“I think I’m in love with someone.” Castiel blurted out one night as he and Dean were seated opposite each other at a diner.

The hunter almost choked on his pancakes, but played it off like it was a cough. His heart might have stopped, sweat might’ve started to nervously bead from his skin, and maybe just maybe his soul might’ve broken. The very thought of the angel, his angel, in love with someone… it was his worst nightmare, the worst scenario that any monster could ever conjure to torture him with.

“He’s a hunter.” Cas kept babbling when he was only greeted with silence. “I don’t know… I don’t… how do you suggest I tell him my feelings?”

Dean’s teeth mashed together until he felt pain shoot down his jaw. With a hardening gaze he fixated his stare on his now unappetizing looking breakfast food. “Why’re you asking me?”

“Because I trust your opinion on this matter.”

Letting out a deep breath, Dean finally raised his eyes and met troubled blue. In his deepest darkest daydreams he imagined settling with Cas. Cas was from the life, he was something different and extraordinary, and now… now Dean had to help his best friend be happy with someone else. He was going to puke.

“What’s-uh-what’s this guy like?” Dean tried to keep his breathing calm, tried to make sure his expression didn’t read as pained. He would help Cas if it was the last thing he did in this life, even if it was to be happy with some guy who was probably a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve him and Dean needs to know everything about him so if he ever breaks Cas’ heart Dean can kill him.

“Well…” Cas’ face lit warmly with a small smile that tore the air from Dean’s lungs. “He’s very handsome. I don’t know someone who is attracted to males to ever turn him down. He’s a hunter. I think he is the most skilled that I have ever seen. He’s very smart, very clever. I know he thinks he is broken but I know that he is the best thing that happened to humanity. And he has an unnatural amount of flannel.”

Dean’s eyes widened in a sick realization as his gut plummeted to the floor. Dread and coldness washed over him until he thought maybe he was having a stroke. “It’s Sammy.” The words were more to himself, more to proclaim something even worse than Cas loving some random guy. Now Dean would have to watch HIS angel being blissfully happy with his brother.

“What?” Cas’ eyes squinted as he tilted his head and studied the pale complexion of Dean’s face. “What gave you that idea?”

“Everything you just said-“

“I take one thing back. He is not very smart. In fact he might be the stupidest human in the world.” Cas’ deadpan almost made Dean smirk but he couldn’t appreciate it when he still felt like he was reliving hell. “I will give you some more of my knowledge of this man. He has the most breathtaking shades of green eyes that I’ve ever seen in creation. When I look into them I am at home, I have found my place in this existence. He has been by my side since I have appeared as Jimmy Novak. He listens to classic rock and LARPs and loves to eat pie. He complains about the softness of his stomach and yet he still buys a basket full of sweets at gas stations he stops at.

“Is that enough or do I need to continue?” At that question Castiel leaned over the table and seemed to pour his entire being into Dean’s eyes. “I am in love with you, Dean Winchester. And the reason I asked you how I should tell you is so that I have less to worry about you saying no. Because I am scared of losing you.”

“Cas.” Dean’s voice croaked as he fought back the sobs at this declaration. The next time he tried to speak he immediately shut his mouth as it contorted into a sob and tears started to soak at the collar of his flannel. Every single feeling of happiness exploded within the confines of his skin and nothing in his life prepared him for this euphoria.

“It’s okay, Dean.” Cas’ voice was now from his side, the angel moving to sit beside the sobbing hunter. Trenchcoat-clad arms wrapped around Dean’s shoulder and forced his head into the crook of Cas’ neck. “I am sorry if this is overwhelming for you.”

“I just-“ Taking in a deep breath Dean gathered up the love of his life and held onto him with every part of himself. “I love you, too.”

The angel pressed his smile against Dean’s cheek. “I know.”

Tom’s Diner || Hunter&Antonio

It had been two hours since the lunch rush had simmered down to a low controlable blaze. Hunter had been running himself ragged since the clock struck 6. His friend and co worker Matt had called out and the dinner had to run with one less waiter. it was now 10:45 pm and they had their usual 3 patrons sipping coffe. “Can I reful your cup sir?” Hunter asked as hepushed up his black framed glasses that were being held together in the center by tape. His hair was gelled down in an odd way and his white shirt was stained with a huge ketchup and mustard stains, compliments of the 5 year old boy that was having dinner with what appeared to be his teenage sister who was to preoccupied with kissing her boyfriend to notice that her little brother was running amuck. He was turning away from the booth beside the door, coffee pot in hand, when the bell attached to the door rung as the door opened

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