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Things Change (Gaston)

word count: 2, 794

summary: Your father is sick and in need of medicine. Gaston instantly falls for your looks, and instead of turning him down, you see a way to help your father. Things don’t go as planned.

warning: slight OOC 

a/n: Yep. I’ve fallen for the beauty that is the live action Gaston, portrayed by the even more gorgeous Luke Evans. Gotta thank the encouragement from my post. And @marvelavengings for putting up with me while I wrote this. Also, can anyone find the Spongebob reference? A gift may ensue. I could’ve written more but I got tired it’s nearly midnight so be easy on me…hope you guys like it. 

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Stuck With Cuffs

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, oral female and male receiving, vaginal penetration, restraints!kink, stuck in an elevator, language, drinking, very slight implied child abuse at end but nothing specific at all.

Word Count: 3600

A/N: This one was a two for one deal. Written for Amber’s @huntingandwritingthings SPN Cluedo Writing Challenge, which I chose elevator with cuffs, and written for Kris’ @kdfrqqg First Writing Challenge. My prompt was “You can’t talk me out of this.” Again, still new at smut so please be kind and if you have suggestions for my writing, let me know. Congrats on your followers’ girls. No beta so mistakes are mine and feedback always wanted and appreciated.

Summary: You get trapped in an elevator with none other than Dean Winchester. Y’all are not only stuck, but supernaturally stuck by a ghost haunting the hotel. This elevator ride gets hot in more ways than one.

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Valentine's Day with Sam would include:

Shhhhh I know its not Valentines Day yet but close enough

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- Making cute breakfast for you and Sam (including love heart shaped pancakes with strawberries)       

- “Pucker up buttercup”

- Sam hiding little notes in the lore books that you’re reading

- Being denied entry to the restaurant because of your post-hunting attire.

- Sam being worried he ruined it all, but you reassuring him that it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re with him

- “That was the cheesiest thing anyone’s ever said to me, yeuch. You’re lucky I love you.”

- Trying to get each other secret presents, but you end up buying the same thing

- Sam singing to you for the first time, after hours of you relentlessly pleading and easing his embarrassment


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"I swing my legs off the bed and slide into my hunting boots. Supple leather that has molded to my feet. I pull on trousers..." -- The Hunger Games, Chap 1

There are a few important things I’ve considered about this passage. One is some confusion on my part. The others are to address certain conventions I’ve noticed in fanworks (imcluding the films).

First off, why does she put on pants *after* putting on her footwear? Do people actually do this? Isn’t that cumbersome?

Secondly, the fact that she can slide into soft-leather boots (rather than sliding them on) like that suggests that they are ankle-length. Not knee-length.

Thirdly, even if she put the boots on afterwards, the trousers she’d wear would be fairly loose around the legs. When going hunting, loose-fitting pants are way more practical than slim-fit due to having to go through underbrush and the abilty to have layers underneath if need be.

And while we’re at that…
Take common fanart depiction of Katniss’ hunting and 74th Games attire (tight pants and knee-highs), and compare that with depictions of Gale’s hunting and Peeta’s arena outfits (regular-fit and ankle-highs).
What reason is there to make her practical situation outfits different from the boys’ practical situation outfits?
Let’s say that there is an in-universe reason for Katniss’ arena outfit to be form-fitting; to show off her body for Capitol audiences. Under that priciple, then Peeta should also be garbed in the same way. After all, we know that the Capitol is an equal-opportunity molester.

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Lady Red I didn't know you were a master of Bloodborne omg, I haven't played it myself but many of my friends have and I have a question, sometimes they mention playing Bloodborne is like roleplaying and I'm confused because it's a game about killing monsters, yes? maybe you know what this is about? also can I join your school of riposte even if I'm a noob please? ily

Hi anon. While they could just be talking about regular RP I’m pretty sure they were just referring to some “characterization” or “rules” that are often applied while playing this game. This became a thing mostly because the lore in the game is vast, and because PVP is very prominent, so different “social rules” were sort of established.

(I’ll put the rest of my explanation under a cut for all of those who Don’t Give A Damn About This Topic)

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Day at the Lake

Summary: When there are no monsters to hunt you decide to take the boys and your angelic boyfriend out to a surprise location  
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word Count: 1,517 

Warnings: cute fluff 

A/N: I managed to finish my second fic this might actually suck really bad. but hey, I tried. 

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it was your favorite season. People were genuinely happier, kids were out playing, pool parties were happening. It was just a better time when it was summer. As a child your parents would take you out to a lake near your house, your mother bringing food to spend the day swimming and having fun, listening to your dad’s favorite music.  
Normally you, Cas and the boys would be hunting but since monster’s and other supernatural creatures weren’t causing trouble you all decide to enjoy a few days off to relax in the bunker. The bunker was quite, you and Cas were cuddling after an amazing night together, Sam and Dean doing god knows what, Dean probably watching porn and Sam out on a run, but it was quite when an idea popped in your head. You were going to plan a day at the lake for your boys.
The next morning you planned which lake you were going to spend the day at. Then you were going to plan how to get everyone there.
So you went ahead with your plan. You told the boys you had to go get some things you needed at the store in town but in reality went driving to a lake you found online that was close to the bunker. It was a small lake and it had a dock where you and the boys could relax and eat after, it was perfect. Next, you went into town to get some food so you, Dean and Sam could eat when you got hungry since Cas didn’t eat. You got tons of snacks, from chips and soda for Dean to healthy packed fruit for Sam and a few of your favorite snacks for yourself.  
You slowly and quietly slipped into the bunker with all the snacks sneaking past the war room, thanking Chuck that Sam & Dean weren’t there. You quietly put the snacks in the back of the farthest cabinets where you knew no one would look in. And you put the stuff that needed to be cold in the back of the bunker fridge covering it with the old take-out food.  
Then you packed everything you needed your swimsuit, towels, pair of new clothes, etc… You packed Cas, Sam and Dean’s bag too because you wanted it to be a complete surprise and you bought them swimming trunks since you doubted that they would have a pair since swim suits weren’t necessary in the life of a hunter. You got the rest of their clothes by taking them while they weren’t in their room again thanking chuck that they didn’t catch you yet.  
Once you got everything ready you put your bags in garbage bags as a decoy so the boys wouldn’t look in it. Then you sneaked into the bunker garage to put it in the trunk of baby along with the snacks you had purchased.  Now you just had figure out how to get everyone there.
You went into your shared bedroom with Cas to think but as you walked in Cas was already there  
“HEY THERE CAS” you exclaimed as you went to hug him while planting a sweet but short kiss on his lips.

He returned the gesture but you could instantly tell there was something that he wasn’t saying.
“Hello Honey Bee how are you?” he said in the deep gravely voice you loved so much.
“I’m fine babe what about you is there something on your mind?” you asked with a puzzled look on your face  
“why yes actually, I’m sorry but there something I have to take care of tonight and I won’t be here until tomorrow morning,” he said with a somewhat sad look on his face. A look of relief was spread across your face as you thought there was a big emergency that needed to be dealt with that would mean that you would have to put your plans on hold but thankfully he would be here in the morning just when you could all leave, but you put on an expression of sadness to cover it up so Cas wouldn’t suspect anything. You explained to your angel that it would be fine and to be safe as you both bit farewells for now as you would see him in the morning.

As soon as Cas left you planned on how to get the boys out to the lake without them knowing. As you sit at the edge of your bed you come up with the perfect idea.  
You walk into the war room and just as you guessed Sam was reading some old book, as Dean was on his laptop.  
“Hello boys,” you say as they turn their attention to you  

“I found a really easy case not far from the bunker, it’s a salt and burn but you never know, you guys wanna check it out in the morning tomorrow,” you say walking up to the table, leaning on it.  
“Sure thing” Dean responds  

“okay then I’ll go to bed now so I can gear up early in the morning,” Sam said while getting up and putting his book away.  

“Yeah same here,” Dean said 

“Alright see you guys in the morning,” you say grinning as you walk back to your room, happy that everything was going to plan so far.

As you got ready for bed you couldn’t stop feeling thrilled for what would unravel in the morning and the faces on your boys. You slipped in bed to excited for sleep but eventually slipped into slumber. 

You woke up exceptionally early the next morning trying to wake up earlier than Sam which was a little tricky as you’d rather spend the next few hour’s in your warm comfortable bed, put decided against it because of your spectacular day at the lake. You threw off your covers and quickly dressed as you would for a hunt but with your swimsuit underneath. Next, you quietly jogged to the kitchen to retrieve the snacks you had prepared prior to that morning and the stuff you packed for Sam, Dean, and Cas since they would be in their normal hunting attire like their towels, swimsuits etc…

Afterward, you slipped into the bunker garage and slowly ran to the back of the Impala opening baby’s trunk to put the stuff there hiding it with your usual duffel bag. Then going back into the kitchen to meet the boys since they should be already ready just grabbing some breakfast to prepare for the drive ahead. You proceed to have a light breakfast with them, as you were interrupted by a flutter of wings. Instantly recognizing it you jumped out of your seat to greet Cas and proceeding to ask if everything went alright then asking if he would like to tag along to the next “hunt” you found which he agreed too. You were already happy that he agreed so you just finished up your small breakfast and headed to the garage with the boys to your destination.

Driving out the bunker you proceeded to give Dean directions to the lake you had found the day prior. Just as you were telling Dean to park Baby near the lake, the boys had a confused look on their face as to why they were at a lake rather than the ghost site you had made them believe they were being led. Just as Dean was going to ask why you had brought them there you yelped “SURPRISE!”

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“I thought we needed a little break from all the nasty supernatural creatures trying to kill us all the time so I planned a day at the lake since the weathers been nice, come on it gets better” you quickly said as you all got out of Baby. You led the boys to the trunk showing them all the stuff you packed. 

“Look I got all you swim wear, even you babe,” you said as your eyed landed on Cas. 

Sam and Dean were just about to say something like just going back to the bunker but you quickly interrupted saying “and I have booze snacks” as you wiggled your eyebrows.

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“Sam help Y/N with the bags,” Dean said as he went to see the lake.


You and the boys had all changed into your swimsuits you bought and had settled down on the dock with the blankets you packed, snacking and drinking, enjoying the view.

Cas and you were sitting down taking in the sun as he kissed the side of your head “Thank you my love” he said looking into your eyes

“anytime my angel” you said as you pecked his lips 

“now come on I didn’t plan this for us not take a swim” you said, tugging Cas and getting Sam and Deans attention as you ran off the dock and canon balled into the lake and rising up enjoying the warm fresh water. 

“LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG!” you exclaimed ushering the boys to join you 

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“Well,” Cas said shrugging his shoulders as he jumped in after you.

Hunters Don’t Cry: Part 5

Pairings: Dean x Reader x BestFriend Sam

Summary: Catch up here 

The reader and Dean have to make a choice but can Dean step up to the plate?

Author’s Note: Thank you for so much positive feedback, lovies. You are all amazing! If you want to be tagged, please ask. Also I am accepting ideas for one shots/stories! 

Warnings: Language

“Oh, their so perfect, (Y/N).” Sam cooed at his newborn nieces. They were perfect. They were identical, green eyes and ash blond hair. They looked like their father.

“Nine months pregnant and they come out looking like Dean.” I sat in my bed holding one the unnamed newborns.

“He would be so happy right now.”

“I know Sammy, I know.” I looked at these little girls and I saw the world. They were my world and nothing else mattered.

“What are you naming them? This one already has Dean’s mugshot face down.” He grinned and tapped on her little nose. “Bop”

“Brinley Ellen and Brielle Johanna Winchester.” I knew these two were going to be strong, so they needed to be named after strong women. I knew they were going to have hunting in their blood, but that world was behind me and they were ahead.

“You mean to tell me Sam was there the day they were born. Sam was the one who held my daughters? It was fucking Sam?!” Dean was screaming and being dramatic, like normal.

“Well it could have been you Dean, but here we are.” I was standing across the room from him as he packed his bags. Our hunt was over and we were supposed to be taking time off. That wasn’t happening. There was a Ghoul infestation in a small town in North Carolina, people were dropping left and right.

“Yeah, here we are. We are both grown adults now. Do they.. do they even know about me.“ His voice broke as he tossed his shirts on top of the other clothes. He was hurting, but so was I. I walked over to him grabbing his shirts and started folding them, how I used to.

"Of course they do Dean.”

“Do they know me as their father?” He looked at me like I had ripped his heart in two.

“No.” He looked away from me and clenches his fist. “You’re Uncle SamSam’s brother. You travel a lot and that’s why you never visit. The stories Sam tells them, you’re a superhero in their eyes.” I felt the tears coming. “You are their superhero Dean. When Brinley grows up she wants to be like Uncle Dean. Brielle wants to be a mermaid. They are smart and strong. They were born to be hunters, but I don’t want that life for them. I didn’t get a choice. We didn’t get a choice. I want them to be kids.”

I’ve never seen Dean so emotional. I’ve never seen him this hurt. He pulls me into him, holding me but not saying anything. His hand rubbed up and down my back, just like he used to. His face was burrowed in my hair, nuzzling to get closer.

“I’ll show you I’m a decent man. I’ll show you I can be a good father. I want our girls home.” That was the words I wanted him to say all along. “I’m so sorry for ever making you be alone. I would take it all back if I could. I can’t. So I have to live with it. I don’t ever want you to forgive me for what I did to you, to them. I can’t forgive myself. I don’t ever expect for you to love me but know I will love you until the end of time. Know that I will love them and never deny them. Even if one is weird and likes that Justin Beaver. I want nothing more than seeing their booster seats in the back of Baby, with you by my side. I want to accidentally sit on one of those damn Barbie dolls for the millionth time. I want to do it with you. Hell, I want a whole litter of Winchesters. I wanted that since we were young. I don’t know what I was thinking when I let you go. But I fucked up and I’ll never forgive myself. When you’re ready, I would love to finally meet them. I want to know my baby girls.”

I was crying, no, I was sobbing until I couldn’t breathe. I knew Dean Winchester. This was my Dean who was talking. Whoever it was back then wasn’t my Dean. Even then I wasn’t ready, it needed to happen. Not right now though.

“I fucking hate you so much.” My face buried deeper into his chest and he just held me tighter. “I’m sorry I didn’t fight, Dean. I’m sorry I left. I was just done. I was just so hurt and lost. When you said those things to me, it was the straw that broke the camels back. Give us this hunt. It’s going to be about two weeks, give me two weeks to decide.”

“Okay.” He let go and placed a tender kiss on my forehead. “Two weeks.”

“Do you want to see them though?” He looked at me with a bit of confusion. I pulled the photo album out of my duffle, it wasn’t much but it was memories. “From birth to now.”

He started flipping through the album. He smiled and reacted to the photos better than I could have imagined. I pointed through guiding them.

“This was the day they were born.” I was holding both of them, Sam was on my right and Samantha was on my left. “Oh, this was their first bath and this was their first birthday. Brielle loves cake but Brinley loves pie. Everything in pie form, that girl will eat. This was the first time they had spaghetti and here’s Brielle holding a duck.” In that moment, everything had changed. It was real. They were real to him. He kept flipping through the photos as he watched them age before his eyes. “They both love classic rock. Brielle enjoys AC/DC and Brinley swears Guns and Roses is the best thing in the world.”

“Their beautiful.” He wiped his tears and continued flipping through.

“They look just like you and act like it too. They are pure Winchester. You couldn’t denied them if you tried.”

“I would never want to.” He came to the end of the book and was disappointed, he was wanting more.

“Samantha has basically every day of their lives recorded and tons more pictures. I can have her email the videos and we can watch them if you would like?”

“I would love that.” He started to hand me back the photo album but I pushed it back to him.
“I have multiple copies of everything, you keep these.”

“Thank you.” He started looking through again, taking in everything once more.

I walked out of Dean’s “room” and down to the room Tiffany now claimed. I looked through her cracked door as she was packing

“Knock knock.” I opened the door as she looked at me. “Mind if I come in?”

“Sure, come on.” She had more clothes than any of us and nothing was proper hunting attire.

“You know if you are going to become a hunter, you have got to find some form on sensible foot wear.” I grabbed one of the stilettos on the bed, knowing I would die if I wore a pair of these.

“I can’t become a hunter. I’m not like y'all.” She sighed and looked at me, worried.

“Well not with that attitude.” I responded. “You’ve been in this life now, you can’t walk away. With how many things out there that want to kill the Winchesters, you have to be.”

“What’s the point. Dean never loved me. Sam hates me and so do you. Why should I stay?”

“I don’t hate you. Im sorry about Dean and Sam… that one you will have to figure out on your own.” I sat down on her bed and leaned back.

“You busted my face two days ago.”

“You ripped out my stitches.”

“Sorry about that.” She apologized.

“Sorry about everything else.”

“It wasn’t your fault. I was stupid. When I saw Dean in that bar, I made the first move. He pushed me away the first few tries, but after he got drunk, I took advantage of that. I fell for him and I tried to do everything I could to make him love me like he loved you. He talked about you in his sleep, sometimes he would moan your name during sex. I was just a rebound. Dean’s not a bad guy. I didn’t know the truth and I tried to feed on it so he wouldn’t leave me. I was scared I was going to end up back in that town, with my alcoholic father and abusive ex-husband.”

“I forgive you, a million times. You won’t ever have to go back there. It will take some time, but having you around will be a good thing. You’re going to be a great hunter. Also I know this really great guy that I think would be perfect for you.”

“You guys rebound fast from relationships.” She was laughing as she finished her packing.

“It’s a hunter’s thing. Hit it and quit it. But really, he’s a great guy. We are going to meet up with him when we get to North Carolina in the next few days.”

“What’s his name?”

“Garth.” I walked out of the room, leaving her to ponder about Garth. He was a good guy and he deserved a good girl.

I saw Sam in the hall, rolling his bags out by his door.

“I just hear you tell Tiffany about Garth?” He asked, laughing.

“Shut up, they would be good together.” Sam just shook his head, thinking what we both were thinking.

“I overheard you and Dean…”


“I think it’s a great idea. Also I’ve missed the munchkins too. I have a bag of things I’ve been picking up for them over the past few months and I don’t have anymore space.”

“You are going to spoil them, Sam.”

“Just wait till Dean starts.” I rolled my eyes at the thought of Dean getting the girls a remote control car or a Swiss Army knife. “I think this is going to be good.”



“But what do I say? Hey baby girls, meet your dad, it’s really Uncle Dean?” I threw my arms up and leaned against the rotting wall.

"You’ll figure it out, you always do.” He walked back into his room and shut the door behind him.

I heard whispering from back down the hall. It was coming from Dean’s room.

“I promise the moment I meet you two, I won’t fuck that up. I promise to never leave you again. I’ll teach you how to rebuild a car engine, we can play dress up, and braid Uncle Sam’s hair while he sleeps. I’ll be the best dad I can be. I’ll protect you and love you no matter what.”

He traced their faces with his finger. I knew Dean would make a good father. I find myself a decent mom. The problem is, how will we be good together and save the world at the same time?

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Anonymous asked: Great! Thank you! Can I request a Crowley x fem!Winchester where Crowley gets involved with her to get under his mother’s skin(we know how she feels about Winchester), but he soon finds himself falling for her?*pretends to be involved with her* sorry

Here it is, lovely! I hope you aren’t too angry for making you wait so long. I do not own Crowley or Rowena. They belong to the creators of Supernatural. 

Warnings: um…fluff, fake relationship I guess.

Pairings: Crowley x fem!Winchester reader, mentions of Rowena

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“Really, Fergus you should listen to your mother. This place could do with a feminine touch!” Rowena exclaimed as she gazed at her son on his throne. Crowley bit back a groan of annoyance at her. For several days now, Rowena had been trying to convince him that he needed a queen by his side. Crowley knew that the only reason Rowena would even care about his love life was to use it for her own devices. She would want him to be with a woman that she could easily manipulate to undermine Crowley’s authority in Hell. That, of course, he couldn’t permit. Then, an idea sprang to his mind.

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Headcanon: Percy has seen Vex clean up for formal events plenty of times. That doesn’t really fluster him. (I mean, she looks stunning and he’d be the last person to deny that, but then - Vex is always stunning to him, so formal or travel clothes doesn’t change how he sees her)

However, the first time Vex’ahlia is involved in the Grey Hunt (which I’m guessing is some kind of ceremonial hunting thing that Whitestone has every year), and is in some kind of appropriately ceremonial but still functional hunting attire -

(which I’m just picturing being like the fox hunting attire, from like Downton Abbey:

only in like, Whitestone- in like, De Rolo colors. In like the deep blue with gold and white accents, the family crest is probably on there somewhere)

- and Percy seeing Vex’ahlia in it, playing this part, in this ancient, lofty and ritualistic aspect of his home, something he grew up around… and she looks so comfortable in this role, even as she pulls at the hem of the hunting coat and asks him if he thinks she looks all right in it. 

Percy would look at her, in that moment, and would probably forget how to speak. How to breathe.