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It’s early in the morning and nobody will probably read this but I just had the greatest ‘humans are space orcs’ idea

Imagine if humans are the only species that experiences impatience.

Think about it. Most prey animals are extremely patient. Ever meet a deer or a rabbit in the woods and hold still to try and out-wait the thing? I can guarantee your brain starts sending bored bored bored messages very quickly, and your instincts start telling you to give up and find something else to do. Humans can do the patience thing- as evidenced by our endurance hunting methods- but our instincts tell us not to. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this feels like a predator development. I have the idea that if aliens are mostly prey-based, and we’re predator-based, then the aliens will be very patient and we just aren’t.

As an evolutionary development, being impatient can be brilliant. It means that we didn’t sit around and wait for the ice caps to warm up, we knew we didn’t have the technology to survive that level of cold, but we did it anyways. We were trying to send people into the sky and then into space before we had fully figured it all out, simply because we didn’t want to wait and think it out, we wanted SPACE and we wanted it NOW. And personally, I tend to be extremely productive and inventive when I’m feeling impatient. Mechanic is booked for a few days? I’ll figure out how to change my oil and tires and tint my car’s windows myself. Strawberry season is still 4 months away? I’ll get a heat lamp setup and grow them myself. Friends can’t visit and help move furniture for a week? I’ll build a trolley out of some toy cars, tape, a chessboard, and do all the lifting myself.

This impatience is what made us design faster cars, faster computers, faster internet, faster communication, methods of growing food faster, of processing food faster, we’re always looking for the quickest and most efficient thing simply because we are not patient. 

Impatience leads to a type of creativity and persistence that patience just doesn’t have.

Imagine aliens starting to realize this.

“You got to your moon before you had developed LED screens??? You didn’t even have computers that could do basic math?!”
“Well, what else were we gonna do, sit around and wait?”

“Your planes don’t have gravitational control? Don’t you experience discomfort from the acceleration and directional changes?”
“Sure. But we needed to get on the other side of the planet in a decent amount of time.”
“So… what you’re articulating is that you’d rather have physical distress than have to have a long journey?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Human____, our mechanical teams will be on site in several of your earth hours, so we won’t be going anywhere until then.”
“Screw that. Where’s the manual for this thing? I bet I can fix it.”
“But you don’t have any mechanical training.”
“I also don’t feel like sitting around on this rock for ages.”

“You’re back already? I thought your medical representative told you to not be walking on that limb for another of your weeks.”
“Ugh. I just can’t anymore. I’ve got to get up and move and do something, anything.”
“But doesn’t that hurt to walk on?”
“…You would choose pain over waiting?”
“What can I say, I’m not a patient person.”

Like aliens just being baffled that humans would rather work hard or struggle with a problem or even experience pain and discomfort. They, as prey species, are used to just waiting it out. They don’t have the same impatience driving them to get up and go and to fight through things just because they can’t wait any longer.

Human: Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Alien: Why don’t you have time? Is something scheduled soon?
Human: No, I just don’t feel like wasting time.
Alien: But… it’s not wasted. It’s time well spent. And you do technically have the time to spare for that. If there’s nothing scheduled, then you do ‘got time for that’.
Human: No. No, I don’t. It’s just… no.

Humans are Weirdos (ft.  animals)

I know a popular ‘humans are weird to aliens’ topic is how easily humans can bond to animals. But then think the opposite.

We humans are so weird because we are practically bonding magnets to animals.

We have our social hierarchies, so it makes sense that we can fit in with certain groups like dogs and even gorillas if we can understand them enough. We get ourselves acquainted with dogs who have been domesticated and these dogs will leap into our laps and constantly bother us for pets and treats and licking us as a way to show affection. People who can get certain animals to open up to us are super cool. Aliens are in awe of how our understanding of them can get us into a pack so readily that humans who are super close to normally protective dog mothers are allowed to hold their precious babies.

We can even manage to bond with animals like cats, known to be mostly solitary. We care for these cats and when they’re comfortable they will break their isolation and seek us out for affection.

Imagine an alien seeing a dog or cat go to an upset human and try to nuzzle them or snuggle into their lap to let themselves be held for our emotional comfort. These animals which, though currently domesticated, were descended from predators streamlined towards a goal of becoming efficient hunters. Willingly coming to our emotional aid and comforting us because they’ve bonded with us so closely.

Aliens see dogs act as protectors and bark away intruders on the human territory, but instantly turn happy when they know it’s their owner and friend. They see cats utilizing inborn maternal instincts to hunt down and leave 'gifts’ of dead things in an effort to feed and teach their humans to take care of them since we’re such worthless hunters in their eyes. They’ll even know if something is wrong with humans medically before we do, or know about disturbances in the home like fires or gas leaks, and will uncharacteristically jump us to get us out of danger.

And when humans are in danger by others, and an animal senses it before we do, these animals will immediately jump on the defensive and snarl and warn against any potential enemies  and try to alert us.

You’ve got dogs who will literally jump on intruders and bite them when they’re trying to attack their human owners. Throwing themselves and and intimidating animals many times larger than themselves for our sake. Even cats, the ones people might think aren’t very interested in their humans, will throw themselves into the fray and claw the hell out of something that’s a danger to a precious human of theirs.

And, for an added bonus, imagine if we can get this to apply to bigger, deadlier animals with similar capacity for pack bonding.

After months and months of talking, mimicking, feeding, and caring for a giant predator the rest of the crew refuses to near, it’s sort of relaxed to the human. A sense of loyalty that 'yes, this creature cares for me’. Then, one day, pirates invade the vessel and somehow the animal gets loose. Cue the crew panicking when it comes ambling out of its’ holding bay at the time when a pirate is about to bring a knife or something down on the human. Two seconds later this pirate is running and screaming for its life when it sees it. The creature takes a running start, LEAPS over the human (which was closest to it and already injured) and takes off after it. When that pirate is either captured or dead, the creature returns to the human, nuzzling them and making sounds to see if they’re okay.

The human is smiling and mimicking the sounds back, or just talking to it to say what a 'good boy’ it is.

The aliens of the crew are in shock.  The rest of the humans just smile knowingly.

I’ve talked about the Purity Disk Horse until I’m blue in the face, even knowing it’s futile, and sometimes I question why I care so much or why I put so much effort in or why it bothers me so immensely when someone is Wrong On The Internet, and I think it boils down to this.

Fiction does not exist to sanitize the human condition into digestible chunks of happiness and warm fuzzy feelings. Fiction exists to expose the human condition right down to its marrow, to peel back all the layers of niceity and civilization that we have built for ourselves so we can live comfortably in human company and get to the animal root of our nature. Fiction exists to be a release valve for the necessary repression of our darker instincts, our intrusive thoughts, the fantasies that horrify us or titillate us or sometimes do both at the same time. Fiction exists as the safe environment where the deep, festering parts of our soul are laid bare in a way that is sometimes terrifyingly intimate. Fiction exists to tell stories that are gruesome, disturbing, visceral – the stories that make you question your complacency in a society where these things really happen, to make you engage with your own human condition in a state of self-reflection and examination.

When our children encounter something new and scary that they don’t understand, when they find out about the dark horrors of the world and that the layer of candyfloss we coat things in when they’re younger is fabricated out of a desire not to see them hurt, we have a responsibility to make them engage with it. Avoiding the darkness will only make them fearful and ignorant. You must look the beast in the eye. You must say, “I know you, you live in my heart, I have seen you, and I cannot let you out in my reality, so I will let you out in my fantasy instead.”

The beast lives within all of us. Fiction is the way we tame it, and by taming it we learn how to fight the beasts that are let out into reality, the big ones that seem too massive to take on alone. Without the beast, without seeing it and knowing it and walking into its lair to learn what makes it tick, we never grow beyond the point in our lives when we truly believe that ignoring something horrible will make it go away.

Sometimes fiction can also be the balm that eases our spirit instead of the draught we take to purge the poison. Sometimes fiction can exist to give us hope, or to show us a world that really is coated with candyfloss, to give us a small amount of joy and an uplifting narrative in a place where it seems like the beast is all that rules. Those stories are also important, and are no less necessary to our human condition than the stories where we let the beast out to play. They cannot, however, be the only stories that exist. As long as the beast lives within us, we must let it feed, or it will feed on us instead.


A/N: Part II of this Imagine. I also put a request from @dreamwalker08 in there. It just worked together perfectly. Enjoy!

Words: 1958
Warnings: violence, smut (on the battlefield)

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Cheeky Bunny

 Hybrid!AU: Leopard!OC x Bunny!Kook
Length: 4.1K (lol is this even a drabble anymore?)
Genre: The Most Fluffy Fluff
Type: Disney Drabbles ☞REQUEST HERE
Recommended OST: (x)
Request By: @/kimtrain:“Don’t underestimate the importance of body language.“ love youuuu MJ so so much 
(a/n): IDK OKAY? I REALLY IDK WHY IM SO SOFT. But anyways I this is so frickin fluffy idk anymore (read: I screamed a lot and wanted to smash my keyboard) and any comments are always appreciated, my inbox is open for you lovelies. 

Summary: You’re a predator and he’s the prey, so what happens when the tables finally turn for our dearest bunny? 

Originally posted by jung-koook

“(y/n), you’re fucking drooling.” Taehyung lands a particularly hard pat against the nape of your neck, immediately eliciting a hiss from you and a chuckle from him; your attention now regrettably snagged away from your little crush.

“You brat, that’s not a good enough reason to grab my nape,” you hiss, your hands rubbing against the tender flesh. As felines, the neck area is off limits, it’s too intimate and oddly sensitive due to the period where parents would grab their litter my the scruff. So you find it absolutely necessary to repay to favor with a hard smack against his abdomen with your tail, causing a growl to bubble inside the lion-hybrid’s chest, his sunny demeanor evaporating and lips peeling back in act of dominance.

“Oh hush,” you dismiss, rolling your eyes and petting the thick fur of your tail, “You’re honestly acting childish, what are you? A big domestic cat?”

“Just because you are naturally a solitary breed does not excuse you from social norms, (y/n).” Taehyung firmly states, his ears twitching in his messy mop of golden hair. An involuntarily side effect of annoyance.

Well shit, you gone and pissed him off. Again.

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notallprincesses  asked:

I had an experience today I needed to share because it fell squarely into "This would happen to Seanan" territory. Today I learned that wild ground squirrels will just come into your home. They do not care that it's yours. I came home to my quaint little apartment building today to check on my special needs kitty and to just get away from work. It did not seem odd to me that the main building door was open. This happens all the time when people are moving in or out. 1 of ?

“So I go upstairs and open my door, and in shoots a streak of brown that had to have a sonic boom following it.  I’m surprised it hadn’t gone Spaceballs plaid.  I was unaware that a ground squirrel found its way in the building and was looking for a place to hide.   I grabbed my cat, who has the hunting instincts of a blind, arthritic sea cucumber, and put her in the bedroom and shut the door,  because I could not fathom trying to chase this thing out from my cluttered closet.    2 of ?”

“I then grabbed the closest thing I had, which was a cheap some mop from the dollar store.   With said mop, and some screaming, and the squirrel chasing me at one point,  I finally got the thing from behind my fireplace credenza, under two end tables, a coffee table, an overturned oversized chair and ottoman, I got it out of my apartment.   I did this by lying down on the floor like a starfish and swinging the mop on the floor like one hand of Big Ben.  3 of ?”

“I did this all with my apartment door wide open to the world, the cat meowing bloody murder in the bedroom because she hates being locked away, and my work clothes on.  I slammed my door shut and called the landlord to come take care of business.   I then had to have my landlord call my boss to confirm that I was back late from lunch because I was being held hostage in my apartment by a lost ground squirrel that did not pay rent.   4 of 5″

“So now I have “Late from lunch - excused” on my HR time record with the note “Squirrel hostage situation” attached to it.  The next time, I’ll just let the ground squirrel have the apartment. It’ll be easier to move.  5 of 5″

This was a ride from start to finish, and an absolute delight.  Thank you for sharing!

cerothenull  asked:


Earning nicknames such as the “Unovan Rapidash” and the “flesh eating horse”, Scolipede has become one of Unova’s strangest and most feared predators. An opportunistic hunter, it instinctively pursues any pokemon that runs away, Blitzle, Deerling, and Audino being some of their preferred prey. Remarkably quick, Scolipede overpowers its prey in both speed and strength and will try to inject it’s prey with venom. Once the poisoned pkemon “faints”,the scolipede will start to chew its food while still alive.

Any trainer who comes in contact with one in the wild is highly advice to battle it rather then run. Even if your team is too weak, you have a better chance at combating it’s hunting instincts by facing it rather then give it any opportunity for it to “mistaken” you as prey. 

Space Orcs

“Gather, young podlings, and listen as I speak of the terror of the humans.” “Unchallenged in war, they revel in battle.” “Where one falls, a hundred shall rise to claim vengeance.” “From the very dawn of their evolution, they have lived in competition with terrifying beast and monsters, both animal and sapient.”

“The humans are made from strength, for they hold illness in little regard.” “In the coldest reaches of the galaxy, and the hottest, you will find humans, quietly thriving.”

“The humans are masters of language too.” “Their command over language and ability to understand it transcends far beyond what other races are capable of.” “They tell the truth with lies, they lie with the truth.”

“Humans are predators” “Even the youngest of the humans will unfeelingly indulge in slaughter, and when they mature, the instinct to hunt, and kill is ever stronger.” “They routinely exterminate creatures that annoy or inconvenience them, and hunt the only creatures which could possibly harm them for fun.”

“The humans have hope.” “Even when all is lost, and the universe itself turns against them, the humans still live.” “From death, they rise, to start anew, and continue.”

“In battle, they excel.” “In death, they live” “When the cosmos grows cold and silent, and all others have succumbed to death, the humans will live.” “Through anger and rage, through determination, they succeed where no other has.”

The elder becomes silent. The children mirror him in his actions, and for a moment, the fear and wonder that countless others have felt upon hearing of the humans.

“But the humans are kind too.” speaks the elder once more. “Despite their superiority and power, they do not go out to conquer and slay.” “They journey the stars in search of entertainment, of answers, and of questions.” They bond with those that live to slay, befriend the creatures that would consider them food.”

“So fear the humans, young ones, for they are monsters.” “But seek them out and ally with them too, for they are friendly monsters too.”

beesenji  asked:

Do you have any advice on keeping cats in doors that just... don't seem interested in any enrichment you give them indoors? Sorry if that sounds really confusing, I'm having trouble putting it into words. But my childhood cat (may she rest peacefully), was an outdoor indoor cat, she was adopted to be a mouser and we lived on farm land sort of. And she would not play with ANYTHING except for like, twist ties. And she had no interest in anything else besides sleeping and love. (cont)

I actually consider us very lucky that she loved being pet, lol. But she was always wanting to go outside, except for when she got too old and sick. And there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to make being inside as interesting? Is there anything you’d suggest for I guess more uh, difficult to amuse cats? I fully agree cats should be inside unless under supervision. This cat disappeared for long periods of time, TWICE. But because when she stopped eating mice, she got very sick. (cont)  So with our new cat that adopted us, my folks won’t keep her inside, because they want her outside hunting mice and staying healthy from what they provide for her. Except we could do that fine with wet food because we know that now, and didn’t with Diamond. It’s quite frustrating! Any advice you’d have for more “difficult” kitties would be much appreciated!

So, I am by no means an expert on cat behavior, and I’ve been lucky in that my cats have adjusted well and don’t seem to struggle with the enrichment we provide to them (they don’t try to dart outside or anything). The main thing I can think to recommend, and I think this is what works for our household, is actually another cat. The cats honestly keep each other entertained and stimulated more than anything we provide to them. They thrive on the companionship first and foremost. Cats are social creatures, it’s why they form colonies when feral, except for the occasional solitary cat (as with dogs, some just won’t dig others, and that’s fine).

I also think enrichment toys where the cat has to work for their food might help; they make a lot of toys and items like that now where the cat has to use natural play and hunting instincts to get their food out of the toy; it helps them to slow down if a cat is a fast eater, but it also just generally helps them get that hunting instinct out, makes them work for their food like a cat might if it was hunting mice. Puzzle feeding toys and whatnot are great for mental stimulation!

Keep towers and trees and platforms high up, for kitties who love to be up and express their climbing instincts. Cats seem to prefer to sleep and rest up off of the ground. And our cats love having hidey-holes and tunnels and dark places they can go and chase each other into and such. They also make moving toys, like we have this little battery-powered mouse that will skitter across the floor and our cats seem to LOVE that; a mouser might be interested in a toy like that, that is constantly moving around and they can experience the “chase” as it were? Trick it into thinking it’s getting actual prey, haha.

And one big part of transitioning a cat indoors that prefers being outside is honestly just ignoring their pleas to go outside and eventually they’ll give it up and find ways to entertain themselves indoors. Like a dog, though, you can make the experience positive for them with treats and nice things, little constantly-moving fountains are lovely for cats to get their water from and maybe things like cat grass would appease them some? My followers may have better advice, because again, I haven’t dealt with this myself, mainly because I think in our multi-cat household, they keep each other stimulated and content. I also don’t know how reputable this source is but it hits on some good key points, too, it looks like:

Hopefully that helps sooooome and if my followers have anything to add, please do!

Like when we transitioned Caspian into being indoor-only, I thought it was going to be such a hassle because he LOVED to hunt and kill outside and never was very people-affectionate. And even now he sticks to himself most of the time, but he seems to have adjusted well enough to indoor life, and he loves interacting with the other cats and the dogs when he’s feeling playful. Oddly enough, that little loser loves to play with, hunt, and bunny-kick tennis balls??? Maybe it’s the texture, maybe it’s that they roll and he gets to “chase” them, but he just adores playing with the dogs’ tennis balls. Little weirdo! XD


Headcannon of werewolf!Mccree finding that his human s/o is pregnant with a small litter of werewolf puppies?

I would like to just start this off by saying that I love anything to do with werewolf McCree and demon Hanzo so if you have any McHanzo fic recs (that don’t have anything explicit in them) including these two topics in any way shape or form I would die happily.

Also at the moment of me posting this, my puppy has currently trapped himself in an existential crisis called a leash and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’m going to free him.

Hope you have a lovely day friend!! <33 

-Mod Cherry

I love you for sending me this request thank you.

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anonymous asked:

Can foxes be raised to be domesticated?

Wow good question, in my uneducated opinion, I would think it would be extremely difficult, and if not that, then impossible. A wild fox has the instinct to hunt for food and to protect itself, it survives in the wild fine and doesn’t need any extra support (some wild foxes may attack humans if they get too close). Domestic foxes are already difficult to deal with so I can’t imagine how wild foxes will act. Again I’m not an animal behaviourist so I might be off, maybe one of my educated followers can expand :)

On that note, I need to remind people to please NOT take wild foxes and try to keep them as pets, they belong in the wild and have no need for any human contact.

Bring it on Home

12x19 coda. Part ½ (Cas’ POV) 1.5k. (ao3)

Cas is sitting in the Bunker’s main room, going over some of Sam’s research, when a dull clunk sounds next to him on the table. He glances over at the noise to see Dean pushing a cassette towards him.

“What’s this?” Cas asks, looking up at Dean.

Dean clears his throat, eyes darting away from Cas’, and taps two fingers on the top of the cassette, “For when you’re on the road next.”

Cas takes the cassette in his hand, examining it between his fingers.  Deans Top 13 Zepp Traxx.

“You made this for me?”

Dean’s cheeks color, but he recovers quickly, with one of those pleased-confident smiles of his. “Yep! Remember how I was talking the other day about educating you on good music? Well, Zepp’s the best so I figured this would be a good place to start.”

“Thank you, Dean, I’ll make sure to take careful notes on my opinions about each song,” Cas replies. He rubs a thumb over Dean’s handwriting on the front and smiles, slipping the tape into the pocket of his suit jacket.

Dean chuckles, awkwardly stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans, “Well, I expect a full report back.”

“I’ll make sure to call you after my first listen,” Cas replies, mouth tipping up into a smirk.

“You better.”

When Cas leaves on his quest for Kelly Kline, he heads east first, driving his rickety truck on the 36 towards Kansas City. He flicks on the local classical station until it fizzes out two hours later and he remembers the weight in his suit pocket.

Keeping one hand on the wheel, Cas digs the tape out of his pocket and pushes it into the tape deck. Dean didn’t tell him the track listing, so Cas doesn’t know for sure which songs are on here. The first song starts off with a roaring guitar and Cas has definitely heard this one before. He smiles, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat. Images filter through his mind of Dean singing at the top of his lungs, very out of tune, and slamming his hands against the steering wheel like it’s a drum set.

The first song ends and the second starts, just as fast as the first, but with a quicker beat of drums and guitars. Robert Plant sings – well Cas isn’t sure singing is the correct word, it’s more like yell-singing – about Rock N’ Roll. Cas does, however, understand the appeal to this man’s voice. It’s rough, but in a strangely enchanting and seductive way. He wonders if this, aside from the musical quality, is what drew Dean to love this band. After the first three songs, all upbeat, and obviously rock songs, the fourth slows down a bit, starting with a ballad-like guitar and a haunting whistle in the background. Ah, yes. Stairway to Heaven. It’s a beautiful song, untrue, since there is no possible way for anyone to buy a stairway to heaven, and portals are the only access to heaven now. The song may be rather romantic in its idealism, but Cas can clearly picture Sam and Dean as kids sprawled out in the backseat, listening to this song, while their father drives, headlights piercing the darkness.

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anonymous asked:

humans need meat to live oh my god we're omnivores by nature!! that's why we've been hunting since the begin of our existence! omnivores don't instinctively hunt but we do, we're omnivores. you have incisors specifically for tearing meat. i understand if you want to be vegan but stop telling young kids who are still growing that they can live a fully healthy life without meat because you can't.

Ok, so let’s break this down a little bit:

“humans need meat to live oh my god we’re omnivores by nature!”

R/: An omnivore is a kind of animal that eats either other animals or plants. Actually, since we’re omnivores is why we can be vegans without any problems when making the switch responsibly informed. If we would really need meat to survive we’d be obligate carnivores just like lions. 

“omnivores don’t instinctively hunt but we do, we’re omnivores.”
R/: That’s not even true, some omnivores will hunt and eat their food, but that doesn’t mean we should do that too…and if by any means your picture of us as hunters is humans killing animals with rifles and guns…that’s not very natural tbh.

“you have incisors specifically for tearing meat”
R/: Take those incisors of yours and nail them on the prey you just hunted with your mere instincts, rip off a leg and show me how you tear up that meat! LMAO

“stop telling young kids who are still growing that they can live a fully healthy life without meat because you can’t.”
R/: It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes. (*)

Being with Cas (A Drabble Series): Hunting with Cas

warning: very brief angst, blood.

Being with Cas Masterlist

Originally posted by thelaughingmagician

“Please be careful, Y/N,” Cas whispered from beside you, getting his blade ready as you both stood outside the warehouse. “Stay behind me, do you understand?”

You rolled your eyes and smiled at Cas’ protective nature. “I got it, babe.”

Cas nodded before the two of you busted into the vamp nest, taking out at least 7 vamps within a few minutes. Things were going smoothly and you both thought you had taken out all of them.

Until you heard Cas scream your name, a look of terror written across his features as he fought off another vamp that had come at him out of nowhere.

A cold hand suddenly wrapped around your neck from behind you before you felt sharp teeth sink into your skin. You let out a scream, the sound of your heart ringing in your ears. You knew you had to act fast or you weren’t going to make it. You immediately kicked backward, the heel of your foot landing right into the vamp’s groin, effectively getting him to let go of you. 

“You bitch!” the vamp growled.

He took one step toward you before he was completely evaporated by a very angry Cas. 

“Cas!” you turned around to face him, relieved that he was alright.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his voice frantic as his eyes locked on the blood oozing from your neck.

You nodded as his hand hovered over your neck, sighing in relief when his grace soothed the pain and healed your wound. “Thank you,” you breathed out, leaning your head on his chest as he took you into his arms. “Where’s the other vamp?”

“Dead,” Cas responded, his nose nuzzling your hair as he sighed. “You scared me.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” you apologized, pulling away to look up at him. You were surprised–and confused–to see him smiling down at you.

“But I should’ve known your hunting instincts would kick in,” he continued. “You’re very badass, Y/N.”

You grinned from ear to ear, laughter escaping you as you pushed him playfully. “You’re one to talk, Mr. I-Can-Blast-Everyone-Away-With-A-Flick-Of-My-Wrist.”

Cas smiled bashfully and looked down at his shoes, shrugging. 

You laughed at his modesty, pulling the sleeve of his trench coat. “Come on, Angel. Let’s go home.”

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First Holidays Together Headcanons

-First valentines day together as a mated couple and the Omega expresses their love with sappy heartfelt cards and making all the Alpha’s favorite foods. The Alpha expressing themselves by writing cheesy poems on post it’s and sticking them everywhere, also leaving teddy bears and other gifts where they know their Omega will find them and lots of lovely kisses

-An Omega mating with an Alpha that doesn’t know much about St. Patrick’s day and enjoying pinching them all day because they didn’t know they were supposed to wear green

-Painting eggs together on Easter and all the Omega’s eggs are so intricate and cute while the Alpha’s are all just one color or a murky brown color from being dipped in too many different colors

-The Omega hiding all the eggs for fun and being so incredibly amused when the Alpha’s hunting instincts kick in and they go searching around the house and yard like a small child

-4th of July and the Alpha being so excited about the fireworks and the Omega low-key dreading the frighteningly loud noises but enduring it to make their mate happy. Holding their Alpha’s hand tightly and staying tucked into their side through it all

-First Halloween as mates and the Alpha really wants to wear a cheesy couples costume and the Omega is just completely against the idea, so the Alpha keeps begging and bribing and “Oh my God did you just try using your Alpha voice to make me agree to dress up as a bottle of mustard?!”

-Going to a pumpkin patch together and the Omega picking out a small perfectly round pumpkin while their Alpha bounds through the rows of pumpkins like a puppy, searching for the biggest pumpkin they can find, while also low-key trying to impress their mate with how heavy of a pumpkin they can lift

-First thanksgiving as mates and spending it with the Alpha’s family. The Omega helping their mate’s Omega parent in the kitchen and being lovingly interrogated, “what do you love most about my child? Do they treat you well? Do you want children? How many? Etc.” and the Omega blushing and responding all quiet and shy but with such obvious affection in their voice, and the Alpha is quietly listening from the hallway with a red face and a goofy grin, being so happy about hearing the love and adoration in the Omega’s tone but also being so glad that the two most important Omegas in their life are getting along so well

-The Omega watching in awe as their Alpha clears three entire plates of thanksgiving dinner before deciding they are full…and then heating up leftovers just a couple hours later after eating half a pumpkin pie

-Decorating their first Christmas tree together and the Omega had insisted on getting a really tall tree but in order to decorate the upper half they have to sit on their Alpha’s shoulders. The Alpha blaring cheerful Christmas music and then tightly gripping the Omega’s legs before spinning in circles in front of the tree till the Omega is shrieking/laughing about how they are gonna fall

-Baking Christmas cookies in matching holiday aprons and the Omega being really into actually baking while the Alpha is more focused on trying to steer them under the mistletoe or “accidentally” smearing icing/dough on the Omega’s neck and face and then insisting on licking it all off…finally getting the Omega under the mistletoe and exchanging heated but sugary sweet kisses, the Omega not realizing that their Alpha had left very clear flour handprints on the ass of their jeans and then trying to figure out why their mate keeps smirking later on when they go to the store

-Watching Christmas movies and talking about how excited they are for future Christmases when they have children

-New Years Eve, watching movies and cuddling on the couch and the very sleepy Omega trying so hard to stay awake but they doze off and once the clock strikes midnight they wake up to a light kiss being placed on their lips and a whispered, “Happy new year, love” before they are carried upstairs and warmly snuggled into bed with their mate


…so a while ago I had a dream that Niantic revealed that Spark was actually blind! And his saying “trust your instincts” took on a completely different meaning. Furthermore, the reason he specializes in egg-hatching is because he feels like he can get a closer bond with hearing, touch, etc. And why’s he so enthusiastic about every Pokemon? Because he CAN’T SEE he’s just happy to have caught something and have another friend. PLS SAVE SPARK

tbh the dream made me kinda sad but now I’m like rlly on board??