hunting dean winchester

So I found out that in England there is a University of WINCHESTER!

But that got me thinking…. What if there was a school for hunting called Winchester University?!

Think about it…. The teachers would be.. 

Head teachers: Sam and Dean 

Angel studies: Castiel

Demon studies: Crowley

Witchcraft studies: Rowena 

Weapons studies: Bobby 

Research studies: Charlie



So? Dude, what we do, you can’t learn this crap in a book. You put on a flannel, you pick up a gun, you go out there. Either you get good fast or you get dead faster. - Dean Winchester

Happy Birthday Abby @spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting

A little birthday something for Abby who wanted “some happy Dean and Sam” - SN: 01x17/11x04


This gifset prompted by a cool bit of meta by @sammyhale that I saw on my dash this morning. To clarify: I don’t think Dean was fair to blame Mary for not being around during his childhood. She died. I also don’t think that Sam needs to be thinking of Dean in order to be justified in wanting something different for his life. But I do think that this mystical goal, a “normal life”, is something Dean has wanted as well as Sam - think about him so happy mowing the lawn in ‘What is and What Should Never Be’, think about his dream of picnic-blanket Lisa in 'Dream a Little Dream of Me’. The problem living with Lisa wasn’t that he didn’t like the life, it was that he missed Sam. And I think Sam’s vision of Dean eating BBQ in peace is a lot more positive than the picture that Ketch was painting with his 'you and me, Dean, we’re both killers’; the idea that hunting is something Dean needs because he’s this bloodlust-driven brute who never could or will be anything else.