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How about Reverse Fairytale Prompts?

I did one for the Beauty and the Beast you can check out. For others:

  • Little red is a hunter with the skin of a red fox over her back. The wolf is trying to hunt his hunter.
  • The baby from Rumpelstiltskin was stolen from a poor farm couple and given to the Queen. It’s Rumpel’s job to get it back.
    • Or, instead of Rumpel helping desperate people in exchange for their first born he is like a black-market every-man that will help greedy people get what they want. For a price, of course.
  • Snow White is an enchantress who can make anyone fall helplessly and foolishly in love with her with one look. Anyone but the “Evil” Queen.
  • Long ago Rapunzel was locked away in the tower because she’s an immortal monster (vampire, soul-sucker, gorgon…whatever you want). As the years passed and those who locked her away disappeared, a story of a damsel in the distress kidnapped and locked away by a witch began to float around. Many have tried to rescue her not knowing they’re walking to their death. The princes’ demise is always chalked up to death at the hands of the witch.
  • A genie who will grant you any three wishes, no rules at all. Except for—and you’re never told this until it’s too late—after the wishes are granted you have to replace the genie in it’s bottle until someone else finds the lamp.