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Ok. Um. Pertaining to the whole #deerkult thing (also @volvano’s hunter vs hunted tag [sorry for not quoting directly]) aaand today’s hunt/worship discussion-

(TL;DR at bottom)

I just had a thought…I mean this hAS been discussed already, but…what if we do a complete 180? So, not “worship the hunt or the hunted”, but more of “hunt the ones we worship”? Seeing as it’s October now, so not only hunting season but upcoming halloweenish stuff- which I personally see as a sort of day off/release thing- maybe it’s a complete reversal of roles? Like with the masks and costumes, for that one day we borrow the faces of monsters and ghosts…But here it’s more of a swap with Deities/Gods? I’m getting temporary and-or borrowed divinity/status feels here- I’m on mobile so no sources or backup info, but I believe that a day of nobility-swaps-with-peasants was sorta a thing? Sorry, I keep blabbering- but I’m getting at a sort of “temporarily take up the mantle of our Gods, wield their weapons and hunt their prey” thing. Switching masks for a while, I guess- all sides know it’s just play, the power shift is an act- but there’s something in the reversing roles as a form of cleansing that just seems right to me.

TL;DR: hunters switch with the hunted as a form of play/celebration/cleansing? Deities temporarily trading off with Their devotees in terms of form/function?????

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