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ゲスおと☆ (Gesu oto)

Aniban, an independent label, has announced the release of their ゲスおと☆ series, with two volumes currently planned for release in February.

Synopses (Paraphrased):

After being brought along to a big marriage partner hunting party (read: 婚活パーティー) by your company senpai, you find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos and liveliness of the party, and are subsequently abandoned by your senpai, who leaves you to go talk to a man she sets her sights on. 

Awkwardly standing about with no real idea of what to do, you hear a man’s voice calling out you.

However, that man is considered highly “individualistic,” or in other words, seems like he could be categorized as a ゲス (gesu*) type…

The first “gesu” guy in question is 千束友靖 (Senzoku Tomoyasu), a swimming instructor who has just recently broken up with his girlfriend. Worried over the fact that he hasn’t been able to stay with any particular girl for a long period of time, Tomoyasu decides to go to a matchmaking party for the purpose of finding a bride. 

Given that it’s a party conducted with the specific purpose of finding a marriage partner, he figures that a girl he falls in love with there won’t be able to escape the prospect of marriage with him.

And of course, Tomoyasu takes a liking to you, and you both end up going home together.

Overjoyed by the fact that he found you, Tomoyasu is unable to hold back…

ゲスおと☆ 白金泉 (Right):

The second “gesu” guy is 白金泉 (Shirogane Izumi), a cellist who is also an extreme clean-freak, and is forced to go to the marriage partner hunting party by his grandmother. Annoyed by just having to share the same air with other people, Izumi nevertheless tries to hide his discomfort to the best of his ability once the party begins. 

It is then, however, that you appear in front of him…

*ゲス = low-life/basically kind of an a** ( • v • )

**Namikawa’s volume may not be R18; it’s unclear due to conflicting information (but it’s likely not R18, as he didn’t use a pseudonym).

CVs: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo), 浪川大輔 (Namikawa Daisuke)**

Release Date: February 24th, 2017.

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Important announcement!

Yo, this is Bartolomeo speaking so listen up.

To celebrate the coming of summer I will be holding a grand festival in May.
Yeah sure it is a tad bit late to be announcing this now but who cares.
On Friday, the 6th of May, the festival will start and it will end May 28th so you will have enough time to join up if you want to.
No special attire is needed but it will get hot so you might wanna put on some light clothing.

The festival will be held on a small remote island close to Dressrosa (a map of the island will be posted later) and it has these cool bungalows but there aren’t that many so we have to share. For those who don’t want to share can sleep in a tent. Food will be plenty but if we have a case of Luffy-senpai then we might possibly have to hunt for food in the forest….
There will be plenty of things to do, like:

- A bar of both strong and exotic alcoholic beverages.

- There are small stalls that offers many types of foods such as meat, fish and both local fruits and some sort of other types.

- Open beach for those who want to relax in the sun or for those who can actually swim, do water activities. Beach volleyball is included as well.

- Explore the jungle that is behind our bungalows, I do not recommend it for those who get lost easily…

- Karaoke bungalows are there as well…dunno why though.

- At the center of the island is where all the food and entertainment is.

At the end of the end of the festival there will be some fireworks and special surprises.

Everyone is invited of course but lets be all friendly while we are enjoying a time off from all the action.
(Mod: If anyone is prepared to share or has someone to share a bungalow with please do notify me, you don’t always have to be sharing so switching is also an option) Otherwise its the tents for you.
Oh yeah there are some VIP bungalows. (More detail is below)

There is a total of 30 regular bungalows that have two bedrooms and 5 VIP’s.
By the way, there will be a lottery for the VIP bungalows but each one of for 4 people with separate rooms. If you want to register for the lottery then send my mod a message. Pairs will get a single number.
(Mod: If there are any questions then send me a chat message please.)

See ya guys in May.

Bartolomeo (and Mod)