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Master List: Orphan Brigade (Fake AH Crew AU) (Baby Years)

The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager. (GTA-verse)

Orphan Brigade The origin story

We Don’t Need No Education The lads are enrolled in school

X-Ray’s Origins Ray gets glasses

Bump In The Night Michael has nightmares, Gavin comforts him

Knock Me Down Geoff is shot by the police

Jack and The Lads Jack comes to terms with their new family

It’s All Fun and Games Geoff plays video games with the lads

Go! Geoff makes chores fun

Sunday Driving

Griffon Meets The Lads

Lads in Distress The boys are kidnapped Part One Part Two Part Three Epilogue

BrownParty Rays birthday

Brown-Baby Ray adopts the nickname ‘Brownman’

Michaels Parents Come For Him

Rays Abandonment Issues

Ryan’s First Date

Put On Your War Paint Ryan experiments with facepaint

Puppy Power  The lads get a puppy

Babies On Board Geoff gets in a shoot-out with the kids in the car

Pillow Wars

Ray Failing at Hide and Seek

Michael helps with a Shoot Out

Ray Runs Away From Home Part One

Part Two: Ryans Revenge

Ryans Parents Find the Mask

Bitches Get Cut Geoff comforts Michael

The Lads First Experience With Death

An Army Of Duck Sized Horses The lads ask about Jacks gender

Parents Evening

The Blame Game Michael gets blamed for something he didn’t do

A Model Child Geoff and Jack learn Ryan’s terrible secret

Momma Jack - Ryan is kidnapped.

It’s Not Safe To Go Alone - The Lads sneak out (Written by Marden Machen)

A Really Evil Guy, But A Really Good Dad

The Getaway - Ryan helps Geoff and Jack out

Cinderella - The reason behind Michael’s obsessive cleaning

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HD is Awesome,


well this took me and hannah like 4-5 hours to do owo which is amazing since i edit like a snail xD but omg king gavin is amazing and sajdfkdfhg 

Please Sub to the amazing person who worked on this with me!!!

Part 1; Hannah

Part 2; Me

Part;3 Hannah

Part4; Me


[If i’ve forgotten anyone just pm me and i’ll add you in @~@ sorry]

MEDIA; King Gavin; Fan Art; Mad King Ryan part 2

Song; Warrior; Imagine Dragons

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