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Durring Let's Play Minecraft Episode 58 - King Geoff Part 2...
  • Ray: "what's your favorite beastiality film, Ryan?"
  • Ryan: "uhh, Mangobbler. It's about man fucking a turkey."
  • AchievementHunter: *Goes on to create Theater Mode in which the first episode is Thankskilling where a turkey fucks a man*

Me, before watching this weeks epi of LoT: This is super messed up that I am lowkey shipping Rip with the fucking AI of the ship. I guess this is my new low.

LoT: *gives Gideon a body for an episode and Rip kisses her after an emotional parting while also it being canon that both Gideon and Rip remember said kiss and liked it*

Me, after watching LoT: Throw me in the dumpster because I am hiGHKEY SHIPPING RIP AND GIDEON.

Vault Dweller AU

I’ve been sleepless 
in my head 
feels like they’re watching me 
people watching me aaahhhh

Mystery skulls - Losing my Mind