First let me say, I’m really proud of Shelby. It was the right thing to do, especially considering he lied. And I totally agree that she has dated too many Haas men and it’s a ridiculous plot.

BUT. I am am lost on this ship. I am at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean, digging myself a grave.

I’m probably wrong about everything, but here’s why:

1. Hunter Parrish and Johanna Braddy have ridiculous chemistry. I can’t handle it.

2. He’s changed. I almost swung back to Clay/Maxine, but I think he’s changed too much. He isn’t the same idealistic man who proposed to her. He still believes in the good, of course, they all do, but he’s seen a lot in the short time he’s been with this team. He’s not better or worse just different. He sees things differently. I think he will always feel a little bit disconnected from Max in a way he never was before.

3. Maybe I’m reading into it, maybe it’s the acting, and we definitely didn’t get enough ClayMax to be sure, but it seems to me like Clay isn’t in love with Maxine anymore. He loves her, definitely, but the look on his face when Shelby said he was still in love with Maxine kind of told me he wasn’t. He’s torn af, but I think it’s between doing what he wants and doing what’s right, because at the end of the day Clay has a strong moral centre and this has to feel terrible to him. I think his feelings for Shelby are genuine, and I think they were starting to feel bigger than his feelings for Max.

4. Did anyone else see the regret on his face in the last scene when he was looking at Shelby? Because I did. He gravitated right to her as soon as he came in the room and didn’t seem as happy as he probably should have to be telling her he was married.

Anyways, I’m gonna make a large pile of gifs later to toss on my trash heap.