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Imagine...Telling The Winchesters About Your Past

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Request: do you think you could do one where dean (or sam) finds out that the reader has extreme depression and mental problems because her parents were actually demons in disguise and that’s why she became a hunter?

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: implied prior abuse

“You’re quiet tonight,” said Sam, taking a seat beside you on the motel bed. You shifted away from him, finding the floor more interesting to look at. “I know you don’t like demon hunts but you got that kid out. No one got hurt.”

“I don’t want to talk about it Sam,” you said. You saw Dean raise an eyebrow as he plopped down on his bed.

“You’re going to tell one of us about whatever underlying issue you have with demons is someday,” said Dean, throwing back his covers.

“Baby,” said Sam, rubbing his palm into your back, his fingers tickling your neck. “You trust us right?”

“Of course I do,” you said, lifting your head up to see Dean sitting up in his bed.

“I can go drive around in Baby if you feel more comfortable talking to Sam about it,” said Dean, waiting for your cue.

“You’re both my guys,” you said, moving closer to Sam, his large arms pulling you into his lap, long legs wrapping around you, making you safe. “Sam’s kind of guessed this but I get…sad sometimes.”

“Yeah, we uh, we noticed,” said Dean, keeping his voice soft.

“Not sad like you think of sad. It’s more of a permanent state for me and it’s either bad or less bad,” you said, feeling Sam’s head rest on yours. “Like right now, I’m not happy. But it’s not so bad because Sam’s all around me.”

“Okay,” said Sam gently, giving your body a little squeeze that both said he thought nothing was wrong with you but that he’d help in any way he could. 

“I guess, I don’t trust you both the way I want to,” you said, watching Dean tilt his head curiously. “I don’t know how to trust fully like you and Sam. The whole demon thing ties in with that.”

“That’s okay too,” said Sam in your ear, making you remember what happy was in that moment just to have him want you.

“My parents weren’t hunters,” you said. “More like…demons pretending to be my parents. I was a baby when this demon couple found them half-dead after a car accident. They finished them off and popped into their new bodies. They were a little surprised to find out there was a six month old waiting at home.”

“You six month old babies get it rough, don’t you?” teased Dean, looking at Sam who scolded him. “Sorry, keep going.”

“They weren’t what I would call good,” you said, leaning back into Sam. “They screwed me up pretty good and really screwed me up when I found out the truth. They thought they could get some of their humanity back by raising me or something.”

“You got the short end of it,” said Dean, looking at his lap. 

“Y/N,” said Sam quietly. “We’re your family now. Dean and I, our lives were messed up because of demons too. You don’t have to let it keep a hold over you.”

“I want to feel normal, to know what normal feels like,” you said, looking over to Dean who had a sad smile on his face.

“I think we can help with that,” said Sam.

You woke up one morning, months and months later, looking over at a sleeping Sam in bed, hair in his face, snores escaping him.

You smiled.

It’d taken some time for you to learn that normal was a range, not a set thing. Normal people got in funks, got sad, upset and Dean so conveniently pointed out one day, you were hunters. Hunters weren’t normal.

It was strange but that comment helped more than you trying to fit yourself into what you thought the world needed you to be. Sam told you to be yourself, don’t try to make anyone happy, including him.

Without all the pressure you put on yourself, things got easier. You weren’t sure you’d ever fall into that normal you’d imagined for yourself but easier was a start.

A start that had helped lead from your first thoughts in the morning being Sam would leave you any day now to yeah, he was right, you deserved him.

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I´m fine.

I opened up requests this morning and I already got many good ones. Because I´m really in the mood for writing, I already finished up one of the requests that inspired me and I already read a few others that gave me ideas so keep ém coming!

Imagine Sam comforting you when you have anxiety.

Request:  Can you please do a super fluffy sam or Dean imagine? (Either is fine love) Where like the reader like hasn’t Been herself because she has a lot on her plate & she suffers with anxiety but they don’t know that because she’s like a badass hunter.

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: mentions of anxiety, else fluffy

Length: 1000 ish

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You were sitting at the desk in the old motel room and massaged your temples.
It had to be the first five minutes you had to yourself in days.

“Huh?”, you made and lifted your head to look at Sam who was standing in the door, holding his bags.
“Dean´s got the car all packed up. We´re ready to leave”, he informed you.
Great, another few hours stuck in the back of that damned car. But what choice did you have?
“Okay, okay, I´m coming”, you said quietly and got up from the chair before reaching for you own bag that was still lying on the bed.
“Hey, are you alright?”, Sam asked and you looked at him, thinking about telling him about your anxiety, but then of course didn´t and just nodded.
“I´m fine, let´s get the hell out of here.”

The drive took about five hours and while the boys were chattering and laughing as usual, you concentrated on breathing slowly but steadily.
You had no idea why these days were so hard, but you knew that it happened once in a while and usually breathing was the right way to deal with it.
“…right (Y/N)?”
You only caught the rest of Dean´s question because he said your name and because you weren´t in the mood for a discussion about why you hadn´t heard what he had said, you just nodded in agreement: “Yeah, sure.”
“Oh as if”, Sam stated while Dean laughed.
You sensed that you had just agreed to something you normally wouldn´t have but there was nothing you could do about it now so you just shrugged and continued to look out of the window while noticing that Sam´s gaze was still on you.
“Hey Dean, what about a little break, I could need some fresh air”, he now suggested and you were grateful because you felt like the car was too small to bare.

As soon as Dean stopped the car at a gas station, you pushed open the door and walked away, not even caring that it was freezing cold and you were only wearing a shirt.
You made it past the building and there was a little grass area.
It wasn´t exactly beautiful but at least nobody was here because of the cold weather so you stayed. Trying to sort out all your random thoughts, you sat down on a bench that was facing away from the road and pulled up your knees to keep you at least a little warm.
It was quiet and despite the fact that it smelled like old fries, it was rather nice and you closed your eyes to enjoy the moment.
It was cut short though by Sam calling your name. Cursing under you breath because you couldn´t even get one second of quality time with yourself, you opened your eyes and turned around to see him hurrying over to you.
“What is it?”, you shouted over the wind, realizing that you sounded rather rude but you simply couldn´t bring yourself to care.
He finally reached you and held out the hoodie that you had left in the car: “It´s 45 degrees, what are you doing outside in just that shirt? You will catch pneumonia.”
“Thanks, Mom”, you said and rolled your eyes but took the hoodie anyways and pulled it over your head.
“So, what´s up with you?”, Sam asked now and motioned for you to make room for him on the bench. Obviously he wasn´t going anywhere anytime soon so you moved over and let him sit down.
“Like I told you before, I am totally fine”, you repeated, feeling tired and exhausted and worst of all like you were about to cry.
“Yeah, you keep saying that. Then why is it that you sit out here sulking in the cold.”
You sighed: “I´m not sulking.”
He shrugged: “Then what are you doing?”
“It´s just…”, you started, still debating whether to finally talk to him or nor, “It´s just that I have a lot on my plate, okay. And I´m a little … anxious.”
You looked at him, trying to figure out what he was going to say, but instead of saying anything, he just came a bit closer and put an arm around you.
For a moment there was silence and it was actually nice to be comforted like that.
After a while he asked: “So you have anxiety, that´s what this is all about?”
You nodded: “Yes. It´s all a little bit … too much from time to time. Especially if I never have time to myself.”
“Do you want me to leave you alone?”, he asked immediately.
You knew he would have gone away if you had told him to, but now that you had started to talk about this, he might as well could stay so you shook your head: “No, it´s okay.”
It followed another short period of silence and you looked into the woods that were behind the fence that surrounded the gas station, feeling yourself relax in Sam´s arms.
“Wow, you and anxiety. Never would have guessed”, he stated after a while.
“Why not?”, you asked and looked up at him.

He shrugged: “Well, I guess it´s because you´re always so … badass. I mean all you ever talk about is hunting, you always have something else you need to kill and you´re always so focused. It always seemed to me like the life we live makes you happy.”
You thought about that for a moment: “It does make me happy. That doesn´t mean I can´t feel anxious from time to time.”

“No, I guess it doesn´t”, he agreed.
For the first time today you smiled: “Thanks for understanding.”
There was genuine confusion on his face: “Why wouldn´t I? It´s not like you´re the only one with anxiety.”
“No, I guess I´m not.”
The two of you continued sitting on the bench, you leaning against him, his arm still around you. By the time you heard Dean calling your names from somewhere behind you, it felt like centuries had passed.
“I guess it´s time to go”, you said but didn´t move.
“Only if it´s okay with you”, he stated and you smiled up at him: “I think I´ll be okay. Thanks to you.”
Instead of answering he just smiled and you impulsively gave him a kiss on the cheek before reluctantly getting out of his embrace: “Who´s last at the car sits in the back”, you shouted and ran.
“Not fair”, you heard him yell and while the wind blew in your face, you knew that everything was going to be okay after all.

No hunters allowed - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: No hunters allowed

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,687

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi was wondering if you could do a one shot where it’s dean x reader but the reader is Bobby’s daughter and she and dean have to date secretly because Bobby doesn’t want her dating hunters? And the reader and dean are always sneaking off for a quickie and then bobby always notices there missing and sort of figures it out?

“Thanks sweetheart.” Bobby gave you a smile as you handed him his beer.

“No problem dad.” you said out of habit as you gave the boys a beer too, smiling softly at both of them and sharing a small look with Dean when your fingers brushed.

“Any news on the case?” you asked as you sat on a chair next to your father and took a look on his computer.

“Nah seems like it’s going to take longer than usual.” Sam replied for him and you nodded your head as you looked at him but let your eyes drift for a moment to Dean who hadn’t take his off you. A small smile played on his lips and you chewed on your own as you looked at him but then tears your eyes shyly.

“All signs show demon possession but when we got at the house there was no sulfur and the body actually showed no traces of possession. So it could also be a ghost if you think about- hey!” Bobby snapped angrily making both you and Dean jump “Eyes here you idjit!” he gave him a glare as Dean shrugged.

“I was just thinking what you were saying!” he said simply, taking a sip of his beer as your father rolled his eyes.

“Sure you were.” Bobby huffed as he looked at you and you scurried to occupy yourself with something.

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the sons of eschatology

Summary“This is a really terrible idea,” you said, to distract yourself from the rough hemp rope biting into your wrists. “He doesn’t respond well to threats.”

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Horror (Supernatural (the TV series) AU)

Rating: Teen and Up (short but graphic violence)

Length: 3.2k

A/N: <3

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“This is a really terrible idea,” you said, to distract yourself from the rough hemp rope biting into your wrists.

The hunter standing guard by the window of the cabin took a second to glare at you before immediately turning his attention back to the dark forest outside. He held a shotgun full of salt shells in his hands, the worn plaid shirt drawn up around his elbows to reveal jagged white scars marring his tan forearms. An anti-possession tattoo has been burned into the inside of both wrists.


You glanced at the other hunter of the pair, the one sitting leisurely by the fireplace with a bible held in hand, an almost sleepy expression on his face. A black pearl rosary hung from his other hand, his fingers idly playing with the white cross poised amongst the beads. The collar of his thin grey shirt dipped below his collarbones, pasty white skin with a smattering of dark chest hair showing through the gap. His anti-possession tattoo made an ugly black scar across the base of his throat. “And what makes you say that, sweetheart?”

Despite bristling inside at the drawled ‘sweetheart,’ your face remained impassive, your voice even. “He doesn’t respond well to threats.”

“Huh,” the man hummed thoughtfully, head tilted to the side as he watched you. One of his eyes looks glassy and opaque, the iris devoid of the same thick brown as the other. “Imagine that. A demon with a temper, who would’ve guessed.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I made some older anime-themed valentine cards you can print out and share with someone you love or your anime-loving friends. Click on each image to view it better at full size and to save it, or you can download the entire sheet to print all of them at once here. Enjoy & have a fun Valentine’s day (I’ve filled today’s queue with Valentine’s-ish posts today, too, so look forward to that later today!)

I’m all about representation on the books, but it really makes me mad when people make the hunters a bunch of girls that are 16 or older. The average age of the hunters is 13, barely teens, they are literally a bunch of little girls, who most of them, are not even teens (With some exceptions like Zoë and Thalia). They are not a bunch of older teenagers, if you want a powerful group of girls who didn’t give up love, you can have the amazons, but please reminder that even if the hunter gave up men on their oath, most of the point of the hunters joining young was they would never reach the age where they would develop romantic feelings, for any gender.

Hunter’s Instinct

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Pairing: Dean x Demon!reader
Word count: 762
Warnings: Swearing

Part 3 of One Drunken Night

You made both of you a cheeseburger that first night while talking about anything he wanted to know. It was awkward, and you avoided looking him in the eyes too much. You felt like he’d drive his demon knife into you at any moment. After you’d handed him his plate, you each grabbed a drink from the fridge.

“Movie?” You asked, figuring that was the best way to avoid either an awkward silence or more questions.

Dean quickly nodded. “Yeah, that’d be great.”

The two of you moved into the living room and sat on opposite sides of the couch. You grabbed the remote and turned the tv on while you put your feet up on the coffee table. The air between you seemed to be thick, and pressing on  you. Thankfully you had to work the next day, so you would get six hours away from this.

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Hunter VS. Hunter


Getting into a fight with another female hunter.


Winchester brothers X sister!reader.


Language. Violence. Blood.


Really sorry about wait, again. I’ve got a special imagine that I’m currently writing, so I’ve been working hard on that.


@caroldanversinatardis @tom-is-in-my-tardis

Hope you enjoy it!

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It was one of those nights you were able to relax and enjoy conversation with others who knew what you did for a living. Sam had told you that a nearby bar was a common stop for local hunters, so you all set off to enjoy a drink or two.
Once all of you were in, you immediately walked to the bar to grab a drink after that hunt. A few minor scratches and bruises, but a few drinks could help.

After a few drinks were down, you walked over after you recognized some familiar faces from a while back that helped you out on a hunt.

You talked for a while, bringing up old hunts, monsters, and the fun you all had together. Everything was perfect, until you saw someone new walk in. Why did she look so familiar?

You turned your head slightly and finally identified her thorough the blur of people. Oh, it was her.

You felt the anger you hadn’t felt in years rise up from it’s hiding place and surge throughout your body. It had been so long. So long since you had seen her. So long since she left you. So long since you’ve felt this anger again.

You stood up and began to walk over there, ignoring the calls of your fellow hunters. You had your eyes set on thing and one thing only. Nothing else mattered. You were about to show her what a Winchester was capable of.

Her back was to you and you raised a fist and whistled. The second she turned around, your fist collided with her cheek. She fell to the ground and the pain you felt in your knuckles only turned into more anger.

“What the hell?!” She screamed as she turned around, getting back on her feet. Everyone was quiet now. Everyone was watching you. Everyone was going to watch this wench get what she deserved.

Her eyes found yours and she smirked, lowering her hand from her cheek. You knew that smirk all to well.

“Winchester!” She laughed,“ So good to finally see you again. I see you made it out of that hell-hole alive. Such a shame…” Her eyes dared you to make a move, but you weren’t scared. Not anymore.

You raised another fist and aimed for her nose this time, but she countered you and pulled. You landed on your back and kicked the back of her knee before she could attack further. She fell and you jumped up.

The yelling and amusement of everyone around you filled your ears. You could hear your heart beat. She rolled and jumped back up.

“What’s wrong, Winchester? Still upset about that little problem we had?” She laughed like it was nothing. You growled and leapt for her. Your hands aiming for her throat. She was a little too slow to dodge it, resulting in you landing on top of her.

“You bitch!” You yelled, “You left me to die!” Your legs on both sides of her waist, holding her down. Your hands were around her neck, cutting off her breathing. Those cheering for you screamed louder and louder.

“You left those innocent people there to die! You left those children their to die! You let the damn demon get away too!” You couldn’t hold it back. She wasn’t a hunter. She was a killer.

Before you knew what was happening, you were being picked up. Blinded by your anger, all you did was scream and kick. You kneed the person in the stomach, resulting in you falling down. Your cries were heard as you tried to attack the girl again. Both hers and your blood covered the both of you.

You felt yourself being lifted again, probably by a new person, but that didn’t matter. You wanted that girl dead. Nothing was stopping you. You felt cold air travel across your body. You assumed you were outside.

“Hey! (Y/N)! Stop this!” You heard a voice. You continued kicking and kept your eyes shut. The tears fell freely down your cheeks.

“(Y/N)! It’s me. Please calm down.” You heard the voice say. Was…was that Sam? You slowly relaxed and opened your eyes. Your (E/C) eyes met Sam’s hazel ones and he gave you a warm smile.

“Hey, Sammy,” You returned the smile, well, tried to anyway, “D-did you see her? Did you recognize her?” You asked, licking your dry lips.

“Yeah, sweetie. I did, and Dean is taking care of it.” Sam answered. He held you up and you leaned into your older brothers arms. You were breathing heavy, but knowing that the girl wouldn’t be walking for a while, especially after Dean was through with her, helped calm you down.

You groaned at your injuries and Sam picked you up and carried you to the Impala. You layers down in the backseat and heard both car doors up front shut. You opened your eyes and made out your older brothers sitting up front.

“Hey, (Y/N). It’s all over. She’s gone. She’ll never bother you again, I promise.” Dean turned around and smiled hopefully at you. You chuckled.

“Good. That whore got what she deserved. ” You said.

“Yeah,” Sam laughed, “She did.”

“Karma’s a bitch. ” Dean said and you shut your eyes again. You heard the car start up and you leaned into the seats further, before drifting off into sleep.

Please read Guard Dog in if you haven’t , this fic is awesome!


It’s even better than Charmikitty, a more antagonistic second coming of Tanashige (but more eloquent than KohaJun)

Green is the Hunter

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Dean treats the reader like a little sister, but gets jealous when another guy hits on her (Fluff and possible smut)

Warnings: jealous!dean, smut, car sex (is this a warning?)

Words: 3417 

Note: I missed smut ): hope you enjoy this but-deans-back-tho ! (holy crap this turned out long, sorry!)

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