hunters are cowards

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I was actually okay with CRDL being weaker than someone like Jaune, at least in terms of cowardice. Jaune's character is meant to show that he's actually brave beneath his wimpiness while CRDL is meant to parallel that by showing a bunch of guys be all tough on the outside, but wusses on the inside. It's not a BAD thing, imo. However, I DO admit that it's overdone, and I kind of wish we had more CRDL because they've been so prevalent for 3 seasons. Might as well show them in 4, yeah?

Tbh I think… that’s really dumb? Like they were created literally to be Jaune’s bullies and show how he’s better than them. Too many of these characters are created specifically for one reason.

Even if they are cowards, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be at Beacon. A coward wouldn’t go into a profession that is the HIGHEST risk possible in this world. A hunter is front lines, making hunters cowards doesn’t make sense.

Nothing about CRDL makes sense and the only ways to justify them being how they are is “it was to show something about Jaune/make another character look better” and I think that’s garbage.

Such Cuties 😍😘

Queen Of The Land

Decided to take a shot at drawing one of my favorite monsters from Monster Hunter. For something that was supposed to be a simple sketch, I do love how this came out- especially since this is my first attempt at drawing her.
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