hunter thompson drawing

Bats On the Brain

Sorry for the lack of posting guys, it’s been such a busy week. Here’s a little preview before I post the finished drawing.

Also, I said I would post my updated commissions info the other day and I completely forgot. I’m going to hold off on posting it mainly because this weekend I’ll be out of commission. Going on a trip to somewhere special😎 But I’ll post the commission pages early next week.



Serious time.

There’s a writer called Cat Bountry, which I’m sure a lot of you follow already. She’s a TF2 writer/fan/whatever. She likes corgis and Hunter S. Thompson. She draws, occasionally. One of us. One of the best of us.

I have an immense amount of respect for her talent and skill, and she’s given the fandom a lot more than I have.

She just lost her dad.

So it’s time to give back.

Please send her some love, some hugs, some warmth. Anything that’ll help it hurt a little less. This is her dad; he was a good guy, lost too soon to a heart attack. She’s asking that people donate to the American Heart Association in his name. Please consider doing so.

And follow her blog, because it’s worth following.