Down the memory lane… for Hunter Gates [ Long post ]

from when I first got him in 30th Jan 2012… and for two months I was hunting for the perfect artist and of course I found an angel..who painted him to life and better than I pictured and expected of Hunter..

To all who is new to my collection/crew , Hunter isn’t my first doll ( I’ve been in the hobby since 2008 sept) but he is the FIRST doll who have show me the light at the end of the tunnel that I was stuck in for a while.

For those who didn’t knw much.. and it’s probably no surprise but yes I do have haters…hating for the names I give my dolls , the character I give them , the surnames even..and also the style I give them are noted by others that I copied them off certain artists etc basically any possible reasons they can find, they do it :) It was a roller-coaster right and hell for me back then.. and I was almost very close to quitting the hobby because of the increasingly amount of hates I got (they were people that I actually KNOW and it was just them….) . I didn’t know what I did wrong and maybe I did something that didn’t sit right with them hence all this. I don’t hate them or am mad at them at all now..thanks to whatever happened.. I became a stronger and hopefully better and more positive person.

Friends around me have said that I matured a lot and became more positive as a person and not allowing the negativeness  from Anonymous hate i get to eat me alive. 

Many reasons made me stronger but the one reason was HIM. Hunter was my knight in shining armour if I must describe him..and he was the only doll that have bruising / wounds. He was the doll to remind myself that I have indeed became more positive and not allowing the negativeness to kill me slowly.

It did drain me alot during 2011-2012.. even my bestf was telling me to quit it and move on because the amount of tears I shed and emotions I used was killing me. then I got Hunter off the marketplace because I fell in love with his mold alot and I saw faith in him..strength actually.

Now Hunter is completed and had a new face up a while back and two heads..(now three.) and I fell in love with him everytime I see him.

He’s the one doll that brings light to my darkness. YES I do love all my other dolls but I’m sure there is always this ONE doll that you’re extremely bias to :)

For me , it’s Mr Gates.

He have open doors for meeting friends who found me online because they love Hunter..and people who love my stories because of him.

Even SWITCH who have met him in person have nothing but nice encouraging words for my boy and I. Even though after all this years , in 2014 I still have anonymous hates on TBC(which i avoid now .. >_<;) for reasons like my other dolls character or looks or names or just anything again :)) 


It’s because of him that I found so many happy memories that are PRICELESS.

He means alot to me and he’s the OOAK doll for me. He may not be the most unique boy but he’s the special one for me , even if his character is a boring guy from Scotland and nothing much but a bad tempered yet quiet fellow.

I want everyone to know that in this will DEFINITELY find happiness and FUN! you will meet AMAZING  ( I tell you AMAZING! ok ! trust me on that! If you need a friend , just DM me LOL ) people in this hobby , you will be able to save money and travel to meet them and it will be one of the best priceless memories! I m speaking from experience , I’ve met friends from Qatar , Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , China , Hongkong , Thailand , States….

all because of this hobby and because of internet… it’s possible.

I want to give as much positiveness as I can to everyone. Don’t give up on the hobby just because of a little setback.