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Still Fallin’

A/N: Little inspiration from Still Fallin’ by Hunter Hayes. Just a cute little drabble

Word Count: 411

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Tags: @kitkatgaming

“You still make me nervous,” Dean confessed as he watched you play with his fingers. He had decided to take you to the beach for the day and now, after a long drive, were back at the Bunker. Your skin still smelled like coconut and sea salt, your hair still wild from the wind. You had gotten a nice tan from spending all day playing in the sun with Dean, and he couldn’t help but marvel at the glow that you emitted, making his heart…his very soul, feel nothing but warmth and comfort.

He watched as a cheeky smile graced your ‘coke and rum’ soaked lips; you finished off the drink he had made for you, feeling a slight buzz as you turned in his arms to face him. Resting your chin on his chest, you stared up at him with a playful innocence,

“Oh really? Why is that? You would think after 5 years of being together you wouldn’t be,”

He prayed to every high power that the dim lighting in the shared bedroom was enough to hide the growing redness that dusted his chest and cheeks. You were the only girl in the world who could turn him into a stuttering, blushing mess. Clearing his throat, he finally managed to look into your eyes.

“Because you’re my sunshine. My light.” He cursed softly at how cheesy that sounded, but it was nothing but the truth. “You’re the only one I never want to hurt, ever. Because each day…I manage to fall just more in love with you. I’m still fallin’, sweetheart,”

You swore he could feel your heart beat against his chest. It was the only time you had ever felt like this, like you were flying. You quickly sat up, straddling his waist, fingers threading through his short cropped dirty blond hair.

“I hate words and language and shit because it’s limiting and there are no combination of words in any language that can describe how much I love you, Dean Winchester. And I want to punch you for pulling this shit on me right now when you know how emotional I get when I’m buzzed,” You groaned with frustration before you pulled him in for a soft kiss. He rested his forehead against your own, chuckling at your frazzled state. He eyed the small velvet box that rested on the top of one of his many weapons shelves in the room.

Soon, he told himself with a smile.

But guys there’s a video on Instagram from when Hunter’s being interviewed on his way to the Grammy’s and he’s all like “I’m shy, and I’m awkward, and I’m scared…”
And Libby’s just in the backseat, laying down, playing on her phone and she just yells “you’re not awkward!!”
And it’s the cutest thing ever and if that’s not relationship goals then I don’t know what is