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Dark Horse Deluxe Expands “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” Figure Collection At Toy Fair 2017

Following the success of Dark Horse and CD PROJEKT RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt figures of Geralt, Triss, Ciri, Yennefer, and Eredin, Dark Horse is excited to expand The Witcher world with three new characters.

The new The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt figures consist of Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion, and Shani. Geralt is ready for battle in Grandmaster Ursine armor, providing him immense protection from melee attacks. The bard Dandelion is Geralt’s close friend. Shani, Geralt’s friend and love interest, is the medic from Hearts of Stone expansion to The Witcher 3.

Each figure is exquisitely detailed and modeled to match the character’s likeness. They are each intricate in costume details, custom painted, and displayed in deluxe window packaging. The suggested retail price is $34.99. Geralt, Dandelion, and Shani are slated for release in September 2017.

old artwork time~! Well not even that old, I think I sketched this last year? I just really love this monster even if it GIVES ONE HELL OF A TIME TO HUNT.

Them bubble are so lovely but annoying to deal with hehe

Why Jim’s Decision Not To Remind Barbara Makes Perfect Sense, Even If It’s Infuriating

When Barbara finds out her only son is a troll-hunting, life-risking, armor-clad hero…she takes it remarkably well, given the circumstances. She tries to help Jim, as disastrous as the outcome happens to be. So why then does Jim promise to tell her everything again when she wakes, only to lie and tell her nothing?

Well, I believe his decision is justified and in character—even if I think it’s a stupid decision and disagree with it 100%. I think the driving factors are his age and the dynamic he has with his mother.

First off, Jim is a teenager. No offense to any teens out there, but there’s a reason every textbook you find on adolescent psychological development alludes to a sense of impulsiveness, recklessness, and feelings of invincibility. I’ll be darned if dear Jimbo doesn’t exhibit all of these. That doesn’t necessarily make him a bad character—just a flawed one, in no small part by natural developmental limitations for his age. There are exceptions to this; there always are in life. But in the case of a fictional, 16-year-old boy, it makes complete sense.

This youthful recklessness is what makes him believe he can shoulder this burden alone, what drives him to enter the Darklands unaccompanied, and what makes him think he can be his mother’s protector.

The other half of the equation is his relationship with Barbara.

Up until Jim was chosen to be the Trollhunter, who was the concerned parent in the relationship?

Jim was.

Up until he became Trollhunter, who was the more responsible for keeping the house running/each other fed?

Jim was.

He probably does the laundry, mows the yard, cleans the bathrooms, dusts, vacuums, takes out the trash, etc.

I mean, the kid is making freaking sack lunches/dinner for his overworked mother. Even Toby points out Jim’s doting nature, to which Jim responds, “I like taking care of my mom.”

Leading up to the erasure of Barbara’s memories, Jim sees innocent Trolls (presumably) get killed by Angor Rot. His mother is dying due to the dark magic of the Gum-Gums. He sees Aaarrrgghh die, and the effect this has on Toby. It is then that Jim, I think, for the first time comprehends the mortal danger of his mantle, and the danger it puts his loved ones in.

I believe he fully intended to keep his promise…up until his mom wakes up. He sort of waffles on his decision in the moment, and I believe it was a split-second decision to withhold the truth. I think he had made up his mind to go into the Darklands, and given that his mother probably retains memories of him being “a difficult teen”, that’s what he likely wanted her to assume is the reason behind his absence. He doesn’t want her worrying. He doesn’t want her looking for him. Her connection to Strickler has been severed, so she’s essentially “free” from all of the troll business.

Jim was resolute in going into the Darklands alone. He doesn’t know if he’ll survive. The last act he can do for his mother, he believes, is to ensure her safety by maintaining her ignorance.

It’s pretty flawed reasoning, but it makes complete sense why he’d make that decision.


Heavy duty armor? Check. Smelling like meat? Check. Ready to head out on their hunting mission? Definitely check.

Lorette shimmied a little, trying to fix the armor that sat upon her shoulders rather uncomfortably. Her brown hair was braided back and bunned up behind ber head for ease. She never really could get used to this suit, with it being so bulky to ensure her safety. The young girl, couldn’t have been older than 25, was suited up and ready to go on a mission with a team of 5 with her being the fifth on the team. In times like these where giant creatures from things like nagas to giant griffins roamed the nearby forest, there was no “being too safe”.

That brought he back to the point about her team. Paul, Tina, Erika, and Donny were her partners in crime and were getting ready nearby. The one male of the group, Paul, readied his bow and arrow, making sure it curved just right and his clothing allowed him to move easily. He brushed his golden hair from his green eyes and smiled at her. His blue outerwear shown in the light and she couldn’t help but smile. Tina stood next to him, sharpening her sword diligently. She wore similar armor as Lorette, except it was more light and easier to bend in. The silver shimmered in the light as she tied up her red-brown hair to keep it out of her way while they’d be fighting. Her blue eyes darted up to Paul and she grinned at him as if knowing they were all prepared. Erika and Donny both suited up in their red clothes, chainmail dressed and spotted over them both. Each girl slipped on their elemental gloves, testing them out and spitting little bits of fire and water that slowly dissipated into the air. The twins, both having dark black hair and sweet chocolate brown eyes, smiled at each other and gave each other a fist bump.

All of them seemed especially pumped and ready to roll. They conversed a bit about their strategy, giving each other pats on the back and wishing each other luck. Four of them left and Lorette paced around for a moment before she heard Tina call her name. The young lady brushed a bit of dirt from her hands and followed her friends out into the forest, swallowing down her fear and pride for their job.


Nervousness flooded her as she began trying to adjust her outfit and gear, sighing deeply and trying to steady her steps. Lorette held no gear, no weapons, no shields; all she had was the skin on her back and her tough-as-scales armor. This was always the part she hated. It was the scariest and toughest part, having to sit and wait like this in the middle of the forest while they tried to single out their target.

She shuffled her feet and tried to ignore the foul stench that emanated from her, the smell of days old meat and blood. Gross, but it got the job done for the beasts they would hunt. The sooner the hunt was over, the sooner she could go home and clean herself of this filth.

“What’s our target again, Paul?” Donny questioned over the communicators they wore in their ears that were barely visible.

He sighed into the comm and scratched his head, letting his bow slack a bit while he did so. “Big snake apparently. REAL big. Some villagers said it was eating people and going after livestock near the outskirts. Big, growly, smart, and hungry from what I heard.”

Lorette swallowed a bit and shuffled more, her nerves getting the better of her. A giant snake? Okay, she didn’t think it would be something like that. She was used to smaller predators that she could at least wrestle with and survive. But a giant snake that apparently is trying to eat people and livestock? Oh god, was she going to make it out of this?

“Shhh, anyone else hear that…?” Erika whispered.

Ignoring the ringing in her ears, Lorette concentrated and realized there was a soft buzzing around them as if it emanated from the ground. She glanced around and grit her teeth. It wasn’t long before the grumble of the earth grew into full on shaking with the movement of trees and slithering in the distance.

Before she could get up to run, the trees near her were bent and being parted by whatever force was in the forest. A low guttural growl echoed through the trees as the trunks of those trees snapped to reveal the giant in the trees.

Bright blue skin shimmered in the light through the tree tops, spotted with scattered scales of blues and whites. The skin lead up to the neck and head of a huge blue male with long, dark navy hair and bright yellow eyes that locked right onto Lorette as soon as they spotted her. His eyes narrowed and he slowly leaned forward, hands coming to rest on the ground as his nails dug into the soft earth. Behind him was what looked like a long snake tail that attached to his human like body at the waist and traveled far behind him into the forest. His face was getting closer and closer to her while his nose flared in being able to smell the strong scents coming from Lorette. The male stared, licking his lips and grinned at her, sending a chill down her spine. On her comm all her teammates mobilized into position to be able to take down this giant beast. Behind the naga, she could have sworn she heard the faint growl of a stomach.

Oh goodness this was going to be a long mission…


The scaly ant eater, also known as the pangolin , is a mammal armored with large, keratin plates covering the top of its body. They are found in both Africa and Asia and are around 12 – 40 inches in size on average.

In the event of an attack, the pangolin will curl up into a ball to shield itself, hence its name, which derives from the Bahasa Malaysian word “pengguling” which means “roll up”.

They are also able to release an unpleasant gas, much like a skunk.

A solitary and nocturnal animal, the scaly ant eater survives on a diet of termites and ants, for which they use their long tongue to pick off their prey. Their tongues are often longer than their bodies, at around 16inches.

Unfortunately for the Pangolins, they are heavily hunted for both their armor as well as their meat.

Seen as a delicacy in some countries, they are often hunted and exported to countries in Asia, as there is a unsubstantiated belief that the keratin armor has certain medicinal properties.

This, as well as the Pangolins natural habitats being largely destroyed by deforestation, has earned them a place on the red list.


twitter draws: Dragon’s Dogma Edition (in no particular order)

im just about done with this game. ive beat daimon twice and am just hunting for level 3 armor now haha. great game. shit story but wonderful ending and gameplay. and my pawn is the most adorable thing. <3 <3 <3 i wish there was a choice to make him a life partner or something.

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