The Skate Gods blessed us today, folks. We unearthed an old hard drive full of nearly 10-year-old footage from the original @vans skate video we were working on back around 2007. For a number of reasons the project got scrapped (which proved to be a blessing because had it not the world might never have gotten @huntfilmwork’s masterpiece, Vans Propeller.). The footage lay dormant for nearly a decade. Until now. Starting with this Chima Ferguson clip, Cody Green will be making #TBT Insta Edits each week of all the guys who were on the team at the time. And there’s tons of footage so you might want to start taking off Thursday’s from school or work so you can have some serious quality time with each #WaffleWednesdaysRevisited. 

🎥: Joe Krolick


Last Saturday some of skateboarding’s finest film photographers gathered at the Leica Gallery in Beverley Hills, CA for the opening of the Rolling Through the Shadows group exhibition. Vans Propeller mastermind @huntfilmwork had some classic shots of AVE and DillRay Barbee printed up an unseen Acosta crooked grind while @anthonyacostaphoto returned the favor by featuring Ray’s iconic backside 360 photo. The show runs through the end of the month so don’t miss out on this heavy line up.

Leica Gallery, Los Angeles
March 5th - 31st, 2016

Photos: @granthatfield and @culdesacoflameness

“In my opinion Daniel is the closest vibes to Shane Cross; just happy-go-lucky Shane Cross mixed with Spicoli. And he just looks like Vans. He could’ve been a Vans poster boy in the ‘60s.” —Dustin Dollin

Dan Lu’s Propeller part is, arguably, the perfect storm of our @vans vibe combining the heaviest tricks, the right song, the humility and family energy that Steve Van Doren imparts on all of us, topped off with @huntfilmwork’s magical editing. It’s the type of part that goes into a time capsule for future generations to understand what 2015 was about.

Polls are still open; vote Daniel for #THRASHERSOTY2015

Curren Caples shot by @artosaari​ for the upcoming Rolling Through the Shadows photography exhibition opening this Saturday, March 5th at the Leica Gallery featuring works from our very own Ray Barbee and Vans Propeller mastermind @huntfilmwork


March 5 – March 31

Opening March 5, 6-9PM

8783 Beverly Boulevard 

West Hollywood, CA 90084

#TBT to Dan Lu’s Whittier board slide from Propeller. He had to go back at least 6 times, maybe 7. Bodied the stairs, sacked, multiple breakdowns, kicked out by cheerleaders, kicked out by his own brain, so on and so forth. Sitting on a no make Transworld cover, this was the last week of filming. One push, leaves falling, lucky stones shirt, loose belt. @huntfilmwork camera died as I rolled away 

Filmed by Cody Green


Pick up the new @monsterchildrenmag Annual for a rad collection of photos of Rowley, Hosoi, Pfanner, Gilbert, Dan Lu & Elijah shot by Greg Hunt during the filming of @vans Propeller.

Photos: @huntfilmwork

Pick up the new @monsterchildrenmag Annual for a Chima Ferguson Interview, a @huntfilmwork gallery from the making of Vans Propeller and a an enlarged version of this shot of Ray Barbee working on the Penske File for you to rip out and put on your wall.

“One more night, just one more night because I can’t wait forever…” Tomorrow shit hits the fan. Five years in the making, countless miles traveled, thousands of gallons of gasoline used, too many buckets of blood spilled all to get us to this moment. Propeller finally drops. Take the day off, make some margaritas, sit back and soak it all in. Then go hit up huntfilmwork on Insta and thank him for that warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly.

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