this, my puppy has currently trapped himself in an existential crisis called a leash and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’m going to free him.

Hope you have a lovely day friend!! <33 

-Mod Cherry

I love you for sending me this request thank you.

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Head canon for how TWF reacts when you get injured on a hunt:

  • Their first instinct is to drop everything and get you to safety.
  • If Castiel can’t heal you, Sam and Dean do whatever they can to get you to a hospital.
  • Your well-being is the most important thing to them.
  • Dean will scold you for not being careful, but it’s just because he’s worried about you.
  • Castiel will carry you if he has to, even after you’re taken care of.
  • Sam and Dean will keep asking how you are and if you’re okay.
  • They’ll be hesitant on taking you on hunts for a few months.
  • In the end, they know you’re a strong and capable hunter.  Even they get hurt sometimes. They wouldn’t want to be without you!

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Jouta Kujo Week, day 3 : Spending time with family!

kakyoins milf hunting instincts +  jotaro pussy magnet kujos charm = the familys favorite boy  

Winchester brothers~ Head over heels

Title: Head over heels

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:1065

Request:can I request a one shot where the sister reader comes back to the bunker after going for a run and finds sam and dean walking around in her heels? Idk I thought this would be funny lmao

You pushed yourself forward, sweat beading off your forehead and drizzling down your cheeks. You kept your arms up by your side as your feet pounded off the pavement.

Pushing yourself another 2 miles you finally made it back to the bunker. You yanked the heavy locked door open, making your way swiftly down the long halls. You panted heavily, chest rising up and down as you walked down the entwining corridor.

You began to hear weird noises, sounds of clacking and grunting. Your hunting instincts began to kick in as you carefully tugged one of your ear phones out and called out for your brothers.


No answer.


No answer.

You kept to the walls, no longer walking peacefully in the middle as you turned the corner. You were shocked out of your mind when you saw the scene in front of you.

You didn’t say anything, you tucked yourself around the corner and watched in shock as your older brothers tumbled around in your heels.

“How does she do this man, I feel like my ankles gonna snap any second’‘Dean grunted. He was a very broad man who was wearing your black, thin 6 inched heels as he nervously placed one foot in front of the other with his arms spread out side to side to keep his balance.

’'You’re doing it wrong, Dude’'Sam replied as Dean gave him a pissed look.

’'Oh you would know how to do it, Samantha’'Dean chortled. Sam gave his brother his classical bitch face.

’'Don’t call me, Samantha!’'Sam yelled, bracing his hands on his hips as he stood there in your bright red heels. You had no idea what was going on but by now you were dying of laughter.

You cupped your mouth, your body shaking as your two brothers fought. Dean glared at Sam.

’'You asked for this!’'He grunted before shoving Sam. Sam stumbled back but didn’t fall as he shoved Dean back and the two of them wobbled like putty.

They were in the middle of gripping each other, trying to steady their selves but unbalance each other before they froze. The two of them stopped and stared at each other for a very long time. Sam’s face was now the colour of your heels as they slowly turned to face you.

You had made yourself noticed, now leaning against the wall as you laughed uncontrollably.

’'Oh. My. God’'You wheezed out, crying of laughter as you clutched your shaking stomach. They both coughed, stuttering for explanations as you fell on the floor.

When you finally managed to pull yourself together you stood up and eyed them both. The two of them were both looking insanely awkward.

’'Okay, Dean… you look like Bambi when he first tried to walk. But black suits you, you should keep them… Th-they really bring out your eyes!’'You cried out as you tried to keep your calm but failed.

’'And Sam’'You giggled as you turned to Sam who looked flustered, knowing you were going to roast him next.

’'I like those red ones but you’ve probably stretched them with you man feet by now. But you know…’'You coughed, trying to hide your laughter. ’'If you click your heels three times Dorothy, you’ll go home’'You teased in a child’s voice.

Sam blushed, the two of them coughing awkwardly.

’'It’s not what it looks like’'Dean coughed, shuffling as he bit his lips nervously. You raised a thick brow as you nodded.

’'Mmmhhmm, look, if you like men that’s fine. I won’t judge you’'You teased. Their mouths dropped as you walked past them. They struggled to keep up with you, Dean falling over but catching your shoulder and stopping you.

’'No! No, we don’t like men okay’'Dean started as he pulled himself up. You turned around, crossing your arms and waiting for an explanation.

’'Okay, I’m listening. Please do tell me why my brothers who are in their 30’s are wearing my heels’'You said as you waited patiently.

’'Dude that does sound bad” Sam whispered to Dean. Dean rolled his eyes as he gritted his teeth to Sam. He pinched the bridge of his nose before looking at you.

“We just got curious… that’s all’'Dean answered. Sam jumped in but stumbled a little.

’'yeah, we saw them and Dean said it was easy to walk in them so I told him it wasn’t… and one thing lead to another and-”

“And you both became America’s next top model’'You mocked, nodding your head. Your brothers flashed you a bitch face.

’'I swear to god, you keep teasing us and I'l-”

“You’ll what Dean?’'You snickered. ’'You won’t invite me to Lakisha’s party”

“I’m gonna kill this girl’'Dean growled under his breath as Sam still stood flustered. You held your hands up before sighing.

’'Okay, dude, whatever. Just make sure you put them back okay’'You said as you walked away and rounded the corner.

The two brothers stood their for a moment before you came running round the corner screaming in fear. They both looked worried as you ran to Sam.

’'What! What is it!’'Sam yelped.

’'Oh, Sam! It’s the wicked witch of the west!’'You mocked with a cry. Sam let go of you and his concerned face fell to a bitch face. Dean began to laugh before you turned to him and his laugh slowly faded.

I don’t know what you’re laughing at Beyonce’'You snickered. You looked Dean up and down as he grew red.

’'Wow, you two should really wear these for hunts. The bad ass Winchester brothers sticking demons with their stilettos’'You sniggered. ’'Oh and this is for wearing out my heels’'You said before shoving their shoulders.

You laughed as your brothers fell to the floor in one big heap of limbs.

’'Dude get off me!’'Dean grunted as he shoved Sam off him. The two began to bicker as shove each other. You walked away but stopped round the corner, poking your head out.

’'Hey, Dean’'You called, holding your earphone ready to put it back in. The two brothers stopped as Dean looked at you, knowing whatever you were about to say wasn’t going to be good.

’'if you liked it, you should’ve put a ring on it’'You called as you continued to walk off. You drowned out Dean’s curses and yells as you made your way to your room, still giggling like hell.

Oh you’d never let them live this down.

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Gonna have to stop you right there; cats don't "kill for fun". It's an instinct they can't control. Only a few species can "kill for fun" and cats are not one of them. However, cats do kill a lot of animals, so an indoor cat is sometimes better than an outdoor cat!

That’s… not true, really.  Like many other observed animals, cats engage in surplus killing for the sport and practice of it.  The kind of behavior that they use for hunting is what they use in their play – yes, this is partially instinct, but it’s not entirely out of their control.  They do indeed choose to chase animals.

They do it for experience and practice – which also happens to be the same behavior they display when chasing a feathery toy.

This is as much play as it is instinct.

If hunting was “an instinct they can’t control,” cats would try to kill EVERYTHING that moves that’s smaller than them.  Observed friendships between cats and smaller animals, such as hamsters or rats, debunks this flat-out.  The fact that they don’t shows that they do indeed have control over it, even if the urge is particularly powerful.

Maybe you don’t like the term “for fun,” but I’m not sure what else to call the kind of play-killing that cats use in their surplus killing.

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jumin, have you considered buying Elizabeth the 3rd a tablet? it's my understanding that there are apps designed for cats that she might enjoy. they're usually based around cats' hunting instincts. it would probably help ease her loneliness while you're at work. if you're looking for a new cat project, you could develop a tablet program that would turn it on and open her favorite app when she touches the screen. that way, she wouldn't need assistance operating the device.

Pl-please don’t suggest any more cat projects to Mr Han…

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I love how you write Kouha! Could I get something about him learning that his s/o is a werewolf, and they mostly think as they normally do but with stronger instincts about hunting and protecting their mate (kouha)

> He doesn’t mind his s/o in the least. Whether in their human, nor in their animal form

> Kouha might enjoy his s/o being a werewolf a tad too much, inventing hair-combing-schedules, buying (ironically at first)  them a collar-like necklace and in the end deciding that it was just the right thing for them to wear and straight out asking them if there is a possibility for him to ride on them or letting them carrying the prince around

> Even though some might think he doesn’t take them for full, it cannot be denied that he takes a lot of pride into being with them. For his mighty s/o to choose him as their mate, he couldn’t be happier

> Also their instincts are no bother to him, he himself finding a lot of pleasure in the attention he’s receiving and it often ends in openly shown hugs and cuddles, the two lovers sinking into their own little world when they share affectionately touches

> The third princes does not like arguing with his partner, simply because whenever they have a heated argument his partner is most likely to become fed up with his childish arguments and the wild glare he gets from them makes him shut up immediately, inappropriate thoughts coming into his mind as he apologizes with a red face. He can’t help but being attracted to their distinct wilderness, especially when the atmosphere is already tingly

> Kouha won’t always accompany them on a hunt. He respects the necessity in their actions but even though he isn’t that squeamish with blood or death itself, he might just stay at home because he thinks that he cannot keep up with them anyway. Neither is he as quiet as his s/o can be, nor as effective and might just be in the way. Also he prefers the way his s/o comes home to him, showing the prince their achievement, looking very adorable and fulfilled

I had fun with the request and did some HC’s, hope you like them too!


You were in your room, listening to your favourite playlist when it happened.

You boyfriend texted you. Great! You thought, why  would you think anything of it? Your relationship was fine… wasn’t it?

No. Apparently not.

That jerk had the nerve to break up with you over text. You threw your phone, pausing the music and sliding your headphones off your head. “Argh!” You screamed in anger, having nothing else to say.


Immediately your brothers footsteps sounded and they burst into your room, guns in hand. 

Damn hunting instincts.

“Y/N? You okay?” Dean asked, both your brothers lowering their guns when they saw you weren’t in any obvious danger.

“I’m fine.” You snarl through gritted teeth, laying on the sarcasm.

Sam noticed your phone and wandered over to it, he picked it up of the floor, for some miracle of a reason it was still in one piece, and read the text.

“Oh…” He managed, before handing it over for Dean to read.

“Ah, sis.” Dean sat down next to you on the bed, followed by Sam.

Sam put his arm round your shoulders and brought you into a hug. You bit your lip, determined not to cry, so you settled with a few stray tears instead.

“He’s a jerk.” Sam assured you.

“And a bitch.” Dean agreed.

You huff, realising their choice of words and adding your own.

“And a dick.”

Dean smirked, ruffling your hair, and managing to pry a sad smile out of you.

“C’mon, let’s go gank some sons of bitches to take your mind of him. Bros before hoes right?” 

You laugh at your brother “Always.”

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Sam and dean comforting you (after your boyfriend dumps you over text message) ❤️

Sorry it took so long! I hope you like it, thanks for requesting!

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Hey, I don't know if you've said it or not, but what are Bill and Ben in this AU?

They’re mouse anims!

Some animal instincts (particularly natural rivals) persist in anims, which can lead to squabbles. Pictured above, Bill and Ben were teasing Duck (cat and mouse, ofc) but didn’t think that he’d actually be overwhelmed by his hunting instinct. Edward broke it up tho