redfoxvsbluefox  asked:

I was curious! What are the accessories you have on your wrist? I like both, especially the brown leather one that i've seen you wearing in multiple selfies.

Ah! They are my bracelets! 

One is obvious, It’s Armani’s name! I literally wear it every single day! The only days I don’t wear it is if I go to the beach. (And Obviously, I don’t wear it in the shower!) 

The second one is a bracelet I got when I went to Saratoga for Zones as a remembrance of going! I wear it most days! 


Yeah, Silver Flight, do the fangs get in the way when you are smooching on Morgana’s sister? Who happens to be your squad leader.

Hunter actually doesn’t know these non-cast-members-I-should-work-harder-to-keep-off-the-blog. But the pack instinct is strong, especially when a member is getting teased about something.


Glimmershine is quite reflective in any light shun directly at her, though it works better with contrast.

She wouldn’t look as sharply reflective if she had been standing outside, instead of getting hit by outdoor light while in a dimly lit room.

That said she makes a great improvised disco ball if you got rope strong enough to hold her up.