hunter tour


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things that happened during Seventeen’s fb live aka touring tokyo fb headquarters
  • they were late
  • they used ig live to promote their fb live that’s the equivalent of texting your friends and telling them to like ur selfie
  • like 30 minutes late
  • lots of english
  • wonwoo singing in the back fUCK ME UP MAN
  • new episode of house hunters as they tour an office
  • LOTS of english ft. boo and hosh
  • s.coups asking why hoshi speaks english like satoori
  • mingyu’s hair is indeed beautiful
  • mingyu also drew their logo literally perfectly
  • fb like button = umji CHUCK
  • svt pretending to be emojis ft sad coups and angry jeonghan
  • blast to the past to their trainee days singing nu’est’s Hello (I demand a full cover)
  • the return of shameless jun
  • they fucking talked about the plant on the table and then googled it
  • strutting down the hallways
  • “OHMYGOD MUHAN (infinite) REFILL?!” - boo seeing the counter of food
  • apples = snow white 
  • return of their love for ping pong ps. woozi won
  • blast to the past pt 2 vernon playing chess and jeonghan reenacting their chess stage dance
  • hoshi randomly showing up with instant noodles??????
  • mingyu winning a game and hitting jeonghan
  • hoshi finding a drink he loves and thus turning into a 5 year old
  • mingyu getting a pair of new earphones from a vending machine wtf when will I ever
  • for anyone worried that they haven’t eaten, they said they ate already
  • yes this all happened in the span of less than 30 min