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Roosterteeth Extra life live streams have added up to helping build a mental health center on a children’s hospital as well as an outdoor garden for children in recovery.

Even just watching can help out, if you like Rwby, Red vs Blue, Acheivment Hunter, Funhaus, Cowchop, Camp Camp, Day 5 or any of the many other projects Roosterteeth is a part of, why not check it out?

  • It’s 24 hours all day November 11, 2017
  • Even if you can’t watch or stream the whole thing tuning in for 20 minutes is still helpful.
  • They play games, tell stories, have sexish times, some one gets dared to eat something they probably shouldn’t.
  • It’s a fun ole time!

Any other info can be found in the or Twitter

Someone: So are your ships ever gonna sail?

Me, looking out on my fleet of ships still docked: No. They just do this thing where they float in the water of salty haters’ tears. Honestly, I’m thankful they can even do that. But I mean…..sometimes if I’m lucky they catch a breeze with fluff interaction in episodes.


Hey hey! Time to giveaway! 

To celebrate 600 followers I’m doing a giveaway. The prizes this time arrreeeee 

-First place: Your choice of one RT store shirt. (24.95 or under) and one 2k word fic with your choice of character/ship/universe (I can write RWBY, RvB, FAHC/Fakehaus, Camp Camp, I will not do underage shipping or non-con. I can do x Reader fics) 

-Second place: Your choice of one RT store poster (11.95 or under) and one 1k word fix with your choice of character/ship/universe (RWBY, RvB, FAHC/Fakehaus, Camp Camp, Reader fics, no underage shipping or non-con) 

-Third place: Your choice of a RWBY blind box or an RT button set. We can also negotiate for other prizes but it can’t be a shirt or a poster, has to be something on the cheap side. One short ficlet (500 words or less) with your choise of character/ship/universe (RWBY, RvB, FAHC/Fakehaus, Camp Camp, x Reader, no underage shipping or non-con) 


-Must be following me 

-Likes count as one entry, each reblog counts as one entry 

-No giveaway blogs, please

-Must reblog/like by 11:59 PM on August 8th

-Gooooood luck! 

How many..?

I was just thinking about the amount of characters that the fine peeps at Rooster teeth and all the families have played. This is a list of as many characters I could find played by Achievement hunters, (Excluding one-off minor roles, outside productions and exadurated personalities, ie. RT Shorts, playing themselves)

Geoff Ramsey

  • Dexter Griff (Red vs. Blue)
  • Agent Georga (Red vs. Blue)·         
  • King Geoff/The First/The Heart (Minecraft Kings)(Right arm of 5 gods)
  • The Kingpin (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • The Corpirate (WWE, X-Ray & Vav)
  • Boomerang Geoff (11 Little Roosters)

Jack Pattillo

  • Junior (RWBY)
  • Lord Jack/The Carpenter (Minecraft Kings)
  • Jackie/Overlord/Mother Goose (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Jack the Red (11 Little Roosters)

Ryan Haywood

  • John Elizabeth Andersmith (Red vs/.Blue)
  • [Mad] King/Dark God Ryan/The Dark One (Minecraft Kings)
  • The Vagabond (Fake AH crew, GTA5)
  • Prof, Peter Port (RWBY)
  • The Mad King (X-Ray & Vav)

Gavin Free

  • Scarlet David (RWBY)
  • Vav (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Golden Boy (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • King Gavin/The Freebird/Whimsical (Minecraft Kings)
  • Gavin the Third/Agent Mavin (11 Little Roosters)
  • Woody Johnson (Lazer Team)

Michael Jones

  • Sun Wukong (RWBY)
  • Max (Camp Camp)
  • Mogar (X-Ray & Vav)
  • King Michael/The Warrior (Minecraft Kings)
  • Operator Mikey/Agent Mavin (11 Little Roosters)
  • The Wild Card (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Zach Spencer (Lazer Team)

Jeremy Dooly

  • Lord Jeremy/The Reckless (Minecraft Kings?)
  • Rimmy-Tim (WWE/Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Jermsay (11 Little Roosters - post-credits)

Lindsay Jones

  • Ruby Rose (RWBY)
  • Vanessa Kimball (Red vs. Blue)
  • Hilda (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Space Kid (Camp Camp)
  • Red (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Queen Lindsay/ The Firebird (Minecraft Kings)
  • Jermsay (11 Little Roosters - post-credits)

Ray Narvaez, Jr.

  • X-Ray (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Br0wnman (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • King Ray/The Rose King (Minecraft Kings)