hunters and other liars

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NEXT (i’m editing!!): “Um. Just one of the”–Lan waved vaguely at the buns baking on the inside walls of the tandoor–“meat ones?” 


Ma Li-an’s world was falling apart. 

Sun Yila was alive. She was alive and screamed over a foreign girl who fell into the glowing temple waters; she was alive and went moon-eyed over the foreigner when the girl climbed back out of the glowing pool and dripped holy water all across the floor so she could crawl into Yila’s lap. 

And if that weren’t impossible enough – Yila was spirited. So was Li-an, so was Master Kong.

Master Kong, who was a liar and had made a liar of Li-an and every other Hunter, who was now unconscious against the cavern’s bluestone ground. 

Everything Li-an knew to be true was crumbling to dust right before his eyes. It was not a good feeling. 

Gods,” Li-an breathed. He didn’t know if he was cursing their existence, or begging them to be real. 

Yila’s head snapped up as she finally tore her gaze away from her foreign girl. “Li-an,” she said quietly, gently, like Li-an needed to be coddled. 

Indignant anger flared in his gut before it burned out, leaving Li-an limp and weak. He leaned his head back against the wall of the cavern. Maybe he did need to be coddled.

“I’m sorry,” Yila continued, still using that careful, quiet voice. Since when had she been calming, reassuring one? “I always wanted to tell you. But there was never time. After I found out – I mean for real, and not just what I had suspected – I couldn’t… I couldn’t be spirited, and be a Hunter capturing spirited people too.”

Li-an laughed hollowly. “But you could let me do that. Be that.” 

I’m a traitor, he thought, but he felt the keen edge of betrayal, too. 

Yila paled. 

“That’s not fair,” the foreign girl cut in sharply, raising her head from Yila’s chest and glaring at Li-an.

“Lan,” Yila said quietly.

“You know that’s not fair!” Lan insisted. 

Neither Yila nor Li-an said anything. The silence of the cavern was broken only by their breathing. But they couldn’t stay there for ever. 

“I don’t know if I can still be a Hunter,” Li-an finally admitted. 

so this is from my story Nali, and now that i’ve written this i’ve realized i have a giant fucking plot hole involving Li-an and idk what to do. 

i probably needed to learn that ahaha. 

thanks for the ask!! 

Cinnamon Skies - Part Three

Nowhere to Hide

Summary: A man by the name of Sam Wesson moved into your town 8 months ago. He was a recluse, though a seemingly nice guy who worked odd jobs around town, volunteering at the local animal shelter when he could. Though you suspect there is more to him than he lets on…
: SamxReader
: 4620 (oops… we may have gotten a tad carried away)
: Unprotected Smut, Oral (female receiving), language
AN: Part THREEEEEEEEE. Me and @skybinx-blog FINALLY got around to finishing this part off! We got a little stuck on it for a while, because we were both really unsure about writing smut… because yes, when we started this part, neither of us had ever written a smutty fic. Since then, I’ve written a couple of semi-smutty bits and she’s written, but not finished, one so we were both more confident going back into it. And it’s been FUN!!! Seriously, it was pretty funny writing this part, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Thanks to @poemwriter98 and @idreamofhazel for reading this over for us! We appreciate the feedback!!!
Binxy’s A/N: I have to say i have totally enjoyed writing this part with Miami. We have had many laughs and silly moments along the way on this. Plus we have written smut together! Yep that’s right guys smut. Which brings me to my shout out to two totally awesome people who gave me some great advice and hints when writing it, thank you so much @its-my-perky-nipples and @katnharper you guys rock..



Dean was beyond pissed by the time he got back to the motel he was staying at.

How had it come to this? Relying on a stranger for information on his brother… A brother he knew so well. Oh, yeah, right, he knew him right up until he cut him out over Adelaide, dragging him into a hunt he hadn’t wanted, which resulted in a complete fuck up and Sam leaving. Leaving as what, Dean still wasn’t sure…  

Okay, yeah, he at least knew he was a werewolf, but whether Sam would be able to keep his promise of not becoming a monster was another matter. After all, Dean had lived through him being one of Azazel’s special children, Lucifer’s vessel and soulless. Even with the note Sam had left saying he was going to become one of the things they hunted, Dean had to make sure. Not only for his piece of mind, but for Sammy’s too and especially with the bodies that had started turning up in town…

Which brought him back to the woman he had just questioned and intimidated in her own home. Clearly she knew Sam, her body language gave that much away even if he hadn’t been directed there by several others. Years as a hunter gave him an insight into liars, but where did she factor in and why? What did she have to do with his brother? And why did she even care…

Nope, Dean couldn’t be worrying about her. She wasn’t the the important one right now. Sam was all that mattered, he would deal with her later. Now he needed to find his brother, knowing that the girl had probably now given him a heads up.

It was time to get to work.

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