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Aphrodite, Connor and Travis don’t get enough credit for what they did in The Titan’s Curse. They knew about Percy wanting to go after Annabeth. They know how close the two of them are. They know that Percy would go after her no matter what but they knew he’d have trouble going because of the hunters so they did what they always do, cause mischief. She gave them a shirt, knowing they’d be happy to cause trouble and get revenge for capture the flag and gave it to Phoebe and it was laced with centaur blood.


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For the anon who asked for another Jealous!Reader ;) // Also, set in a somewhat AU where Connor has initiates while Achilles is alive. 

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You’d think you’d be used to this by now.

You’re no assassin, after all, but it’s just so easy to feel inadequate next to the others when they are. They’re so elegant, so deadly, so capable, and you’re always just standing here, watching, watching, watching.

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In light of so much stuff happening in fandoms I’ve found a trend I wanna do for next year. This is my terribly made tumblr box. For everyone that likes or reblogs this I’ll put thier url in the box and leave a compliment or positive comment in their ask when it gets pulled out. I just wanna spread some positivity in all of my fandoms.

Hunters become the hunted.

Connor McCloud submitted:

   So I’ve always known my house was haunted. It’s a very old Victorian style house.  My whole family living in the house admits to hearing footsteps and strange noises.  Once, when I was younger, we had several guests over, just some of my parents’ friends for coffee.  Everyone in the house was downstairs and we started to hear very loud footsteps running around upstairs.   My mom said it was a bat that had  escaped from the attic (this happens occasionally) but she would not let me go upstairs to see it. The guests at our house were also curious because it definitely sounded like heavy footsteps running up and down the hallway.  But she would not allow anyone upstairs, saying bats are disgusting and she didn’t want her guests to get grossed out. I think my mom knew what it was because she has had some bad haunting experiences at her old house.

     A bit more recently when I was in our upstairs bathroom washing my face and getting ready for bed.  I had the mirror on the medicine cabinet open and when I looked up I saw a reflection in the mirror on the window to my right.  It was a reflection of a young woman (maybe in her 20’s) walking. Thats all. She walked very slowly and was looking at me the whole time.  She was very pretty and wore a blue shall over her head. She walked out of view of the mirror and then she was just gone.  She was there for about 8 seconds.  I hurried up out of the bathroom feeling chills up my spine all night as I replayed it over and over in my head.

     The last freaky thing happened about 3 years ago when I had my friend Mitch spend the night.  We were just hanging out downstairs watching movies when I went into the kitchen to make a frozen pizza.  I placed the circle piece of cardboard on the counter and started to walk back out to the living room. All of a sudden the piece of cardboard spun in a circle and flew off the counter as if something threw it. Obviously I looked for a window to be open thinking a breeze had caused it, but there were no windows open around.  I laughed because this wasn’t that scary compared to the apparition in the mirror and walked out and told Mitch what happened.  He said he didn’t believe my house was haunted and he didn’t believe in ghosts. I took this as a challenge 

So we got out a digital camera and started taking pics for fun. We took almost a hundred pics and although there were a few things that could have been considered “ghost activity” in the pics, there wasn’t any solid proof that there was a ghost here.  After about an hour we got bored with our hunt and just went back to watching movies.  I went back into the kitchen with the camera to take one last pic.  I set the camera up sitting on the counter and set it for a 5 second timer.  I ran to the other side of the kitchen to get in the picture and pulled my shirt over my head a little and put on my best scary face.  Once I had the pic of me pretending to be a ghost I ran back out to the living room acting excited and scared.  I yelled “Oh my god! I got a pic of the ghost!” When my buddy saw it was just me being dumb we had a good laugh over the picture.  The movie was pretty boring so I went back to looking at the camera.  I zoomed in around the pic I had just taken looking for some signs of a specter. When I got in close on my face I saw my face had cuts all over it and chunks of skin were hanging off. I looked like a zombie.  Even my hands and arms looked as if chunks were torn off. Also my eyes were white with no pupils.  Because I normally don’t look like this I freaked out and showed Mitch. He also freaked out and we set the camera down and went to bed.  The next day when I went to show more people how crazy I looked, all of the pictures had been deleted from the camera.  Even family photos from Christmas and stuff.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: ! 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!