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Rip Hunter

Sara Lance

Leonard Snart

Mick Rory

Ray Palmer

Amaya Jiwe




Aphrodite, Connor and Travis don’t get enough credit for what they did in The Titan’s Curse. They knew about Percy wanting to go after Annabeth. They know how close the two of them are. They know that Percy would go after her no matter what but they knew he’d have trouble going because of the hunters so they did what they always do, cause mischief. She gave them a shirt, knowing they’d be happy to cause trouble and get revenge for capture the flag and gave it to Phoebe and it was laced with centaur blood.

A while ago I mentioned an idea for writing a fan fic based as a relaunch/reboot of Justice League Elite set in the Rebirth era. Well, after a lot of revision I’m actually doing it. The first chapter will be up later tonight, but I’ll put some information here in case anyone wants to check it out:

  • The story stars Wally West, Vera Lynn Black, Connor Hawke, Cassandra Cain, Artemis Crock, and Bronze Tiger.
  • Supporting Characters include Hunter Zolomon, Brenda Miller, Nora Smithy, Vic Sage, Agent Masters, Naif al-Sheikh, and Lawrence Crock.
  • The version of Artemis Crock in this story is not the one from Lobdell’s Titans, but a new incarnation based on a combination of her Post-Crisis and Young Justice incarnations. 
  • The story treats the events of the Justice League Elite miniseries, particularly the ending, as loosely canon, with some major changes, such as the fact that Manchester Black was actually present, and Kasumi was a separate character from Cassandra. 
  • The story will treat all Rebirth stories up to now as canon, but will only selectively include anything published from now on. 
  • The story will have Cassandra take up the mantle of Batgirl again.
  • The story will work to bridge the disconnect between the Post_Flashpoint and Post-Crisis incarnations of Vic Sage. 
  • The story features entirely new incarnations of Hunter Zolomon, Agent Masters, the Elite, and more.
Connor Brown - Hockey Game

anon request: can you do a Connor Brown one where you watch your twin son’s first hockey game together ?!

up next is a jonathan drouin imagine!!

requests are open:))

Originally posted by russianlatta

“daddy! daddy! are you coming to my hockey game?” ben my five year old son yelled to my husband of three years. yes connor and i got married after having a kid, well not just one kid. two. just as that thought crossed my mind hunter came running in the room. ben got connors red hair and hunter got my y/h/c hair.

“he better come! i want him to see me play like uncle freddie” hunter said proudly walking around the kitchen. “you wanna know why uncle freddie plays so good?” connor asked walking into the kitchen picking up hunter and resting him on his hip. “why?” both of our sons wondered at the same time. “because he has these before every game” connor said opening one of the dark brown cabinets.

ben made a face at the drinkable apple sauce that connor pulled out but hunter was ready to drink both. “ill take them!” he shouted loudly which caused me to laugh. “well what does uncle willy eat before games?” ben asked as william walked into the house through the garage.

“you don’t wanna be like him do you?” connor made a disgusted face. will stopped in his tracks after a moment realizing what was happening. “wait wha- hey!” william laughed finally getting up to speed and pretending to be offended.

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2017 New York Islanders Development Camp Roster


Mathew Barzal
Anthony Beauvillier
Kieffer Bellows
Michael Dal Colle
Arnaud Durandeau*
Scott Eansor^
Makuru Furuhashi^
Matt Gaudreau
Connor Graham^
Ryan Hitchcock^
Josh Ho-Sang
Ludvig Hoff^
Dalton Hunter^
Ross Johnston
Zach Jordan^
Jeff Kubiak
Tom Marchin^
Mike Marnell^
Jakob Mayenschein^
Hugh McGing^
Brett Mecrones^
Derek Mecrones^
Ben Meyers^
Micah Miller^
Nick Pastujov
Travis St. Denis
John Stevens
Carter Verhaeghe
Dario Winkler^


Sebastian Aho*
Kyle Burroughs
Kyle Delmaestro^
Petter Hansson
Connor Lavin^
Ben Mirageas*
David Quenneville
Willie Raskob
Ryan Rosenberg^
Robin Salo*
Andong Song
John Stampohar^
Devon Toews
Mitch Vande Sompel
Alex Vukota^
Parker Wotherspoon


Tanner Jaillet^
Eamon McAdam
Mareks Mitens^
Steve Mundinger^
Linus Soderstrom

* = 2017 Draftee

^ = Camp Invitee


Chad Michael Murray (August 24)

Rupert Grint (August 24)

Blake Lively (August 25)

Dylan O’Brien (August 26)

Aaron Paul (August 27)

Jack Black (August 28)

Cameron Diaz (August 30)

Zendaya (September 1)

Beyonce (September 4)

P!nk (September 8)

Hunter Hayes (September 9)

Jennifer Hudson (September 12)

Connor Franta (September 12)

Amy Poehler (September 16)

Alexis Bledel (September 16)

Nick Jonas (September 16)

James Marsden (September 18)

Tom Felton (September 22)