hunter's hat

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[1.1] What’s that?

[2.1] It’s a hat.

[1.2] You’re making a hat?

[2.2] Crocheting. Keeps the mind off things, keeps the hands steady. You don’t do anything like that? Y’know…create something? Instead of just destroy it?

[1.3] Buddy, when you’re as good at destroying stuff as I am, you don’t need much else.

[2.3] Right. Each his own, then.

[1.4] Gotta say, this is kinda surprising coming from someone who spends most of his time punching aliens. You don’t even have anyone to give gifts to.

[2.4] Don’t have to give ‘em away if I don’t want to. It’s more like - it’s more like I’m making armor. For things that I want to protect.

[1.5] That’s not going to stop a bullet.

[2.5] It’s a metaphor, you pylon. I thought Hunters were clever.

[1.6] I think the word you’re looking for is “pragmatic.”


[1.7] It means sensible.

[2.6] I know what it means! Anyway, I crochet something for all the stuff I care about.

[1.8] Ah. I wondered about your collection of hat-wearing rocks.

[2.7] One from each planet. And now I’m pretty good at making hats.


[1.9] And you - I mean, it makes a difference? Makes you feel good?


[2.8] More’n that. It almost - it almost makes me feel alive.



[2.9] Here, it’s done. Happy Dawning - the hat’s for you. Make sure you keep your head attached to your neck.

What do you think Killua?”

Omigosh I had so much fun sketching this out. Gon-chan in Killua’s clothes makes me melt. If you want an inked and full color version then down’t worry, it’s coming…sometime. I was actually planning on giving this to an AMAZING artist online so I’m trying really hard to make sure it looks good. 

I’m probably gonna change my profile pic to Gon’s face in this pic sometime soon, you know, when it’s finished.

Any tips or advice is welcomed!

I wasn’t going to go to the gym today, just going to sit around and be lazy but then I saw a YOI post and I was like “fuck…what would Yuri do? He’d take care of his body. UUGHH *drags self to gym*” and I’m really glad I did. I even tried out some of his workouts! I will make my gay ice skating boys proud! Gonna be the spiciest katsudon ever ;D

Evil Qrow AU is my guilty pleasure

While I was sick, I created a little story that I want to flesh out in future pictures/comics/text. It may or may not follow the cartoon style I have for my current comics.

It involves the Branwen twins being enlisted early to Salem’s team, never going to Beacon, and helping her plans happen about 20 years earlier.

Remnant falls into chaos and the worlds last hope, The Silver Eyed warriors, are all killed in a mass genocide…all except one.

The last girl with silver eyes, a mute named Summer Rose.

Will the resistance, lead by Taiyang, Ironwood, and a young Winter, be able to keep their last hope safe? Or will she fall into a dangerous, unfortunate pair of hands?

I was rereading the election arc recently and noticed something. when Nanika heals Gon, there’s this massive energy spilling out, enough that the more powerful/influential Hunters still stuck in an auditorium trying to vote someone off the island on the next chairman can feel it. and there’s Illumi’s bloodlust but w/e

and when Nanika does her thing for Killua’s wish, we get this reaction from Mizaistom, Cheadle, and Pariston

none of them have any idea what that was, and it’s worrying. for good reason–Nanika is ridiculously powerful, especially if she’s from the Dark Continent. even Pariston doesn’t know what’s going on.

but compare this with Ging’s reaction:

that’s more worried than he’s been all arc. Ging’s pretty unflappable, and he looks pretty flapped to me. and I don’t think that’s a face of someone who doesn’t know what they’re dealing with. I think Ging knows what they’re sensing, and not just ‘something BIG just happened’ or ‘something (or nothing) just healed Gon’. I think Ging recognizes the Ai power spike.

I don’t know if Ging’s been to the Dark Continent yet (he says he hasn’t been, I think? haven’t reread that part of Dark Continent in a while) but he’s already plenty experienced in the weird powerful stuff coming out of there. more than anyone else that felt it at the Association by far. and it’s probably here he decides to go through with going on the expedition. I don’t know what, but I’d bet when Pariston says this the next chapter

Ging has a pretty good idea what just healed Gon. he’d bet on it working. Pariston doesn’t know what it is, but knows Ging does. and, as he tells Cheadle, he trusts Ging as an enemy, and Ging trusted Killua.

I’m probably overthinking this. but now I’ve got more questions than answers. does Ging know about Nanika? would he have been associated with whatever brought an Ai back from the Dark Continent? does this have something to do with Don Freecss? 

what do you know Ging and how do you know it

“Triblade” 2016. Sketch Commission. 
This was one of my commissions from MechaCon this past weekend. It’s not often I get commissioned to do One Piece characters so I was stoked to be able to try my hand at Zoro :)
(I kind of ran out of room on the right and top hand sides, so the blade, hilt, and leg kind of ‘phase out’ at those points, heh)

  • Leo: What are you shooting?
  • April: Bullets.
  • Leo: What are you shooting AT?
  • April: Uh, bad guys. With the bullets.
  • Donnie: Those are the guys you shoot at, good job.
  • April: L-look, I’m in-
  • Leo: You’re super... verbose.
  • April: What do you WANT me to say? 'I’m shooting at a man, his name is probably Eduardo, he’s 37!'