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2012 Best Picture Nominees Poster Series

I started doing this last year when I saw a few other poster series for Best Picture Nominees.  Now that the nominations are out I have exactly a month to see all the movies and design posters for them.  Some of these I can already tell are going to be really hard.

I’m gonna try and keep a consistent style throughout the series, as far as color and layout. But I may end up straying a bit depending on the film.  

I’m also going to try and do a signed/limited print run once they are finished

Let the madness begin

To my favorite fans pt. 1

I want to give some social media love to all my tumblr fans.  I don’t have a lot of pull to get you more followers, but I want to acknowledge and recognize any of my followers who want it, especially if your blog is dedicated to your own creative endeavors.  Shoot me a message and I will post your link on blog later tonight, as well as sing your praises.

It’s not much, but its all i can think of to show my appreciation to all of you, and raise awareness for the immensely talented people out in tumblr land.

Best wishes,