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Serie: Part1(you are here1) Part2  Part3

Being the youngest member of the Waverider sure has advantages and disadvantages.

They treat you like their little sister.

But they’re all overprotective assholes.

Okay, let’s go to the beginning.

Your adventure began when in a robbery in the National bank of Central City, you meet Captain Cold and Heatwave. You had just escaped your abusive family and were looking for someone to lift their wallets, that person just happened to be MR. Leonard Snart. They took pity on you and gave you the option of joining them ( more like Len saw himself in you and wanted to help you). And so, you joined them and helped in their robberies. You asked Len if you could have a weapon like Lisa, he wanted to say no but really, who could resist your puppy dog eyes?

That’s right

No one.

You ended with a (y/w). And with that weapon, you joined their little group of criminals. You helped once or twice, they didn’t let you help in the most dangerous ones, said you were too young. But you did meet the famous Flash, once.

One night, you were waiting for them in Len’s minivan while they robbed the bank. When you were escaping from the police the three of you were in the car with them when a blinding light surprised you.


When you wake up, you were in a rooftop between Len and Mick and with a bunch of people you didn’t even know.

“Stein, the hell are you doing here”

“I am as ignorant as you for once”

“Where are we?”

“(y/n), are you ok?” Mick asked you. You nodded at him as a guy with a colorful fashion started talking with his heavy English accent.

“The names Rip Hunter, I’m from East London…”

“Oh. And the future.”

You raised an eyebrow at him at the same time Len glared and Mick said:

“Nice to meet you, Rip”

“And while you were incapacitated I may have tampered with your weapons. I’ve assembled you all because I need your help. The future of the world is in peril because a man by the name of Vandal Savage.”

“That can’t be, we destroyed him” Said the guy dressed in leather.

“Yeah, The Green arrow and the Flash helped us doing it.” Said his partner.

After that, Rip Hunter explained his reason of assembling this little group, Len and Mick didn’t seem to agree with his explanation of saving the world via time traveling to defeat this Randall guy. Len grabbed your arm and passed Rip saying.

“You got the wrong guy. Hero ain’t on my resume.” He said.

“Or mine” Mick followed the two of you.

“I know it’s difficult to fathom, but where I am from, the 2116, you and everyone on this roof aren’t just considered heroes, your legends.

You looked at him, eyes widening. You weren’t a petty thief in the future? You were considered a hero?

“Legends?” You said at the same time as the guy who you recognized as the Atom.

“I hate to nitpick, but, doesn’t a legend have to be dead?” Stein said.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s a deal breaker for me, so I’m gonna pass.” The guy beside you said.

“It’s dangerous for you knowing to much about your future but I’m here because each of you as individuals, are destined for greatness.”

“I can get behind that” The Atom said.

“AND, because if you don’t follow me, this is what’s in store for your world 150 years from now” He pressed a button on his remote control and projected a destroyed city engulfed in flames with what seemed like planes shooting at them.

Your grip on Len’s arm tightens as your faced what your city would become, the horror and the desolation the future would become, even if you won’t be alive when this happened…

You didn’t want this.

“I could have chosen any place and any place, of all the people who ever lived I chose you nine, I certainly hope that you won’t let me and the world down.”

Rip saw everyone’s astonished expressions; he walked toward Professor Stein and gave him a paper, where the meeting place was written.

“If your answer is Yes, met me at this address in 36 hours.” After that we walked away.

You felt Len and Mick started walking away and you followed them, after looking at the address and waving at the others one last time.


You were sitting in the couch with Len’s legs on your lap, you were looking at Mick messing with his whatever he was doing. You were mostly thinking of what Hunter showed you all as Len read a magazine.

“I can’t believe the two of you are thinking of hooking up with the Englishman. We’re thieves, crooks, criminals, with no desire to save the world, especially under years from dead.”

Snart answered him without raising his eyes from the magazine.

“He said across time, Mick. What about the years before the fingerprints and surveillance cameras and DNA analysis.”

He looked at Mick, who just grabbed a beer and was drinking it.

“Why did we become criminals?”

“Because we hate working and we love money.”

Len got up from the couch as you looked at them, waiting to see what they chose to do.

“We steal the Mona Lisa straight off of Da Vinci’s easel, snach the Hope diamond before it was discovered. This is everything we got into thieving for in the first place… more than everything.”

Mick looked at Len “If you want me in, I’m in, but I’m not gonna be no one’s hero.”

Len smirked.

“I’m in too!” You said as the two criminals looked at you.

“You won’t be coming with us” Len said.


“It’s to dangerous for you (n/n)” Mick said.” You better stay here with Lisa for the time being”

“But you will be having all the fun! And I be staying here with Lisa flirting with the Flash friend!”

“I promised myself-“


Len rolled his eyes.

We promised ourselves we won’t let anything bad happen to you, and time travel with a bunch of weirdos is too dangerous for you. You’re only (y/a).”


Overprotective assholes.

Let’s try something else.

Flattery can take you far.

(¬ v ¬)

“But it’s more dangerous for me staying here! Lisa and I are no rival for the Flash, not alone. With you, the flash doesn’t stand a chance! Alone… well he could take me away from you…  Also, Lisa won’t pick a fight with no one, so if you take me with you, you will be able to protect me, you’re my big brothers Lenny and Micky, don’t let the Flash take me away…”

Len and Mick’s face was like an open book, the big brother part worked like a charm.

Guess who’s going to time travel?

That’s right.


And that’s how you ended here, along the crew of the Waverider. With time, you ended winning everyone’s hearts over, even stern Rip.


What you needed

More overprotective assholes.

The first to fall was Ray.

He saw how young you really were, and who you were living with.

One day, Ray came to you.

“(y/n), right?”

“Yeah, Raymond was it?

“Yeah” He said sheepishly

“It’s there something you wanted to say?”

“…Why are you with those two criminals?”

You glared at him. Without you knowing, Len and Mick were overhearing your conversation.

“They may be criminals, but they are the best persons I know. They are my family, they are my heroes, I love them with their faults. They are my home, but I don’t hope you will understand.”

Len smiled softly, you could see itty bity tears in his eyes.

Mick was smiling openly.

“You’re so young…”

“But I’ve see things a rich boy like you never has.”

Ray hugged you hard

“You precious cinnamon roll, too precious for this world.”

“HEY BOYSCOUT! Hands off!”


Ray was still hugging you while Len and Mick tried ( but failed) to tear him off of you.

“When we finish saving the world, you can come with me. I got a pretty big house! And I’m rich, I can give you whatever you want! You can be my little (sister/brother)!”

“No way, Raymond. Get off of my sister or I will freeze your dick off.”


Sara and Kendra were the next.

They liked to baby you.

A lot

“(y/n), sit with us today! It’s been a long time since you sat with us!”

Kendra had that motherly feeling for you and Sara was the same, they saw how young you were, and all you had to live and they swear to protect you.

Sara remembered of her past, and how you had a rough childhood like hers, she had to face the bullies until her father teach her how to defend herself, she sweared to protect you and teach you how to fight.

And so, they began training you, hand to hand combat.

Much to your delight.

Kendra and Carter liked to treat you like a child they didn’t have, and after losing their son and won’t be able to do a thing, their actitude towards you became more overprotective.

And, you liked  being babied a little, you didn’t have to ask for something, Kendra, Sara or Ray would compete for your attention, for the horror of Len and Mick, who regretted to bring you along, feeling their little sibling was being taken away from them.


Then it was Jax and Stein.

You liked seeing Jax work on the Waverider’s mechanics, and sometimes you asked him questions about how was the high school he went to.

He gladly answered all your questions and even teach you something about mechanics.

He liked the attention.

He liked being part of a team and the feeling of having a younger person aboard the Waverider made him feel like he should protect you.

Stein liked that you asked him questions about science and he gladly explained it to you, saying that if he didn’t do it Snart’s and Rory’s idiocy would affect you.

Cue, Len and Mick glaring at him.

Stein took upon himself to teach you the basics, seeing as your life as a criminal didn’t let much space for school.

You liked learning, made you feel more powerful.

And sometimes you liked to show off what you learned to Len and Mick.

They were proud of you. But felt like they were being robbed of your loving attention.


The last to fall was Rip.

Rip’s heart was hardened by the death of his family by the hands of Vandal Savage.  So melting the ice in his heart was hard,

Little by little you started to make your way to his heart without him noticing how he started to pay more attention to you, asking how you were and saving you when it was unnecessary.

And, he would oblige you to go to weekly cheek outs with Gideon, much to your displeasure.

So imagine what happened once you got the cold.


Utter and complete madness

A riot.

People running around the ship, yelling that you were sick, Rip dragging you to the infirmary for a cheek out. Len and Mick stick to you like glue and Sara and Kendra took upon themselves to make you feel as comfy as possible. Stein and Jax would come often to entertain. Much to Len and Mick displeasure.

“Go away, you’re annoying. (Y/N) needs peace and sleep and you’re just filling (her/his) head with sciency things.”

“We’re not the annoying ones, you don’t let her  brethe without one of you stalking her.

“Everyone out! (y/n) needs to rest.” Rip said

“No” Len answered.

“Don’t forget I am the captain of this ship”

“I remember, I just don’t care.”


You sighed and looked at Len.

“Can you bring me a glass of water?? Please big brother??”



“Okay, (n/n).”

Jealous looks towards Len

They wanted to be called big brother/sister too.

Wow, you had the crew wrapped around your pinky.

You little manipulative you…

The beginning of the sibling war.

They would compete for your undivided attention.

Sara would bring you food.

Kendra and Carter would stay with you and tell you how they teamed up with the Flash and The arrow.

Stein would come to answer your scientific questions and tell how he turned to Firestorm for the first time.

Jax would tell you what happened in their last mission and would more than often show off. Saying that when you were better he and Stein would show Firestorm and how they fight.

Len and Mick would bring you food of the time where they were because as Mick said “The food of the future is crap”.  And they would stay with you until you fell asleep, then they kissed your forehead lovingly and retire to their quarters.

In the middle of the night, Rip would come to your room and would stay for an hour, brushing your hair and telling about his family and how you made him feel like he belonged again. Everything while you were asleep, but sometimes, you would wake up to his fingers lovingly stroking your hair and his British accent telling you about that heartbreaking future.

This went for a long time, even after you got well .They wouldn’t let you go with them until you got away one while they were on a mission.

Craziness and desperation ensued.

They divided in two groups to search for you. Desperate and afraid some creep would have kidnapped you. After a few hours of distress and yelling ( and , even though they won’t admit it, Sara, Rip and Kendra hit a few shady guys who didn’t want to cooperate, even though they didn’t even see you. And Len and Mick… well let’s say those who didn’t want to cooperate meet Hot and Cold.)

The truth is that you meet a hot (boy/girl) who asked you out to get a drink. You in all you rebellious teenager hormones said yes without thinking what your overprotective teammates would do.

The two of you went out to a coffee shop and talked a bit about yourselves, more like you made up your whole background. You can’t go to someone you just met and say


They would think you’re crazy


After a few hours your team found the two of you…

Let’s say things got ugly pretty quickly.


“Guys, let me explain-“

“NO. YOU ARE GROUNDED!” Sara said.


“Hey Len, I think that (guy/girl) tried to take advantage of her, can I burn (his/her) house down?” Mick said hopefully as Len looked at him saying No with his eyes.

“You know the scare you gave us, young lady? “ Stein said.

·Yeah, I almost had a heart attack! I’m too young to have a heart attack!” Jax said.

Kendra and Carter grabbed the (boy/girl) you were going out with and tock (him/her) away from here, after saying something that made (his/her) face blanch with horror and run away like (his/her) life was at risk…


It probably was.

Kendra and Carter came to you smiling innocently, you asked :

“What did you say to (him/her)?”

“Oh nothing, just that what would happen to his (dick/ ovaries) if (he/she) as much as looked your way.” Kendra said.

“Yes. And that we would probably make his life hell, if (he /she) was every born” Carter said.


Terrifying overprotective assholes who you loved with all your heart.

Len grabbed your hand and dragged you to the ship without saying any of his snarky comments.

Uh oh

He was mad with you and not even the eyes of the puppy dog could save you now.

The end? 

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Originally posted by upon-a-rainbow

“Sorry we’re late,” the man said, “had some difficulty narrowing down the exact time this happened at.”

You stepped back, looking between the foreigner and the group of masked men that had just been knocked unconscious by him and his team.  Behind him stood a blonde woman in tight white leather, a man in a robotic suit, and a man that was literally on fire.  You gaped at them.

“You sure we should be doing this?” the man in the suit asked.  “You said they’re important to the timeline–if we take them out now…”

“Gideon ran the variables,” the accented man argued.  “If we get them back to this moment everything will be fine.  Probably.”

“That sounds convincing,” the woman said.

“What the hell is going on?” you questioned.

“Right.”  The man in the brown coat stepped forward.  “My name is Rip Hunter, and I’m from the future.  We need your help.”

Anon Summary: In which the Reader joins team Legend where the Reader and Leonard fall for each other.

Anon Request: Hiya(:Captain Cold imagine where Y/N is on team Arrow(archer in a blue costume called Artemis?)&Rip asks her to be a Legend as well&she and Snart slowly fall for ea other and maybe fluff and smut or whatever you like? Maybe protective brother!Ollie?

Warning: Near death and fluff!!


You’ve never considered yourself a hero, but you won’t call yourself a villain either. You just help out anyone in need because you’re a decent human being. But you know there are people that need to answer for all the terror they causes, which is why you decided to join Oliver Queen team.

You’ve known Oliver all your life since his mother was the one who brought you in and adopted you. That’s right, you were raised as apart of the Queen’s family and you had to say, it was awesome having Oliver as an older brother. People tend to give you what you want when they find out who your brother is until he completely vanished along with your adopted father and soon you thought he was dead. But once he was found it was like a weight have been lifted off your shoulder and things went back to normal. Well, kind of.

Because you and Oliver are so close before and after the crash, you’ve notice how distance he was being and over protective at times. It wasn’t until you found his lab that you knew he was Arrow. Once you found out you wanted in on the action because who wouldn’t want to be a waitress in the day time and a kick-ass superhero at night but Oliver quickly shut you down from the idea.

“It’s to dangerous Y/N.” He stated while taking you back to your place but you didn’t care. ‘Why should he have all the fun..?’

Once Oliver was out of town, you snuck into his layer where he kept all his weapons. You grab at one of the arrows, shocking yourself. “A lightning arrow? Awesome!” You look around a bit more before picking up a couple of arrows and other gear before heading out on your own. You’ve changed out of your normal clothes into a pair of midnight color pants and boots with a dark blue leather jacket with a hood and a black mask that covers over your eyes. You were ready.

There was a local biker gang that’s been selling drugs and forcing women into prostitution and you took it upon yourself to bring them to justice. You thought the job would be easy since you took 4 of the guys out but you weren’t expecting them to get back up, but once they did, they were pissed. You fight against the 4 of them again, getting a black eye and cut lip in the process but ultimately you emerge as victor and dropped all 4 of the men off at the police station beaten and battered before making your get away.

When Oliver found out he was more than pissed, he was livid. “What made you think it was a good idea to break in here, steal my things, and go after a bunch of guys that are twice your size?!”

You sat back, listening while your brother rants. “I mean, come on Y/N, I know you’re not a stupid girl but what you did was reckless. You’re not trained to take on anything like that. You could of gotten yourself killed!”

“Then train me! Teach me how to fight.” You say back. “There’s no point in trying to protect me from something that’s basically calling to me.” You bent your head down. “I’ve never met my real parents and because of that, I’ve always felt like I’ve never belonged but being out there, helping people…I want to do this Ollie and either you teach me the right way or I’m going to have to learn this all on my own.”

You both stare at each other, neither backing down until Oliver turns around. “Be here tomorrow morning at dawn.” And with that, he left you sitting there with a grin on your face. That was over 9 months ago when Oliver took you under his wing and started training you and boy, was he a tough guy to learn from but it all paid off in the end because now you were standing on top of building, looking over the beautiful city until you hear a loud scream. You look towards the source, seeing a woman and child being thrown into the back of a van before it takes off.

You reach for your bow and arrow, aiming it towards the building across from you before you zip-line down, landing on top of the moving van. You curse under your breath as the van begins to swerve through traffic, trying to shake you off the roof of the van. You soon jump, tumbling off the top of the van and pulling out an arrow, aiming it towards the back tires, causing it to swerve and soon crash into lamp post. You take the opportunity and rush over to the ran, jumping onto the hood which causes the driver to wake up quickly. You slam you foot into the cracked windshield until it breaks, grabbing the driver by the collar and pulling him out.

“Please, don’t hurt me please. I got money just don’t hurt me!!” He begs and pleads but you just cock your fist back and land a single punch into his face, knocking him out for real. You handcuff the man before moving to the back of the van, opening it to see the woman and child trembling in fear.

“It’s okay now, you’re safe.” You tell them, holding a hand out to help them out. Once out the woman waste no time and gives you a big hug, saying 'thank you’ over and over again. You awkwardly give her a one arm hug but quickly pull back once you hear the sound of police sirens and that’s when you make your escape.

Once you’re a great distance, you let out a sigh to yourself, relaxing back against a brick wall and closing your eyes to take moment but the sound of someone clapping puts you back on guard.

“Wow, that was very heroic of you Y/N. Prefect aim as always.” A man with a British accent comes out from the shadows but before you cold say anything back, he flashes a light which quickly puts you off. When you come to, you hear other groans and moans before sitting up slowly, looking around at your surrounding.

“Y/N?” A voice to your right brings in your attention.

“Sara?” You look at your long time friend who you thought was dead months ago. You both help each other up as the same man who came to you comes into focus.

“Ah, glad your all awake. Now before I get started I would just like to let you know that what I’m about to say won’t make any sense.” He starts. “My name is Rip..Rip Hunter and I am from the future and where I come from, you’re all not’re legends.”

That was over 6 months ago when you decided to join up with Rip Hunter to stop Vandel Savage, an immortal man who’s only plan is to rule the world. At first you had your doubts and they only got worse when Rip came clean that he only needed to use all of you because you all wouldn’t effect the timeline if you were to die but after a few harsh punches to the face and a long talk, you and the rest of the team decided to stay to stop Vandel and also change your future.

At first you weren’t so sure as to what you could change since you were the Artemis. A hero in your city but you couldn’t help but think about one thing you would change and that would be your past. To meet your real parents and stop them from giving you up, that soon became your goal.

You and team traveled to the year 1980’s and to say that you were haven’t a blast was an understatement. The 80’s was your time to shine as you come out from a dressing from, wearing a denim jacket and neon leggings. Sara chuckles at your appearance.
“What? Do I not look legit?” You ask, looking at your own reflection in the mirror.

Sara shakes her head. “No, I just never thought you’d be so into the 80’s.” You smile.

“I gotta fit in some how.” You say as Sara shakes her head again.

“Whatever you say but lets go. I’m sure the boys are tired of waiting.” She says, getting up from her seat to leave and that’s when you remember the guys waiting for you two outside of the store.

You two walk out to see Mick Roy eating a few snacks as Leonard Snart leans against the wall, his arm crossed. “Sorry for the wait, Y/N couldn’t pick out a outfit.” Sara says and you roll your eyes playfully before looking at Leonard.

“You guys didn’t rob any places have you?” You ask.

Snart smirks. “Now why would we do that?” He ask sarcastically, giving you a little wink.

“Because we’re criminals.” Mick speaks up, causing to Snart to sigh. “That was sarcasm Mick, I was being sarcastic.” Soon the four of you start walking to the car on the strip. Since the beginning, the four of you, Leonard, Mick, you, and Sara have being stuck together like glue because lets face it, this journey would of been boring without them. From the bar fights to stealing expensive things, it was all just fun.

Plus, you were kind of having a little thing with Leonard Snart. It started off as just flirting and sarcastic marks between you but it soon turned into more behind closed doors. The only people that knew about it was Sara and Mick. “It wasn’t that hard to notice it.” Sara said one day when you told her that you slept with Leonard. “Is it that obvious?” You asked but she shakes her head. “Not to everyone else but to me it’s as clear as a cold cut diamond that you have a thing for him. And it’s not like he even tries to hide his attraction towards you.”

She was right but the only time you’ve notice Snart showing any kind of affection towards you was when you were in his bedroom. But outside, he just act his normal self besides the winks and small touches when no ones watching. If you were like any other normal woman, you would be upset and end things with him but you’re not. You both know what ’s going on between you two and you both know that once this is all over with Vandel Savage dead and you finding your parents, you’re both going to go your separate ways. But it didn’t stop your heart from beating whenever he looked at you with an intense gaze or how he kisses and touches you gently.

You sat in the backseat of the red mustang that Rip let Mick keep, even though he stole it, looking out the window with Sara sitting next to you. It wasn’t until Mick slammed on the breaks that you’re soon dragged out of your thoughts.

“Why’d you stop?” You ask, looking over at Sara who’s just as confused as you are.

“We’ve got company.” Mick states, reaching for his flame gun while Snart does the same with his cold gun. You look out and seeing an army, dressed in all black with a mask covering over their faces, their guns pointing at the car.

“What the hell is this all about?” Sara, reaches for her weapons as you grab your bow and arrows. You all get out of the car, ready to fight when you see Firestorm, Atom, Hawkman and Hawkgirl land around you guys. “Hopefully we’re not to late.” Ray Palmer a.k.a the Atom says before looking over at you and smiling.

You look away quickly, with an eye roll. “A couple of Vandels men so be careful.” Carter says before charging into battle with you and rest of the team right behind him.

All chaos breaks out as you take on a few guys on your own, the same with Sara while Firestorm takes to the sky against a few themselves along with Hawkman. Kendra and Rip a few feet away from you go on the attack as well, leaving Snart and Mick to fight together back to back. You get a few down with just your fits before you get on the back of car, shooting your arrows quickly, one after the another to fend their numbers. You’re taking from the car quickly, getting knocked down onto the ground and there’s a struggle between you and one of Vandel’s solider before you feel his fits landing on your face making you stumble but you keep on your feet, pushing him back enough as you turn to grab for your arrows when you hear Snart yell your name but it’s to late. You couldn’t get out the way in time when the solider fires his lazer gun at you but for some reason you don’t feel anything the ground. You look back behind you, realizing what had happen.
Everyone stands around the ship, no one really talking as they’re just trying to rest after the random battle that took place. “Vandel shouldn’t be able to get to us while we’re time limbo so you all rest up.” Rip says with a sigh.

You wait until Stein comes out of the room, giving you a nod as you get up and walk into little infirmary room that’s on the ship, seeing Snart sitting himself up slowly with a wince.

“How are you feeling?” You ask softly, coming towards him, still a little worried. Snart shakes his head.

“I’ve been better.” He rolls his shoulder but winces louder. “You should be moving it that much. Martin just stitched you up, you would want opening you wound up again.” You state, looking at his shoulder that’s patched up, knowing that it should be you sitting there in pain or even worst, dead. Snart ended pushing you out of the way when the solider was about to shoot you, resulting in Leonard getting shot in the shoulder.

You now stand in front of Snart, seeing that he’s fully okay but the memory of him getting shot still lays fresh in your mind. You step closer to him before placing your head on his left shoulder gently.

There’s silence between you two before he speaks. “You okay Y/N?” He ask while you try to collect your thoughts. “Don’t ever do that again..” You whisper.

Snart titles his head to the side with a sigh. “Do what?”

“Be the hero. It almost got you killed you jerk.” You say, trying to swallow the lump in your throat.

“I wasn’t being a hero Y/N.” Snart states. “Just doing my good deed of the day.” He says sarcastically.

You pull your head back quickly, the tears already falling but you punch him in the shoulder. “It’s not funny Snart. You could of died for nothing? It would of all been for nothing.” You say in a shakey voice.

Snart looks at you for a moment before sighing, pulling you back in towards him. “I would of died saving you, I think that counts as something Y/N.” He says. “Call me reckless but I would do it again everytime if it meant that you get a chance to live.”

Snart holds onto you, both of you not caring if anyone saw but soon you take Leonard back to his room where once the door is closed, he kissing you passionately and you return the favor. It’s not long until your laying back on his bed with him hovering over you, his lips licking and nibbling on your neck.

“Lenny, I think you should be resting not trying to get something started here.” You says softly, giggling a little.

Leonard lets out a little growl in your ear. “I nearly died today Y/N, I think I need to celebrate and I want to celebrate with you.” He says in a low tone before his lips are back on yours. You both strip out of your clothes before laying under the sheets naked with Snart between your legs, his hard member brushing against your wet opening. You feel his fingers moving in and out of you, causing you to moan softly.

“I don’t think I can wait any longer Lenny.” You bite you lip in pleasure before another moan leaves your lips again.

“Me neither baby.” Snart soon replaces his fingers with his hard cock, sliding it between your wet opening. His thrust slower than usual as his lips continue moving over yours between leaving soft kisses over your face to your neck.

As if something clicked, you realized why he’s taking his time on you. Snart is never one to talk much about anything. He likes to keep his conversations short and to the point, never being around the brush. And when it comes to his feelings, they’re a whole mystery on their own. But now, you realized that this just isn’t some meaningless sex like all the other times before.

Leonard Snart was making love to you. You were too caught up in your own panic from earlier that his words didn’t sink in until now. Leonard Snart would take bullet for you if it meant that you’ll live and you didn’t know it before but now, you know you’ll do the same.

And as you both reach your release you’ve come to realization that you were in love with Lenny and you didn’t need words to know that he was in love with you too.

His actions spoke louder than words.


And that’s another closed story. I focused more on some fluff then smut because I honestly don’t really see Leonard pouring out his heart in one go. I feel like he’ll confess his feelings in little spurts or just by showing it. But that’s just me!! To the reader that sent in the request, I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to more request!!!

7/7/16 happy birthday killua !  (●´з`) ノ  。・:*:・゚’☆♪

gon gave him the choco robots!!! (because he is closest to killua & he knows he’s craaaazy for this)

leorio gave him alcohol chocolates (though he’s the doctor around, he doesn’t think sometimes & yknow he tends to spoil ‘em too, so he gave him something extravagant!!)

kurapika gave him toothache drops wwww (he knew killua will go all out with sweets so he thought ahead and bought him toothache drops to spare him from future suffering wwwwwww)



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The awesomely haired Yor: the Hunter from the Future (1982). 

The movie starts off stone age adventure, but halfway through, lurches into some weird territory, like it was Zardoz II. The reason is that it wasn’t meant to be a movie, but as a miniseries shown over different nights, and was edited together. The unedited Yor miniseries can be found, but only in Italian, with English subtitles.

One of the great missed opportunities is that Mystery Science Theater 3000 never got around to doing Yor.

Yor - the Hunter from the Future won a Razzie for Worst Song, for the theme.

One Fine Day (Part 2)

The Darkness is gone. The Supernatural world is fairly peaceful. Dean Winchester should be relaxing and enjoying the quiet.

But he can’t. Not without Cas.

When Cas returns, things feel different between them. Dean has no idea just how much their lives are about to change. Cas, on the other hand, does- but how much is he willing to sacrifice to get everything he’s ever wanted?

Prequel Part 1

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note: So Mick will be 18, Snart 15, and Sara 15

The door to the cargo bay opened and the younger versions of Sara and Mick stared at each other then smirked. They’d just found their way out! However, before they could even step foot outside, the older versions of them came in with another teen. The younger version of Sara studied him. He had a bored expression on his face but she could tell he was scared by the way his eyes kept moving around the place, expecting an attack. He had a black and blue eye and some bruises around his throat and Sara frowned at that. His eyes met hers and he stared for a moment before looking away. 

“You can’t expect to keep me here,” drawled the teen. 

“We can and we will,” said another, the OLDER version of him. 

“What the hell?” asked the teen, looking at the older version of himself. 

“Long story, won’t bore you with the details, but don’t worry kid. We’ll get you back to dear ole Dad in no time.”

The adults left and Sara tried the trick again with her hand and sighed. It wasn’t going to work now. 

Great.” She turned around to look at the two boys sizing each other up. She sighed, rolling her eyes. “Can we save the pissing contest for later?”

“Don’t remember me, Mick?”

“Snart?” asked Mick with a squint. “Last time I saw you, you were a scrawny kid. Still are.” 

“What year they pull you out of?”

“1990,” answered Mick. 

“1987,” countered Leonard. 

They both then turned to Sara. “Oh, uh, 2003.”

“Interesting. Name’s Leonard by the way.”


“So Sara, Mick, any ideas on how to get out of here?”

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Today and Tomorrow

Pairing: DeanXReader
Word count: 3515
Summary: Sam and Dean are on a witch hunt with the reader. The brothers end up being sent back in time to 1977 and encounter the readers mother.

You and Dean stood at the trunk of the Impala, where he unlocked it to reveal the many weapons it stored. You grabbed a pistol, and Dean grabbed two. He threw the extra to his brother who was now walking to the two of you. “You ready to get the witch?” Sam asked.

The both of you nodded. “Nothing but ready,” Dean smiled, happy that the three of you were finally going to kill the witch you’d spent the past week hunting down. You hid your own smile, which formed at Deans. Oh, how much his smile gave you butterflies wasn’t even funny. You started out as friends, then best friends, and now you were in love with him. You felt like he didn’t feel the same way, but that wouldn’t stop you from loving him.

“Okay, then let’s go,” you said as the three of you made your way for the warehouse that you’d located the witch in. With a flashlight in one hand and your gun in the other, you slowly opened the door, and signaled to the guys that the cost was clear. They followed you in, and you turned to them. “This place is huge,” you commented. It was really huge, actually. I’d take a while to find the witch, and that was if she was still there. “Let’s split up, It’ll go faster that way,” you suggested.

“Whoa,” Dean stopped you “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, (Y/N),” he explained. What you didn’t know, is that he actually had feelings for you too. He has for a while, and didn’t want to let you out of his sight.

You looked at him, giving him a shake of the head. “It’ll be fine Dean,” you explained to him. You could handle yourself just as well as he could, and didn’t see why he was against splitting up. You kind of needed to, the witch needed to be found and killed as soon as you could do so.

Dean was about to speak, but was cut off by his brother. “She said it’ll be fine, Dean. It will. We just kill the witch and be done with it, plain and simple.”

Dean let out a big, long sigh. “Fine,” he finally agreed. He just walked away, leaving you and Sam alone.

“What’s that about?” You asked, and got a shrug from the younger Winchester, continuing “Be safe, I guess,” this time you walked away, keeping your guard up the entire time. You didn’t go anywhere specific, and just kept walking down the quiet halls of the Warehouse. You froze when you saw a bright white light from a room not far from you. “Shit,” You said under your breath as you dashed to where it had come from. It had to be the witch, right? You stopped in your tracks when you finally made your way to the room. You stood in the doorway, eyes wide. On the ground, you saw the two guns Sam and Dean had used.

You ran and knelt by them, then examined the room around you. There was nothing much, besides the two guns and a few boxes here and there. “Sam! Dean!” You called out to them, but got no response. You held your gun up, ready for the witch to pop up anywhere, but nothing. The witch was nowhere in sight. What the hell happened there? There was the bright light, and their guns on the ground, they had to be there and this had to be the witch’s doing. What else could it be?

Darkness was all Dean could see, after the bright light. The last thing he remembered was finally catching the witch, then got caught up in some of her mojo. Now, his eyes slowly opened to reveal a starry sky. “What the Hell,” He let out as he sat up from his once laying position, putting a hand on his forehead. He examined the surrounding area to see what looked like to be a park. He stopped when he saw Sam laying on the ground, and crawled to him. “Sam, you okay?” He asked.

His brother slowly came to, and looked up at his brother. “Y-Yeah, I am,” He sat up too and stood up. He looked around and saw the park as Dean did not a minute prior. “Wait, where’s (Y/N)?” He brought up the fact that you were nowhere to be seen. The two looked everywhere, but still, you were nowhere in sight.

“Where the hell is she?” Dean questioned. He thought back at the moment the witch did whatever it was she did to them, and realized you were nowhere around. “Whatever the witch did to us, she didn’t do to (Y/N),” He told his brother. He realized that they were nowhere around the warehouse “Shit! She’s alone with the witch. She did this to us, so who knows what she might do to (Y/N)!”

“Dean, calm down,” Sam tried getting Dean to calm down, and continued. “Look, I know that, but we need to get back. Let’s just go,” He got a nod from dean, and they started for town. It was strange, though. What was strange? It wasn’t the same town they were in before. “What the hell? Where are we?”

“Don’t know, but I,” He stopped in his tracks. He looked around, shocked. As he examined the town around them, he noticed something off about everything “I don’t think we’re in 2016 anymore.”

The two Winchesters looked everything they could, and nothing looked modern, or at least for them. They knew by the older cars driving down the street that they definitely weren’t in 2016, they were actually back in 1977. “Damnit!” Dean wanted to scream, but held it in since they were in public. “I think the damn witch sent us back to the 70’s!”

“Wait, What?” Sam was rather shocked.

“You heard me right, we’re in the 70’s,” Dean just kept walking, determined to find out exactly when they were zapped back to. Dean was officially fed up with witches. They’ve dealt with many before, but this one royally pissed him off.
After a good twenty minutes of walking, they stopped by a coffee shop, where luckily, there were papers. Dean picked on up and read the date. “Okay, today’s July 28th, 1977, great,” At this point, he had no clue what they were supposed to do, how they were gonna get back. He wanted to get back to you, so he could make sure you were okay and to kill the witch. They’ve never dealt with time travel unless they were sent back by an angel or knew they were going back. This time around, he didn’t know what they were going to do.

As they started out the door, Sam started “Okay, we need to find something to do. I think I might know a spell that could send us back,” Unlike his brother, Sam actually paid attention to things like that. Where his brother was more proficient with combat, he was better with things along the lines of spells.

“Okay, good, tell me now.”

“It’s not that simple, Dean,” Sam explained as they walked. “We need things for the spell. But I think I saw a shop not that far back that might have the things we need,“ with that, Dean gave him a nod and they were on their way. Dean didn’t even think his brother would know of a way to get back to the right year. Either way, he was happy he did, or they probably wouldn’t even find a way back and would be stuck in ‘77. He wouldn’t think it was that bad, if he didn’t have you to get back to.

They finally made it to the store, and Dean noticed a symbol some hunters use on the windows of shops. “Look,” he pointed to it, letting Sam know it was there. “Maybe they’re a Hunter too.”

“Yeah, maybe,” they entered the store, and saw various things such as herbs, animal bones and anything along the lines of those. They saw a women working at the counter with her back facing them. “Um, excuse me, we’d like to buy a few things.”

“Just a minute,” They heard as the women dug through some boxes behind the counter. She turned around to then “How can I help you?”

The boys stopped in their tracks, at something rather horrifying. Those (Y/E/C). Those lips. That hair. That women… She looked a lot like you. Sam and Dean shared looks with each other, both realizing what it meant. She was your mother. “Oh god,” Dean said under his breath. Out of all people, why did they have to run into her?”

“Oh, um,” Sam ran a hand through his long hair. “We’re looking for a few things,” He handed her a list of the things that they needed to put together for the spell that would send them back to their own year.

She scanned through the list, “Hm,” I should have all of these. I’ll be right back,” She made her way for the back of the store, leaving Sam and Dean in the middle of the store.

“Okay, is it just me, or does that look like (Y/N)?” dean questioned Sam in a whisper. To him, she did but wasn’t sure if Sam thought so too. He got a nod from him, and continued “That’s got to be her mother, right?”

“Yeah,” Sam nodded again. “I wonder why we ran into her.”

“Don’t know, but by the looks of this place, she’s a hunter. Or at least knows about all those things,” Everything in the store could be used for spells, possibly even hex bags, so she had to know about anything supernatural. He looked over at his brother, waiting to see what he had to say about everything.

“Yeah,” Dean agreed. It was a little crazy that they ran into her. He wondered if it was a better idea to play it cool, or to tell her about it. It was even crazier for him to consider telling her about what happened. He wanted to tell her, after all he’s heard about her, he wanted a one on one conversation with her. “Are you Ava (Y/L/N)?” He wondered .

She raised an eyebrow at him. “Why do you ask?” She wondered. Why was he asking that? Cautious, she gripped a pistol in her back pocket, and raised it to Dean.

He put his hands up “Whoa, you don’t have to shoot.”

“Maybe I won’t, that’s if you tell me, why are you here?” Dean noticed how she was cautious, and how you somehow picked up her cautious nature.

He sighed, letting out. “We need ingredients for a spell.”

“I’m aware of that,” she said, pulling back the hammer of her pistol, ready to shoot. “Tell me why you asked me if I was Ava (Y/L/N)?” That was what she really wanted to know.

Dean sighed, letting out “Look, we don’t want any trouble,” He admitted. “We know you’re a hunter. We came from the future, on a Witch case, and our partner is stuck there alone. We need all these things to get to back her. Her name’s (Y/N). (Y/F/N). I’m pretty sure you’re her mother.”

Ava’s eyes widened as she put down her pistol that she was gripping tight. “What?” She was both shocked and surprised. What did they mean you’re her mother? Were they serious? “I-I don’t know what to say,” She claimed, putting the gun back in her pocket. She looked from Sam to Dean. “So you mean, my daughter, is a hunter? She hunts with the two of you?”

Dean nodded, confirming her question “Yeah. And she’s a damn good one at that,” He told Ava. He thought you were one of the best hunters he’s ever come across, there was no doubt in his mind. But that wouldn’t stop him from being protective of you. “The witch sent us back to now, so who knows what she could do to (Y/N).”

“Well,” Ava didn’t hesitate to push the box of things she gathered from the back of the store across the counter. “Here, this is everything you need. Please, go back and help her,” She pulled her hand away from the box, and Sam grabbed it from the opposite side of the counter. “Make sure she’s safe.”

“We will,” Sam promised. “Is there anywhere we can do this?”

“Yeah,” Ava towards the back, waving back to the guys to follow her. She brought them to an old storage room that was pretty much empty. She moved the few boxed that were in there to the side so they had room to actually perform the spell the needed to do. “Here.” Sam started putting together the ingredients as Ava pulled Dean aside for a moment. “Like I said, please make sure she’s okay.”

“I promise, I won’t let anything happen to (Y/N). I would never let her get hurt, not on my watch,” He promised her. It was true. He’d protect you no matter what, he’d even take a bullet for you. If it meant you’d be safe, he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything. “I care too much about her.”


“Because,” He started explaining “She’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. She’s so kind, funny, and caring. The way her smile can light up the room is incredible. She’s protective, and wouldn’t let anything happen to her friends. And she’s one of the best fighters I know. I vowed to protect her, even though she can handle herself pretty well.”

Ava flashed a smile, and looked at Dean. “I know you’ll keep her safe. I see it in your heart, that you care about her. That you love her. I know I can trust her in your arms. So go, kill that Witch, and tell her how you feel. If she’s anything like me, which it seems she is, she’ll tell you how she feels about you. Maybe she feels the same?”

Dean smiled back. “I will,” He gave her a reassuring nod, when Sam called to him. When he stood next to Sam, he looked back to Ava. “I’ll keep her safe, no matter what,” He said as he watched her slowly walk out of the room, so she wouldn’t get caught up in the spell with them. “Well, let’s go.” Before they knew it, they were off.

A long time passed, and no sign of either Sam or Dean. “Where the hell are you guys?” You asked to no one in particular as you continued down dark halls of the Warehouse. They were nowhere around, but it wouldn’t stop you from finding and killing the Witch. It was your first priority, after all. You would kill her, the you could find the guys.

You held your pistol up, along with your flashlight to see through the dark, hands a little shaky. You weren’t scared, but you were a little worried that the witch would catch you off guard or something. But that wouldn’t stop you from finding and killing her. “You’d better come out now, bitch. It doesn’t need to be this hard,” you yelled out.

Not to your surprise, the warehouse remained silent like it had been for twenty minutes. “Damnit! Just come out!” You yelled again even if you knew you’d get no reply, yet again. You didn’t stop, and kept on looking in every possible direction you could.

You quickly turned when you heard a noise, maybe it was the witch, it had to be. You worked you way to where the noise came from and ended in another storage room. You kept your gun up and walked around the room. You froze in your path then a voice came from behind you “Nice of you to join me.”

You turned to see the witch standing behind you. You saw her twirling the end of her braid as she smiled “You should have seen what I did to the boys.”

You pointed your gun at her, demanding “What the hell did you do to them?”

“Oh, you know, just sent them back and time. Nothing serious though,” she started approaching you, and you placed your hand on the trigger “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” she knew that you were going to shoot her. “If you do, there’s no way you’ll get them back. You wouldn’t want that to happen, now would you?” She laughed.

You brought your gun down a little, really pissed at her. You knew she wasn’t lying, and of course, our of all things, she had to send them back in time. You took a deep breath in, and let out “Suck it, bitch,” you brought the gun back up and shot her in the stomach.

Her body fell to the ground and you put the gun back in your pocket, approaching her corpse. You didn’t care if you shot her, because you knew that you could get the boys back to the right year, somehow. You shook your head at the witch’s body, “The things your kind do are sad, really sad.”

You started making your way back for the Impala, and once you got back, you realized Dean still had the keys. “Great,” you complained under your breath. You went to open one of the backseat doors, which it wouldn’t budge. “Of course, it’s locked,” you put your back against the car and let yourself slide into the ground.

You were on your own for now, and would try to get the guys back. It wasn’t worth keeping the witch alive to get a way to bring them back, you knew they they would’ve wanted you to kill her. You looked up at the starry sky, wondering how you’d get them back. “Hm, maybe Cas could help,” you asked yourself. Even if he couldn’t, you’d get them back.

Out of no where, you heard the crunching leaves not that far from you. You grabbed your gun from your pocket like before, and stood up, your guard up. You looked around, your pistol moving along as you did. It was almost pitch black so you could barely see anything. You hear the noise again, and let out “I know someone’s there. Come out.”

A couple of shadowy figures formed from the treeline and you heard “(Y/N),” you froze at the familiar voice.

“Dean?” You knew it was him and moved to where you saw the figures come out from. With the dim moon light, you saw Sam and Dean. “I thought you guys were sent back in time.”

“We were,” Sam nodded.

“Where’s the witch?” Dean added.

“Dead,” you smiled, proud of yourself killing her without the help of Sam or Dean. You were rather surprised that they were actually there, and not in the past, to whenever they were sent back to. “Well anyways, nice to have you two back.”

“It’s nice to be back,” Dean smiled back. A once pitted stomach went away when you saw the smile on his face. You were glad he came back in one piece, getting a little worried before you found out they had come back. He threw Sam the Impala’s keys, saying “You drive. We’ll be right there.”

Sam nodded, “Whatever you say,” He walked back to the Impala and you and Dean watched him get it, leaving the two of you alone. You two shared a look, and a silence fell between the both of you.

“I’m glad you’re back,” You broke the silence.

“Yeah,” Dean agreed “Me too,” He paused, taking a deep breath. “Okay, I need to tell you something.”

“Okay, hit me.”

“When we went back,” He started, rubbing the back on his neck. “We ran into your mother.”

Your eyes widened “Wait, what?” You couldn’t believe it, they ran into your mother. You hadn’t seen her in a long time, she’d died a few years before now. How did they even know she was her? What year did they even go back to?

“We did, and she helped me realize something,” He looked as if he couldn’t get something out, or didn’t know how to say it. You looked at him, waiting for an answer. He brought his hand up and put it on your arm. “(Y/N), I,” He paused again “I love you. Not as a sister, but I actually love you.”

You froze, staring at him. Did you hear that right? The words, I love you, raced through your mind. Was he being serious? Did he actually love you back. “I-” You didn’t know what to say, but the words slipped from your mouth “I love you too, Dean.”

He smiled down at you, and let his hands slide down to yours. His fingers interlock with yours, and you didn’t even think about pulling away. “Welcome back, Winchester,” You chuckled, even though you’d already said it. He actually loved you back, it was like a dream come true



Sorry if this has been obvious from the start to anyone but me, but is Gideon like what Windows, OS and Ubuntu is for us? Like, in the future everyone has a Gideon?

I always used to think that she was only Eobard’s AI. Well, first future Barry’s (since he’s the one that created her? Unless that was a lie, but I don’t see a reason for her lying or Eobard asking her to lie about that)

But her being Rip’s AI now too makes me think that she’s a program that everyone (or the people that can afford it) in the future has.

That, or either Eobard stole it from either future Barry or Rip Hunter at some point. Eo DID know about Rip Hunter…

Whatever, I’m glad she’s back both in The Flash and now Legends.. I love her sassiness.