hunters moonday


This coming Monday (October 29th) is an incredibly special day; not only is it, of course, a Monday, aka Teen Wolf day, BUT it is a full moon! And not just any full moon, either; it’s the Hunter’s Moon, which Jeff has mentioned in relation to the show before. Historically, the Hunter’s Moon signifies a sort of feast day, including a lot of harvesting of food and preparation for the Winter. The fandom has a long way to go until Season 3, so in ways we, too, are prepping for the Winter. You could even say Winter is coming. So why shouldn’t we take this nice alignment and use it for a giant love fest?


The idea is simple! Come the 29th, everyone gets online and sets aside their differences for the sake celebrating the fandom’s roots and spreading our love and appreciation. There’s two parts to this plan:

On Twitter

Our main goal on Twitter is to tweet up a (respectful!) storm about how much we love the show itself. So, throughout the day on Monday, head over to your twitter account and send out tweets including ’#HuntersMoonday’ and something showing your love! For example, you could tweet: “Mondays just aren’t the same without my favorite show. Can’t wait until Teen Wolf Season 3! :) Happy #HuntersMoonday everyone!" Essentially anything from a ’<3’ to your favorite line from the show works, so long as you include #HuntersMoonday along with it!

(Please note, we don’t to spam any of the cast or crew’s twitter with these tweets, just get the tag trending, so please be considerate when sending your tweets.)

On Tumblr

Which episode was your favorite? What made you laugh the hardest? Who convinced you to first watch Teen Wolf? Which antagonist is your favorite? If you could watch any scene for the first time again, which would it be? Have any of these questions made you remember something that made you smile?

Whether it be through rewatching episodes, gif-ing the heck out of everything, or reflecting on your first Teen Wolf experiences, the goal on Tumblr is to basically have a giant puppy dog pile, all for the sake of pack bonding! You can send your favorite blogs declarations of love, strike up conversations with those who love your favorite scene, and even cry about all your feels with one another– whatever you’d like! Just create, share, and squee Teen Wolf and you’ll be doing it right.

And that’s it! In the midst of this hiatus we could all use some fun, and there’s never a bad time to spread some love, so the Hunter’s Moon is the perfect opportunity to bring us all together again.

See you all then!