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NAME : Mira Kavanagh
AGE : 34
SPECIES : Elezen (Wildwood, debatably - the bloodline is rather muddled.)
GENDER : Female
INTERESTS : Smithing, training with heavy weaponry, “quality time” with the boy toy, hunting down certain thieves.
PROFESSION : Blacksmith for The Coral Sea
BODY TYPE : Built, stocky, not unlike wrestler Ember Moon.
EYES : White-green
HAIR :  Dirty blonde.
SKIN :  Deep brown.
HEIGHT :  5′10″
WEIGHT : 180 ponze
COMPANIONS : Daggoth Emberhowl, Hingan otter named Toshiro.
ANTAGONISTS: Caelholdt Kavanagh, ex-bandit gang leader “Cedric Lecuyer”, presumed dead.
COLOURS : Red, black, silver, deep purple.
SMELLS : Seven different kinds of smoke, including forge coke, fogweed, moko, Pluto, and Somnus. 
FRUITS :  Rolanberries
DRINKS : Bourbon, rum, ale, wine.
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ? absolutely yes  /  no  /  occasionally
SMOKES ?  yes (all the fucking time)  /  no  /  occasionally  
DRINKS ?   yes  /   no  /  occasionally
DRUGS ?   yes  /  no  /  occasionally
DRIVERS LICENSE ?  yes  /  no

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Sam Winchester + other hunters 
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since no one else is gonna say it

shoutout to the trans boys who are excessively masculine to help ease their dysphoria

shoutout to the trans boys who learned how to use makeup just to make yourself appear more masculine. shoutout to the trans boys who dont want to touch makeup even for that just because of feminine connotations

shoutout to the trans boys who are teaching themselves to walk like a typical male would to avoid their hips naturally swaying

shoutout to the trans boys who are repulsed by their body and how feminine it is

shoutout to the trans boys who hunt, woodwork, work on cars, or partake in any other traditionally masculine activity

shoutout to the trans boys who have to completely reject traditional femininity to feel less dysphoric

a review of rainbow now that all my thoughts are together
  • bastards: great opening song. a++ gravelly/sorta raw vocals. i feel like this is gonna be an especially good anthem for high schoolers tbh like it's just such a nice "it's gonna be alright" message.
  • let 'em talk: 2010 kesha meets 2017 kesha. play this at the club tbh. but like....a classy club, u feel me?
  • woman: i'm a boy and this makes me wanna scream that i'm a motherfucking woman out the car window at random passerby
  • hymn: if kesha wants to start a church where they play this song i will be at every goddamn sunday mass.
  • praying: what can i say about this that hasn't already been said? i am just sO PROUD OF KESHA ROSE SEBERT
  • learn to let go: this is the ultimate upbeat anthem of recovery. the kind of thing that you dance to in your bedroom to feel better on a shitty day.
  • finding you: um???? did someone say 'sequel to past lives'??? this is just so cute y'all put it on your mixtapes and all that gay shit.
  • rainbow: no wonder this is the mf title track. the way her voice is so genuine and kind of shaky and powerful all at once. the piano. the way it swells and grows stronger just like she's gotten stronger. this is where i died the first time tbh
  • hunt you down: the "boy i'll murder you if you piss me off" anthem all the lady country singers wish they wrote
  • boogie feet: once again, a throwback to old kesha. eagles of death metal are the reason we put eagles on the list of protected animals obvi
  • boots: soundtrack for the female james bond movie we all know we want
  • godzilla: this shit is the cutest thing i've ever fuckin heard what the goddamn fuck
  • spaceship: i could fall asleep to her voice in this song but in the best way. what a nice, soft way to end an album. a++. 10/10

pennywise: gross, drools SO MUCH, cannot experience human emotion or remorse, scares the shit out of kids and eats them, ugly looking, actual form is just a cluster of writhering lights

me: ❤️💛💚💜💗💘💞💘💛💕❣️💜💛💗💜💝💛💚💝💙💖❣️❣️❤️❤️❣️💕💚💝💘💜❤️baby boy❤️💚💚💔💜💙💝💞💝💔💜💗💛💕💘💜💚💝💘💖💜💘💛💗💜💙💚❣️💕💕❣️💗💖💚💘


9x07 “Bad Boys”
On Lost Childhood and Father Figures

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

The Thing that always gets to me most about this part of Dean’s life and the flashbacks in this particular episode is how for the time Dean spent at Sonny’s Dean felt comfortable enough to let his guard down a bit (not completely of course, but you could see he was happy) and actually for once went after what he himself wanted to do. He embraced this “time off”, enjoyed normality and was allowed to be a teenager without having to worry about his father or feeling responsible for his little brother, Dean was just Dean. Not a kid expected to be an adult. And that’s what I love about Sonny. He never judged Dean, never pressured him in any way, but made perfectly sure that Dean knew that he was there if he needed him (like a true father figure and parent would), that he would have his back and most of all he told Dean that Dean made him “proud” and that little world carries such tragedy, because the show has gone out of its way to imply that this is something Dean has not been told by his true father too often, after all Dean was assured that his dad wasn’t his dad when he told him that he was “proud of him”. What is so tragic and heartbreaking about this episode is that Dean was able to re-experience and re-gain a certain kind of childhood and innocence at Sonny, experiences care and unconditional parental love and he lost all of it again with the honk of a car horn…