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Something important I need to know: Does cat!Michael ever do the tongue thing? The thing where cats forget to put their tongues back into their mouths?

It happens a lot more than he’d like.

Fire Emblem Fates was only one course of an exquisite RPG meal on 3DS this year. What role-playing game are you going to devour next? Might we suggest Bravely Second End Layer


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Square Enix Collaboration

During the MH Panel with the Director and Producer of Monster Hunter, they told a story of how they were having dinner with the big guys down at Square Enix, they joked about “how would it be if they all did a cross-over?” The guys of Square Enix are also big fans of Monster Hunter, and called Tetsuya Nomura and told him “Go design a armor now for Monster Hunter” and from there it kicked off. 


#ffx2week, Day 5:

(Photoset) Favourite Boss Battle - Dark Bahamut

"We had no choice. Always we had no choice. Those are our magic words. We repeat them to ourselves again and again. But you know... The magic never worked! The only thing we're left with is regret."

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