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Dating Dean Would Include...

Helllo everyone I hope you are all having a nice day :)

* Cute neck kisses

*When he leaves on hunting trips, him making sure you have everything you need to defend yourself

* “Are you sure youll be okay”

* “I’ll be fine Dean.”

* “If you need anything, call me sweetheart.”

* “I will.”

* “And if you cant reach me, call Sammy or pray to Cas.”

* “ Dean honey, weve been over this every hunt.”

* Late night car rides when you or him cannot sleep.

* When something is bothering one of you, neither have to say anything, you just know how to comfort each other.

* Late night talks about what life would be like if he wasn’t a hunter.

* Sweet romantic sex

*hugs from behind

* learning how to make pie because Dean loves your baking the most

*Being close to Sammy and him treating you like his own sister.

* Being close to Cas and you showing him how to do domestic human things

* “You think I’m hot right?”

* “Smokin.”

* “Even more so than the ‘Busty Asian Beauties’?”

* “Oh yeah.”

*spooning in bed with Dean being the big spoon because even sleeping he wants to protect you.

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Sam // Cas

I will always be with you.

Characters: Dean, Reader, their daughter, Sam and mentions of Cas

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Its fluffy, with a smidgen of angst

Summary: Dean’s daughter is a little cutie pie who can’t fall back to sleep so she asks her Dad to tell her a story. And, it reveals so much more.

A/N: I don’t know everyone, I was having daddy!dean feels today and this is the result. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone enjoys. Feedback is highly appreciated. Have a super duper Tuesday!

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Isaac x Reader (Requested by

I was wondering if you could do a Teen Wolf Isaac Lahey femreader where she’s a mute ice fae. So she’s always cold to the touch and can freeze things/people. But she hides it from everyone till she’s out with Isaac for whatever reason and maybe Kali or Enid (or was it Enis lol) attack which causes her to reveal herself by freezing the attacker behind Isaac.

When you moved to Beacon Hills, you had a feeling you would fit in. You didn’t know why though. It was a town of humans and you were anything but. Sure, you looked like one, but you were something else completely.

When you were little, people would ask why you were always cold and you would tell them the truth, but you were so young they just thought you were playing pretend and would ask your parents instead.

As you grew up, you became better at lying. You had a list of lies in your head to tell people if they asked you anything to personal.

It wasn’t until you were in middle school did you tell someone the truth again. You thought you could trust them and let’s be honest, you had a small crush on them. You thought they’d like you if they knew. How wrong you were. Turns out, they were from a family of hunters.

That was the point in your life that made you mute. You had decided if you couldn’t think about what your big mouth was going to say before you said it, then you weren’t going to say anything at all. So you learned Sign Language and learned how to write fast so you could reply to people.

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little joy

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◇ You weep in happiness and sadness, for the losses and pain you’d experienced, but also for the little joy blooming inside of you.

◇ Chen x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ a slight continuation of a scenario called Ambrosial, as i promised like :) ten :) years :) ago :) baekhyun and lay vampire aus can be found on my blog!

◇more vampire!chen - ambrosial, vampire!d.o - belonging


Hunters were the lowest of the low in anyone’s mind. They were disgusting humans with no empathy for anything that they deemed supernatural, whether you were a child, woman, man, both or neither. The hunters had been growing restless; Beings were being extra careful lately, and so, they decided to start spreading fear through the supernatural community.

Chen was furious. He had a baby on the way, a beautiful wife who cared more for family than her own life. With hunters on the loose, he was constantly worried about his wife, who would be targeted even though she was human simply because she carried his child. Although he didn’t doubt he had the power to protect her, and he would most definitely die for both _____ and his unborn child, he knew hunters were sly and deceitful people, and would do anything to see Beings die.

You, however, weren’t that worried. You had never experienced the savagery of hunters, and you were much too caught up with pregnancy to care about a group of humans who thought they could touch you. You were to have a beautiful baby with the man you loved. How could you let something like this bring you down from your joyful high?

“There’s nothing to be worried about,” you chastise your husband, rolling your eyes at the dark look on his face. You were three months into your pregnancy, though your child would come quicker than a human child. You were ready to find out the gender of your child, through a witch who worked for a clinic that specialized in vampire-human pregnancies.

“How would hunters just happen to attack the same clinic I’m in at the exact time I’m there?” At your words, Chen sighs deeply. He kneels down in front of where you’re sitting on the edge of your bed, nuzzling his nose against your protruding stomach.

“I just need you to be safe, my love,” he murmurs through gentle kisses to your stomach, revelling in the feeling of your hands combing through his hair. “Both of you.”

“I know you do,” you smile, “But really, there’s nothing to be worried about. Lalisa’s shop is masked with witchcraft. Even if they did manage to pass by there, they’d never realize there was even a shop there.”

“Hunters are crafty,” Chen argues, “We could always call her to come here…”

“Enough,” you say, clasping your hands together. “But do you not want to find out if we’re going to have a little prince or princess?”

Chen lets out a disbelieving laugh, “You’re twisting my words, sweetheart.”

“Not at all.” You stand from your seat on the bed and pick up your bag from where it had been set when Chen started telling you to not go. “You’ll be there in time, right?”

Hs sighs in defeat, but nonetheless answers, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


After Chen had vaporized you to the clinic, he placed a kiss on your forehead. “I’ll be here in a few minutes, okay? Be careful.” You nod at his words and enter the clinic. Although it was masked by witchcraft, you had to have been invited in by one of the witches inside to access it.

“Ms. Kim,” Lalisa greeted you warmly. You returned her smile as she started to explain how she would tell the gender of your child - a tiny potion would allow her to read the aura of the child inside of you. It was as simple as that. “You’ll just have to wait here for a few minutes.”

She gestured to a small sitting area, though there was nobody sitting there. That was to be expected, of course, since vampire-human pregnancies weren’t the most common in the supernatural world. You sighed gently as you lowered yourself into a comfortable seat in the corner of the area, nerves filling you as you realized what was about to happen. A little boy or girl inside of you, a little boy or girl for you and Chen tomlove and care for.

You stiffen suddenly. You feel somebody’s eyes on you, and you hope it’s Chen, finished with the business with his brothers. But as you look up and meet a pair of bright purple eyes, you know it’s not Chen. The witch that’s staring at you is sending chills up your spine. You get a bad feeling from her - whether it’s from her eyes or the way she’s staring at you with an emotion you can’t quite place - regret? Sorrow? You don’t get very long to guess, though, because the witch from before is standing you up and leading you to the room in which she’ll tell you about your child.

“Who was she?” You ask Lalisa slowly as she leads you into a room with books on almost every surface. In the middle, there’s a table and some chairs.

“Her? She’s new around here, doesn’t talk much,” the witch comments, pulling out the vial of potion from an old briefcase, gesturing for you to sit down. “Anyway, are we waiting for someone?”

“Hm? Oh, yes, my husband. He should be here soon…”

“That’s fine. We’ll just get you to drink this so that we can get right on with it when he arrives.” The potion is tasteless but the excitement bubbling in your stomach is sweet - you really cannot wait for Chen to arrive.

You’re about to open your mouth and ask about that witch again, but you’re interrupted by a blood curdling scream. Your heart jumps in your chest as fear replaces excitement - you look to the girl in front of you, limbs feeling weak with fright. This can’t be happening. The witch in front of you is gaping at the door, where the screaming is coming from behind. And then it’s all silent - you gulp as tension fills the room. Then you hear it - the walking. Thud. Thud. Thud. Coming closer to your room.

Lalisa gulps, standing from her seat. “I - I’m sure nothing’s wrong,” she assures. “N-nobody can get in here without permission from a witch…” It seems as if she’s reassuring herself more than you.

A scream is wrenched from your throat as the heavy oak door is pulled open, an arrow flying from the open space and straight into the leg of the witch beside you. You hear her cry out, and then you’re up from your seat in a second, bending down beside the crying girl and checking her injury. “It’s okay,” you’re comforting her, tears of fear in your eyes.

“Get up!” A voice snarls, and you feel a rough hand grab at your arm, yanking you up with no concern for your pregnant stomach. You yelp as you come face to face with a man - he’s pale, with a scruffy beard and a crooked nose, eyes empty of all empathy for anyone in the clinic. He’s pushing you through the door, another hunter grabbing the injured witch inside and dragging her along, and you feel yourself grow weaker at the sight of outside.

Some of the witches that had been in the clinic, some of the patients… if they were not laying motionless on the ground, staring lifelessly at the ceiling, they were huddled in a corner, tears running down their faces at the image of their fallen sisters and friends.

You’re shoved roughly onto a seat in the seating area. It’s unreal to think that not even 30 minutes ago, you were sitting here peacefully, not a care in the world. Now here you are, fearing for your life and the life of your unborn child. You see the witch from before being pushed to the floor, her leg dripping blood.

There are more hunters here, all different shapes and sizes but all with the hateful glint in their eyes as they glance at you. How… how did they get in? You turn your head slightly and meet eyes with the witch from earlier - her eyes are filled with tears, and at the realization that she’s locked eyes with you, she shakes her head. I’m sorry…

Cold despair hits you as if you’ve dived into the sea in winter. These people, these hunters… Chen was right. With him being an important vampire, he tended to be targeted more than the average 3rd class vampire. But why would that witch help hunters to target you-?

“Call him,” you hear, hissed into your ear as a hand threads painfully through your hair and yanks your head back. You narrow your eyes, trying to be as strong as possible. You know Chen is with his brothers, and if you call him in distress there’s a big chance that they’ll all come to help - but you find yourself doubting their power. These hunters managed to just kill an entire coven of witches in under 10 minutes. How would they fare against 9 1st class vampires? Were the hunters that strong? Could they… kill your husband?

“No,” you refuse, feeling tears slipping from your eyes at the throbbing pain in your head. An angry snarl resonates through the silence and you whimper, screwing your eyes tight.

“You’ll call him,” you hear another voice say, a feminine one, sickly sweet but with a bitter bite that sends chills throughout your body. Your breath catches in your throat as you feel something thin and cold trace over your stomach, and you feel anger mingle in with the fear in your heart. “Unless you want to lose your precious baby?”

Your arms shoot to cover your stomach in horror at her words, tears creating silvery paths down your face. You’re silent for a few minutes, refusing to answer for fear of what might happen either way. The hunter must take this silence as refusal, because she sighs in fake disappointment, bringing the knife above her head. “I’m not gonna lie,” she says with a devilish grin, “I’ve been wanting to do this since your pregnancy was announced.” And then she’s bringing the knife down.

Chen!” You scream the words before you know what’s happening, and then suddenly he’s there. The knife in the woman’s hand is flung across the room, embedded into the thick walls. Chen looks livid - and so do his brothers. At the sight of the 8 other men, the hunter’s faces turn an ashy grey. They obviously hadn’t expected all of EXO clan to be present.

Chen is passed talking to. Fangs bared, he charges at one of the hunters too quickly for them to process, tearing into their neck furiously. Feeling somebody behind him, Chen turns, grabbing the stake in the hunter’s hands and pushing it into her stomach. The rest of the hunters have been detained by his brothers, who’ve decided to hand over the hunters to the government.

“Chen!” Xiumin grunts, grabbing Chen’s arm in an attempt to prevent him from tearing the head off of the woman who had threatened to hurt you and his child. “We’ve got this-”

“I’m going to tear their limbs from their bodies,” Chen has stopped struggling but his eyes were still the darkest shade of black you’d ever seen. “They touched her. They hurt her.”

“ ____, Chen, she’s still here and she’s scared-” It seems as if Chen had forgotten you were still in the room, witnessing everything that had happened. You had moved to bend beside the witch that was to tell you the gender of your child, checking her injuries to see if it was anything too serious.

“I - I’m so sorry,” you uttered, tears falling down your face at the reminder that most of her sisters were dead. “I’m so, so, sorry… How did they get in?”

Although there were tears dripping down her face, she smiled. Her eyes flickered to someone behind you, before she was focusing on you again. “That witch you were asking about? I can only assume she was threatened. It’s a common hunter’s trick. It’s okay, really. None of us… none of us could’ve known that this would happen. All that’s important now is that most of us are okay… including the little boy you carry.”

You hear a sharp inhale behind you as you freeze, removing your hands from the arrow still in her leg to look at her. “A - a boy?” You feel Chen kneel down behind you, wrapping his arms around you and settling his hands onto your stomach.

“The potion is still in your system,” she whispers joyfully, watching as tears of happiness well in your eyes. “The little boy in you is strong, just like his parents.”

You’re approached by one of the other witches, who smiles weakly at your joyful expression. She offers to heal the witch in front of you with her magic, and lets you leave the shop in peace with the rest of the EXO clan in tow, dragging the unconscious hunters along.

“A boy,” you echo, “A boy, Chen!”

The Chen you saw earlier - the fangs, and the blackened eyes, the blood painting his hands - has completely disappeared. You swear you see tears well in his eyes but he’s pulling you closer before you can comment on them, letting you bury your head in the crook of his neck as you weep in happiness and sadness, for the losses and pain you’d experienced, but also for the little joy blooming inside of you.

I Miss Our Talks

Requested by: @willowing-love (aka my fav angsty queen)

Drabble Prompts: “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her” AND “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: angst to fluff

A/N: that awkward moment when youre supposed to be writing a drabble and it turns into a fucking oneshot. *WHOOPS*

“Where’s Cas?” you asked, looking around the room and seeing no one but the brothers.

“With Meg,” Dean muttered, staring at Sam’s laptop screen.

You felt a pang in your chest, clenching your jaw at Dean’s reply.

Fucking Meg.

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dating T'challa headcanons!!!!! !!!


  • It would be difficult at first, considering he spends so much of his time, y’know, being a prince, but it would be all the more worth it. Though you weren’t royalty, he would love you all the same, standing up for you when someone decided to talk about how you didn’t deserve him.
  • When you finally see him in his armor, the first thing you do is make a joke about, “wow, didn’t know you had a leather kink.” He would laugh behind his mask, which would make you laugh to see this fierce warrior doubled over in laughter.
  • T’Challa would find comfort in venting to you about his past, more specifically about the death of the mother he never got to know. He would come to you any time his adopted older brother, Hunter, made him feel guilty for the death of their mother, finding solace in your embrace.
  • Sometimes he would catch himself saying things to you in Wakandan without realizing it. He would mutter how beautiful he thought you were, or how much he loved you, then he would laugh and tell you again in English so you could actually understand him. Eventually you would pick up phrases here and there and ask him to teach you the language.
  • The first thing T’challa would teach you to say in Wakandan would be “My boyfriend is the hottest human being alive.”
  • One time, during sex, he called you his kitten, to which you would laugh and respond, “I’m not the one who runs around dressed up like one.”
  • Speaking of sex, it would be mind blowing. His confidence would intoxicate you, and the fact that a literal prince worshiped your body definitely boosted your self esteem.
  • Once the Avengers visited him in Wakanda, and he had to stop Thor from hitting on you. After hearing the God say that your body belonged on a painting in the great halls of Asgard, T’challa nearly ripped his head off. Luckily, you were there to stop him from doing exactly that.
  • His half-brother, Jakarra, would take an interest in you, always striking up conversations with you whenever you were around. He loved to listen to your stories, which made always made T’challa smile. He loved to see you getting along with his family.
Fight or Flight


“Ow!” The grunt came from the young Kurosaki as her older brother started to treat her wound. Fighting off human hunters was not always easy, and hence why her older brother always wanted Ruri to stay inside their home. She had great skill, but was no way a fighter. Having rare beautiful silver wings also made her quite the target. Shun had tried to keep her sheltered, but being a shifter who could morth into birds, freedom was always something she would want.

“This really stings big brother! If you hadn’t interfered, I could have made it out of there fine! Why did you have to ruin my first hunt by myself?” The girl now turned bird said; still wincing in pain as he put some healing medicine on the spot. Oh how she hated admitting she was wrong. 

Inspired by a speech from the late, great Carl Sagan on a photograph taken of the Earth from 6 billion km away, to remind me how words are beautiful, and that perspective shows you everything-

“From this distant vantage point the Earth might not seem of any particular interest- for us, its different. Consider again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.“


Request: rowdyhooliganism asked “ Hi I saw your request are open so I’d like to ask for a Gadreel fic please. Maybe after his sacrifice, he’s resurrected and meets a Witch!Hunter who shows him the ropes of hunting and living with humans. Just super fluffy. I just adore your writing!!!

Pairing: Gadreel x Witch!Reader

Word count: 2,551

Warnings: Cursing, some angst, FLUFF, and a heated make out sesh.

A/N: I hope you like this, I didn’t really have a big sequence of them doing too many human things, it’s just a lot of Gadreel being cute and awkward and…I tried man.

Author: jadangelofthelord


Monsters are real. Some aren’t as ugly as the stories portray, they’re beautiful. More beautiful than any heaven, than any God or Goddess. She is so beautiful….

“Alright” you said rubbing your hands together “let’s try this one more time.”

You swiped your hands over the bowl in front of you and closed your eyes.
“omnes levitate.”

Your hands started to tingle and you squealed. You looked at the chair next to you and focused all of your energy on it. It began to lift off the ground slowly and you smiled.

“Y/N.” A deep voice behind you said scaring you. The chair dropped back to the floor and toppled over.

So much for getting any work done.

You turned around and smiled at the familiar angel. Then stopped when you saw the unfamiliar one.

“Hey Cas, and not Cas.” You wiped your hands on your pants trying to stop them from tingling. “The boys are on a hunt, you know that right?”

“Yes but we’re here for you. Y/N, this is Gadreel.” Castiel said motioning to the man next to him. You went rigid.

“As in Gadreel, Gadreel?” You said brows furrowing.

“I do believe there is only one Gadreel actually.” Castiel said shifting his gaze away from you to the angel next to him.

“Yes I know Castiel and what exactly is he doing here?” You didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh. Well maybe you did, but that was only because you’d heard about what he’d done.

Killing Kevin, helping Meta-Dick, and so much more. So he wasn’t exactly your favorite angel. Even though he did sacrifice himself for Cas-wait!

“How is he even alive?” You said leaning against the library’s table.

“That’s partially why we are here.” He looked at the angel then to you “he was resurrected, why, I do not know. But I need you to, how you put it, do me a solid.”

You crossed your arms over your chest “which would be?”

Castiel opened his mouth to respond but Gadreel cut him off “Teach me.”

You looked at him for further explanation. “Teach me to be a hunter like you and the Winchesters. Dean and Sam refuse to help me but I want to help.”

He looked at his feet “I want to redeem myself.”

Oh god this guy was like a puppy. A hot, incredibly well built puppy. You closed your eyes and sighed. ‘Why am I always getting into these things.’

“Fine.” You looked up at them, mostly Gadreel “I’ll teach you.”

His face lit up and he smiled at you “oh you won’t regret it!”

You nodded “I better not, now Castiel I-” You looked over but the angel was already gone. ‘Juuuuust perfect.’

“Are you, you know, still an angel?” You asked eyeing him.

He nodded “but my wings aren’t what they once were, I’m still weak but I’m getting better.” He bit his lip “I can feel it.”

You nodded and clasped your hands together “alrighty then, before we start your, er training, I have a spell to finish.” You motioned towards a chair “just take a seat while I finish this up.”

He instantly walked over to a chair and sat facing you. Watching you.

You ignored his gaze and went back to work.

Gadreel watched silently as you put various ingredients Into the bowl, muttering all the while. He’d only heard about you from Castiel. About the witch who helped the Winchesters.

Whenever he spoke of you he thought about an old hag. Someone with warts and a hunched back, not….this.

The way your hair fell in front of your face while you worked, or how you would bite your lip while you were thinking. Heaven was nothing compared to where he was sitting.

“Okay!” You said breaking him out of his thoughts “I think I got it, now sit back and watch.”

'With pleasure’ he thought.

You closed your eyes and breathed deeply. Swiping your hands over the bowl once again you focused all of your energy. “omnes levitate!”

You opened your eyes and looked at your hands which were now glowing a harsh orange.

“AW YEAH!” You said pumping your fist in the air. A shot blasted from your hands and into the light above you making it explode.

You screamed and ducked down trying to shield yourself from the Sparks and debris. Gadreel was over you instantly, covering your whole body with his.

He was pressed against your back and you could feel him breathing on your neck. After a moment everything got quiet and you both just stayed there. Only for a moment though.

“Uh Gadreel?” You said removing your hands from your ears “can you get off me?”

He nodded and quickly stood up with you following. You wiped your hands on your pants “well that sucked.”

He chuckled and shook his head “it was….”

You looked at him knowingly and he nodded “it was bad.”

You laughed and looked around “let’s get this place cleaned up before the boys get back then your real training begins.” You walked off to pick up your supplies and he sighed, oh what he wouldn’t do to see you smile again.


“No Gadreel you gotta follow the movements on the screen.” You said while also trying to focus on dancing.

“I am.” He said waving his hands in the air “at least I hope I am.”

After 2 weeks of non stop training you’d decided to take a break. He was all yours to care for, although he lived here the boys didn’t want anything to do with him, at first. Now they were actually talking to him. But in Deans words “he was still your problem.”

He finally stopped and paused the game “Y/N what is the point of this? I thought you were going to teach me about fitting in? Or helping you all hunt?”

“Well being a human means having a little fun, which we haven’t done yet” You unpaused the game “besides I have to beat deans high score.”

He paused the game “I’ve been here 2 weeks and I’ve been useless to you. I want to protect you and care for you but i don’t know how!”

You stared at him and he finally caught his mistake “I mean all of you. Everyone. The boys, humans, Angels, and you.”

He shifted from one foot to the other avoiding your gaze.

You finally nodded “how about this. We play another round and if you win then we start combat training, if I win then we play whatever I want.”

You hooked your finger under his chin and turned his head to face you “deal?”

He licked his lips and nodded “Deal.”

You smiled and took your hand from his face. He inwardly groaned, not wanting you to stop touching him.

You chose a new song and smiled, he was going down.


Your body slammed down onto the mat and you tapped out. “Alright you win.”

He sat next to you and smiled “it seems I’m winning a lot today.”

You rolled your eyes and sat up “you only won because I caught a cramp.”

“When we were dancing or just now?” You glared at him before breaking off into a smile.

“Whatever smart ass, I’m gonna take a shower.” You patted his head before standing up. Gadreel watched you leave before sighing and laying back down.

Dean walked in with a towel slung over his shoulders. He looked at the angel laying on the floor and smirked “what’s got you all tuckered out?”

“I’m actually very alert right now.” Gadreel said not even bothering to look at the Winchester.

Dean rolled his eyes and set the towel in a stool “I mean, why are you laying in the floor?”




At that Dean froze and looked at the angel. He’d had an assumption that he had a thing for you, maybe now was the time to poke at it.

“What about Y/N?” He said taking a seat next to the angel.

Gadreel looked at Dean before sighing. “Dean you’re very good with women right?”

Dean smiled “well I don’t want to brag but-”

“Would you mind helping me?” Gadreel cut him off. Dean sat back a little waiting for the angel to explain.

“How do I show my affection for her?”

Dean thought for a moment “compliment her, tell her how amazing she is.” He started “do random acts for her like buy her flowers or make her dinner, or better yet.” He snapped his fingers and pointed at the angel “ask her on a date!”

“In that order?” Gadreel sat up. Dean thought for a moment before shrugging “I suppose.”

“Will you help me?” Gadreel asked with pleading eyes. Dean nodded and clasped the angel on the shoulder “if it means getting Y/N laid finally so she won’t be so uptight then of course.”

Gadreel squinted and tilted his head a bit “laid?”

Dean shook his head “not important right now.” He stood up and motioned for him to follow “let’s get you a date.”


The next three days were interesting to say the least. It started when Gadreel kept staring at you during breakfast. When you finally snapped and asked him why he said it was because, actual quote, your beauty had him in a trance.

Sam and Dean erupted in laughter and you said a small thanks before returning to your meal.

Then while you were working on a spell in your room Gadreel stood next to you the whole time asking if you needed anything. Every. Five. Seconds.

But here’s the kicker. While you were in the shower he stood outside the door playing the guitar for you, every once in a while he would say something like “I hope this song is as beautiful as you.” Or “do you need more soap?”

This had Dean written all over it.

You sat in the library going over a case when the man himself walked in.
“Hey Y/N.” He said walking past you to the kitchen.

“Stop right there Winchester.” You said closing your laptop and leaning your elbows on the table “what’s going on?”

He looked around “what are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play innocent, I know you have something to do with how Gads been acting.”

He smirked “Gad?”

“Yes Gad!” You rolled your eyes “now spill.”

He looked at you and squinted his eyes “you really don’t get it?”

You shrugged your shoulders and crossed your arms. He laughed and ran a hand though his hair “jeez for the smartest person here you’re really dumb.”

You scowled. “Y/N the poor guys got the hots for you.”

Your eyes widened. Not possible. He was a fucking angel for crying out loud! He fought wars, he died for heaven, and what were you? A witch who helped hunt her own kind and was afraid of the dark sometimes.

“No he-”

“Don’t fight me on this Kid.” Dean pointed at you “just give him a chance.”

You opened and closed your moth before finally nodding. Okay, time to get your angel.


You found Gadreel in his room a little while later. He was sitting on his bed reading your favorite book. You stood in the doorway and watched as his eyes scanned over the words, devouring one after the other.

You finally cleared your throat and he looked up and smiled at you. That smile that seemed to make the world blur.

“Gadreel we need to talk.” Maybe it was your tone or how you put it, but those words seemed to knock the smile off of his face.

He was a soldier again “of course, come in.”

You walked in and closed the door behind you. You stood awkwardly in front of his bed, shifting your stance.

“Gadreel I need you to tell me the truth.” You said lowly. He nodded “I would never lie to you Y/N.”

You took a deep breath “why have you been acting different?”

His eyes widened and he looked at his hands like a child caught red handed. “Y/N…”

“Please don’t lie to me Gadreel.”

He looked at you before standing up and walking towards you. You were face to face, well more like face to chest, in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t know what deans put in your head but you don’t have to like me just to be a human.” You started.


“I know angels don’t feel the same thing as humans or witches and maybe you can’t feel love or hell even like.”


“I’m just saying, don’t force yourself to like me because you think you have to. I know I’m not a powerful angel like you and I don’t deserve you a-”

“Y/N will you just listen to me for one second like a normal human being?!” He snapped making you go quiet.

You bit your lip and mumbled “but, neither of us are or will ever be normal human beings.”

He looked down at you before embracing you. You instantly wrapped your arms around his neck and laid your head on his chest.

“I like you Y/N. Not because I want to be human, or because I feel like it’ll help me adjust to this life more but because you’re you.”

He kissed your head “and that’s all it’ll ever take.”

“How is this gonna work?” You asked nuzzling into his chest.

“I believe it starts with a date.”

You nodded “id like that.”

“Which leads to you getting laid.”

You went rigid and looked up at him “Gadreel do you understand what that means?”

He smirked and leaned down to plant a soft kiss on your cheek before whispering “thoroughly.”

You shivered and turned your head slightly before leaning forward. Your lips met and you dove deeper into the kiss.

He placed a hand on your hip pulling you closer and tangled his other one in your hair. His hand traveled to your thighs and he gripped them, silently commanding you to jump.

Your legs were around his waist in the blink of an eye. You bit his bottom lip and he groaned. His tongue slid to yours and caressed one another.

You pulled his hair and he moaned into your mouth before pulling back and resting his forehead against yours “I want to take it slow with you. I want to treat you like heaven itself, give you everything I have.”

You nodded “do you think one date will cover all that?”

He kissed your nose “I’ll do it as long as you’ll have me.”

Instead of answering you kissed him again. He smiled against your mouth and you felt your heart flutter.

“Hey Ga-” Sam walked in interrupting you both.

He smiled and slowly walked out of the room before closing the door.

“I owe you 5 Dean.” You heard him shout followed by a “I TOLD YOU SO!”

You chuckled and Gadreel gazed at you in awe.

“I know now why I was brought back.” He said. You raised your eyebrows in response.

“Because loving you is my mission in life, and my father knew it.”

For those who ship Billdip!

Monster Falls AU
Pairing: Bill/Dipper
Stockholm Syndrome
It was dark—the young stag was all alone. The pounding of his hooves brushed against the dirt and leaves of the forest. He didn’t dare look back, for that would only cause him to shriek and stumble upon the ground. Dipper kept galloping without so much as a single halt.
The creature crept dangerously closer behind his aching rear legs, yet, he still kept going. Although, it would only be a matter of time until his legs would give in due to the decrease of oxygen in his lungs. His throat began to burn as he let out a choked cough that begged to be released. His vision blurred suddenly from exhaustion. Due to this misfortune, his front hooves tangled for just a small second—dragging him face-first to the ground.
“Oof!” Dipper grunted with a muffled breath. Before he even got the chance to sprint away, he felt piercing claws dig into his skin, causing him to jerk in pain. Dipper cried in anguish as he met eyes with the creature. Not just any creature—no. A Chimera. Its fangs; sharp and deadly with no disappointment. This is it, he thought in dismay. Feeling helpless, his eyes stung from his salty tears.
With beads of sweat dripping down his forehead, Dipper’s anticipation grew, preparing himself for the worst to come. However, it never did. Instead he heard the loud booms of a gunshot. Instantly, the beast fell to its side—Dipper now free from its proximity. His breath caught in his throat at the sight in front of him.
Dipper’s eyes followed the bloody trail to who/whatever was responsible for this. He wanted to thank what the hell saved his life, only to regret gazing at the rifle pointing directly towards him. Shit, he thought. What the hell was he supposed to do now? Run?! Yeah….already tried that.
The boy’s heart began pounding out of his chest. Slowly, he began to back away from the hunter, who, had a malicious grin on his face that seemed too inhuman, considering the way one of the man’s teeth stood out on the inside of his left cheek. Too sharp for a human being. Obviously because he wasn’t. What was he?
Dipper’s breath hitched in his throat—ears perking up—as he met with a tree bark behind him. Cornering him. “Aren’t you a beauty?” The man said, amused. Dipper cowered in terror—ears slouched down on either sides of his head—at the shrilling cackle that echoed through the woods, making his spine quiver. “Gotcha.”
The stag huffed in frustration and defeat—his head lowered—averting the man’s gaze as he felt the hunter absorb his entire entity. Why doesn’t he just shoot already? Dipper’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted as he felt ropes suddenly tighten around his hooves. “Argh!” Dipper cried as his front hooves were dragged to the ground. In a sort of praying or bowing position.
“Tsk, tsk,” said the man, resting his rifle under Dipper’s neck. This gave the quivering stag a chance to take a good look at the predator. Tall, blond, intimidating, and very handsome. His gloved hands firmly grasped around his weapon as the devious smile on his face never ceased. Dipper’s sweaty palms tightened around the stranger’s gloved ones—his eyes pleading—as the hunter smirked in return. “Now, now, my deer. Don’t be alarmed. The forest will be just fine without its prince.”
Dipper didn’t know how to react—he couldn’t. Before he knew it, he was out cold. The hunter chuckled to himself as he carried unconscious Dipper into a special place deep within the forest. “I have so much in store for you, deer. just you wait.”
As Dipper’s weary eyelids slowly began to open, he aroused from his slumber. Suddenly, he became vigilant. He eyed his surroundings, not a single tree was familiar to him and he began to feel nauseous. His heart began to race. Had Dipper realized that everything was upside down? Or was it just him?
“Oh my God! What? Where am I? Why am I hanging from a tree?!” The stag’s breath hitched in his throat as he managed to look above him—his rear legs were tied to the rope as it was to the tree. “Help! Please! Somebody help me!” Dipper yelled. Instantly, his eyes laid on the yellow tent in front of him. “How did I get here? Argh! What’s going on?!”
It was still dark out, probably midnight by now. It was also spring. Which means…mating season. Dipper was starting to get urges. Even the simplest of things would turn him on. He had his eyes on another creature for awhile, but unfortunately, what could he possibly do now? It seems as if it’s too late to find a mate. He wasn’t familiar with this part of the forest. It seemed to be abandoned. Dipper was frustrated and stressed, however, his urges weren’t helping the slightest.
He needed to do something—anything—to get his mind off of his current situation. “Mph,” Dipper bit his lip to prevent from moaning. But from what? He felt his cock twitch suddenly. The stag knew just what to do. He might as well, considering that this will probably be his last few minutes on Earth. “Shit..”
His trembling fingers traced below his torso, creeping closer to his aching penis. Finally, after much deliberation, he went for it. Slowly, the stag began to stroke himself, exploring his anatomy. “Oh, fuck,” Dipper cried, speeding up the pace. “Yes. Yes… Yes!” If the stag were to die this very moment, he didn’t care right now. He was to busy pleasing himself. Dipper was in ecstasy.
However, the stag’s pleasurable cries had ceased the very moment he heard the snap of a twig, his ears perked up suddenly. His blood started pounding as his breath quickened. “Who’s there?!” Dipper stammered, breathless. A familiar spine-tingling cackle rang in his ears. Then suddenly, the stag remembered: the Chimera, the rifle that pointed directly at him, and then the hunter…
Dipper yelped at the unexpected presence in front of him. The hunter! Where the hell did he come from?! The man chuckled, sending shivers down Dipper’s spine. “How’s it hanging, kid?” Oh my God. Did he really just say that? The stranger caught Dipper’s aghast affect, very entertained from his expression.
“What’s the matter? You look like a deer caught in headlights.” Wow. He could do this all night. Dipper rolled his eyes at that one, considering he was only half deer. Still. The stag caught the man’s eyes for just a millisecond until he realized where he had been looking. Dipper gasped, blushing furiously. “Fuck,” he profaned, causing the man to smirk.
“Well, well, well,” the man began. “If you wanted to be released, you could’ve just said so, Pine Tree.” Okay, seriously? Does this guy ever know when to-wait…no. No! “Bill?!” It’s not. It can’t be! Bill Cipher?!
“Hello, Pine Tree!” Bill retorted, cheerfully, almost singing. It is. Oh, God. It’s him! “Let me go,” Dipper remarked, to which Bill had strangely obliged to do so. “My pleasure,” Bill retorted, reaching into his pocket to reveal a pocket-knife. Within seconds, Dipper landed face-first to the ground. Despite his injuries from prior events, he was willing to make a run for it. That was until he felt the weight of a heavy boot being pressing against his back.
A sense of déjà vu crept upon him. “Not again..” Dipper muttered. Bill laughed at the sight of his misery. “Leaving so soon, Pine Tree?” Dipper resisted the urge to huff and retorted. “You let me go, didn’t you?”
“True, yes. However, I’d rather you stay here. With me…” Bill retorted, emphasizing the last two words. Dipper froze at the feeling of Bill’s fingertips brushing against his fur. He tried so hard. He really did. The poor stag couldn’t refrain from letting a soft moan escape his lips. “Sensitive, aren’t ya, kid?” Bill laughed.
“Shut up. It’s mating season! Why don’t you just do whatever the fuck you want with me already?” Dipper defended. Taking in the new information, Bill smirked. “Mating season, huh? Well, I hate to tell you this, Pine Tree, but you’re not gonna find anyone specific to play around with in this part of the forest.”
Dipper stifled from letting another moan escape his lips. “What the h-hell are y-you doing, Bill?” Poor Dipper was so strangely turned on right now. It was the wrong time. Especially since it’s because of the wrong person. “What the-?” The stag questioned as he felt a collar being tightened around his neck, but not as chafing. He’d be able to breath.
Bill admired the material around the stag’s delicate neck. His gloved hands yanked the chained collar, throwing Dipper’s head back ever so slightly. “I think you just found yourself a mate,” he retorted. Dipper was caught by surprise as he felt ravenous lips touch his. He soon found his own lips deepening into the kiss. The stag’s trembling fingers trailed up Bill’s jawline, continuously caressing every inch of his face.
Bill decided to explore Dipper’s fascinating anatomy. Slowly, he retracted his fingers from Dipper’s luscious fur to his chest. It’s like Bill’s finger’s had a mind of their own. They decided to go south and Bill didn’t hesitate, let alone consider to do so.
From chest to torso, Bill dared to go further. That was until he felt Dipper squirm underneath him. The stag stopped his own caressing to tightly grasping Bill’s curious and eager hands. “N-no, please,” he implored. “Aw, come on now. Don’t tell me you weren’t enjoying this.” Bill teased. Dipper’s cheeks flushed as he panted heavily. “No! I-I was…”
“Then what’s the matter?” Bill questioned impatiently. Dipper sighed. “I want this so badly-” his words were cut off from Bill’s shushing. “That’s all I needed to hear,” he retorted. “This can’t work, Bill!” Dipper cried, earning a sigh from the other. At that, Dipper’s ears dropped to either side of his head in disappointment. “I’ll make it work,” said Bill, earning a confused expression from Dipper.
The stag’s ears perked up as he heard the sound of a zipper come undone. He knew what was coming. “Wait, Bill! You shouldn’t do-agh!” Dipper’s words trailed off as soon as Bill forced himself inside him. Dipper grasped tiny layers of grass as Bill began to thrust. Hearing Dipper’s moans only made him go faster.
Bill placed his other hand right where it was before, trailing just below Dipper’s torso. When the stag didn’t hesitate, he went for it. Bill began stroking gently just for a soft touch, but that was until arousal got the best of him. He began to stroke faster and harder with each thrust. As he heard Dipper’s loud cries of ecstasy, he felt himself coming close, too. And then they released.
Bill’s trembling legs gave up on him, causing him to collapse on top of the stag, exhausted. Bill continued to caress the stag’s luscious fur like it was his prized possession. “You know something, Pine Tree?” Bill questioned suddenly. “What is it?” Dipper retorted. “I think I’ve grown rather fawned of you.”
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In the jungle, a lion’s roar,
Loud rumbling from it’s core.
Magnificent mane of golden brown,
He is a king but wears no crown.

Predator and enemy they have two,
Human hunters, Hyenas too.
The lion and his lioness pride,
If you cross them, run, don’t hide.

The roar of a Lion,
The rolling sound of thunder,
The chase of a Lion,
His prey runs asunder.

The Lion’s roar is his symbol,
Of Strength, Of Leadership, Of pride,
The raw Roar sound is tribal,
His pride, so true, abide.
Philo Yan

have you ever noticed how all cats are *good* cats?

cuddly little fluffball that just likes to sleep and chill all day?


playful and skilled hunter that accidentally gets a little too rough sometimes bc she doesn’t know her own strength?


shy furbaby that is afraid of humans and doesn’t like being touched but is otherwise v beautiful to watch from afar?

so good !!!