hunter x zoe


“This is where I was supposed to meet my boyfriend,but he never showed up.”

“What happened to him?”

“He, um… He killed himself. They never told me how.”

Spooky Day 4

Requested by anon: “This is kinda a headcannons request- but the kids as monster hunters?”
So I think this is a hella idea and I’m a nerd and I love my nerds so this is going to be very low quality and waaaay too long get ready

DEH Kids Monster Hunters AU

- honestly kind of a terrible monster hunter
- he’s just doing it because his mom did it and he doesn’t want to break the family tradition
- but he’s terrified by it
- Evan works really close with Jared most of the time
- Jared makes fun of him all the time
- that being said, Evan can be really good at it sometimes
- mostly by accident but Jared doesn’t need to know that
- for example Evan tripping when chasing a ghost and somehow catching it while he fell???
- plus Evan is really good at catching witches for some reason
- idk he’s just good at reading people so he has an easy time figuring out if someone is supernatural or not
- and when it comes to witches who hide in plain sight he’s got that down
- anyways Evan is always the scaredy cat 
- it’s not his fault really but at least he’s trying 

- the. best. hunter. 
- better than the girls
- don’t even @ me this kid is amazing at it
- zombies? he’s got it
- ghosts? they’re already gone
- vampire? gone faster than they can run
- don’t ask me how he does it
- I don’t know
- no one does
- but somehow Jared is just naturally good at it
- everyone always thinks it’s the insane amount of hours Jared spends playing video games
- but nope he’s just a fantastic monster hunter
- again don’t @ me but he’s really good with weapons
- also Jared is so good at setting traps 
- but don’t worry he’s still Jared and he brags endlessly to everyone
- everyone is just a little jealous of him and he knows it
- “It’s not your fault I’m just the best”

- he’s kind of terrible at it
- he feels bad for the monsters 
- the biggest softie honestly
- but when Connor gets mad or pissed off
- everyone just gets out of his way because he becomes a power house
- can take out an entire nest of vampire by himself when he’s angry
- anyways Connor’s favorite monster to fight is vampires
- because he finds them really cool and interesting 
- and when he fights them he has so much fun
- he’s pretty good at battling zombies too
- but when it comes to more complicated monsters that he can’t just fight
- Connor’s kind of useless
- he just doesn’t have the heart or the interest to get that into tracking them down
- plus he knows he’ll never be as good as Zoe so he doesn’t try

- amazing amazing amazing 
- better than Alana
- Zoe knows how to get just the right balance of brain and brawn 
- the best fighter, not even angry Connor can get on her level
- she spent a lot of time getting like this though
- she’s been training and testing herself for years
- honestly loves monster hunting with all her heart
- super manipulative 
- can join in on a group of witches and get them to give her their hideout without even batting an eyelash
- soooo good at taking down zombies she’s better than Jared
- very salty that she isn’t as good as Jared btw
- Zoe just has this really good rhythm when it comes to fighting
- and she has the right amount of dedication and intellect to excel 
- she was helping capture a mummy one time and she says it was her favorite hunting experience ever 
- she almost died during it which honestly made her love the experience more
- she also loves meeting with ghosts and often instead of capturing them she helps them figure out their unfinished business
- unless they are evil, in which case she’s really good at capturing them
- has dated two werewolves in order to get their hideout
- amazing with a knife or a gun

- really good at it
- the brain behind everyone
- Alana rarely fights because she hates it
- she’s only really good at capturing monsters or sometimes fighting zombies
- but that’s about it
- she does all of the research
- all of the monster hunters go to girl for information
- not even just the squad, like everyone goes to her
- and trust me she always has information
- she spends all of her time learning about monsters and what they are like and how they are made and how to beat them
- spends a lot of time trying to make new monster fighting technologies too
- Alana has the largest collection of monster related books on the planet
- and she’s proud of that
- honestly though do not make Alana mad or she will turn into the scariest thing ever
- she might not fight much but if a monster captures her friends she will find them and kill them without hesitation
- prefers to trap monsters to killing them
- definitely has collected blood samples and such for research
- has also done experiments on monsters themselves sometimes
- mastermind of all the plans and good at it


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