huntersville nc

Hey everyone I have recently been posting on all the social media that I am on, and now its tumblrs turn.

My younger cat Louis just went missing 2 days ago (8/19/20) in the Huntersville, NC area.

He is a medium sized male cat that is black with white toes, chest and nose.

If you however impossible, may find him PLEASE message me as soon as possible and try to snap a picture.

Please reblog this if you dont even live in NC, you never know where the people who follow you may live

Whomever finds him will get a reward!


This little tiny ball of fluffy warm loves is peanut. She’s such a little baby that she hasn’t even finished getting all her vaccinations yet. However I cuddled her for like an hour and she was a very sleepy girl after all our playing together. Not to mention that is My Girlfriend holding a puppy and smiling and that may never happen again because she is not a dog person at all. Therefor this is the most magic dog ever and someone should come adopt her to a forever home.